12 Hurricane Recipes, from Pot Brownies to Bolognese

I already made this apple pie! Using, essentially, this pie crust, and then “throwing apples inside it” and “baking it.” GAZE UPON MY CRUST AND DESPAIR. What have YOU done with your life today? Please don’t go hungry. Bad things happen to people locked in houses who get hungry. Here are some tips, depending on the staples you purchased drunk and at the last moment yesterday.

• Got apples? Tarte Tatin.

• Got arborio rice? Risotto.

• Got pot? It’s pot brownies.

• Got lemons? These lemon squares are A+.

• Got lettuce? Stir-fry for you.

• Cherries? Meet clafoutis.

• Plums? It’s plum cake.

• Got meat and tomatoes

? Start your bolognese now.

• Do you have cheese and macaroni? It’s Macaroni and cheese for you.

• Do you have sugar? SNOW DAY COOKIES. Do you want Christmas to come early? Here’s how to make every Christmas cookie.

• Do you have everything? Here’s beer ice cream.

• Steak? Definitely don’t cook it like this today, you’ll have to open the windows and then there’ll be a hurricane in your house.