Alleged "Cat Lady" Robber Fronts Death-Metal Band, Stays Cat-Like In Custody

cat lady sketch

In a very satisfying end to a story the Post would definitely have made up if it had not been true, the mysterious “Cat Lady,” who has been robbing posh boutiques around the city this summer, has apparently been caught. “It wasn’t a purr-fect crime after all,” reports the Post, which is really the only publication you should be reading about this story. “The suspect was identified as Shanna Spalding, 28, of Queens, who sings with a death-metal band called Divine Infamy under her stage name, Purgatory.”

cat lady

In late June, the sexy-schtick stick-up artist was caught on video slinking around Arche shoe-store in the East Village, where she put on a cat mask and robbed the place at gun-point. The next day, she disguised herself in a burqa (thanks for helping out the city’s race relations!) and hit a Body Shop in Queens.

Cops nabbed her yesterday, after she tried her act in Soho. Best of all, she remained in character for her perp walk-look at her naughty kitty pout.

If you’d like to hear some of her music, it’s at the beginning of this video.