If I Weren't An Actor...

If I Weren’t An Actor…

I think I’d have gone mad.1
I’d probably be in prison or dead.2
I’d always look like someone out of Middle-earth.3

I’d be a lawyer.4
I’d be an event planner.5
I’d be a hypnotist, like Paul McKenna.6
I’d be a surgeon, like my dad.7

I would have been a journalist.8
I would have been a photographer.9

I’d be: maybe an interior designer.10
I would be in psychology.11
Oh, Lord knows, maybe I’d be a professional action figure or something.12

I’d be the British Justin Bieber, probably!13
I’d be: building furniture.14
I’d be a burglar or seafarer.15
I’d be a secret agent.16
I’d be singing jingles or something.17

I would probably still be in Trondheim, Norway.18
I would probably be a painter or some kind of artist.19
I would probably be on the street.20

Would I be so worried about having dessert?21

I don’t know if I could do this job.22
I don’t know what the alternative would be.23
It would be prison, death or insanity.24

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