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Perfume Genius, "Queen"

Believe it.


"'I fear for New York City if Mr. de Blasio gets elected,' said Muffie Potter Aston."

"He just wants to tax everyone to smithereens." (Also: "I would love to support a fourth term for Mike Bloomberg. So if we can float that, you can say Muffie Potter Aston wants a fourth term for Michael Bloomberg.")


Let Us Never Forget the "Spiderman" Branzino Moment

Thank the Lord for Zach Baron, who apparently was also obsessed with the weirdest movie moment of 2012: in the Spiderman reboot, where suddenly everyone starts saying the word "branzino." Strangest damn thing I ever saw.


Please Can We Have Janet McTeer Be a Famous Person in America?

"It says much for McTeer that the obvious question—'What are the chances of two cross-dressers meeting trouser to trouser in late-nineteenth-century Dublin?'—hardly enters our minds. Stately and swaggering, taller than most of the men, and sporting the dark forelock of the natural rake, McTeer, who has been Oscar-nominated for best supporting actress, carries conviction as easily as she wears her breeches and corduroy jacket, transforming Hubert’s rangy physical confidence into a larger embrace of life’s amusements and kicks. She is no perhapser but a thoroughgoing yes-woman, like Molly Bloom." —Anthony Lane is totally on board with my campaign: Janet McTeer must win Best Supporting Actress this year (for [...]


Our Children Is Learning: Bush Library "Intellectural" Edition

Congratulations, Dallas Morning News, you won the Internet.


The Truth About Writing: It's All Carrots, No Sticks

"I think that some place like Yaddo or the MacDowell Colony would really depress me, because you couldn't go shopping. There'd just be no reward at the end of the day; there'd be no fun thing that you do." -Elizabeth Wurtzel explains how writing actually does work. (You may want to sub in "porn" or "videogames" but sure.) (via)


Jersey Mayhem: Quiet Shore Municipality Struggles With Force Much Greater Than Itself

"It really is true, and has been proven-whether it's a show or not-when people misbehave in public, it's the same: The police expeditiously end their bad behavior so all the good people can enjoy their time." -The problem is (whether Seaside Heights borough administrator John A. Camera will admit it or not) that television networks "expeditiously" pay some people $30,000 an episode to produce bad behavior, so all the other good people can enjoy their time. This Asbury Park Press article provides a good look at how a small town's government handles a cultural phenomenon that is at once a boon and a major pain-in-the-ass.


Did You Buy An Album In The Last Nine Hours?



Gays Tear "Mad Men" Apart, Put It Back Together

Oh my God, these queens are absolutely crushing it on the matters of color palette ramifications in "Mad Men." This report will change your life in how you watch the show.


To Enjoy: That Purple Sound

Would you like to follow a music Tumblr devoted to the 80s, the "Minneapolis sound," and Prince-adjacent pop-funk? If the answer is "yes," then do enjoy. (If the answer is no, then look at your life choices.)


Book Sold

Congratulations to Awl pal "'Awl pal' Miles Klee," who has sold his first novel to OR Books.


In Which Ladies Be Yelling At People

Four Women Celebrate the Joys of Cussing Someone Out. It's like Metropolitan Diary but for real people.


The Second Worst Supergroup Of All Time

I remember the first time I heard the term "supergroup." It was 1981 and my older brother Kevin, an avid Styx and Kansas fan, had just brought home a copy of a record with a blue sea monster on the cover. He was sitting on the end of his bed checking out the lyric sheet, the album jacket resting on his stonewashed jeans, and nodding his head along to "Heat of the Moment." He kept a badminton racket beside the stereo for occasions that demanded heavy riffing. And this was most assuredly one of those occasions.


Jokes We Have Not Successfully Made Today

Spent a long time trying to craft a joke about the "lights being out in Reagan" or some such, in light (har) of the power failure at Reagan Airport b/w you know, Reagan having been, even when he was the President and healthy, not entirely occupied with the role (so to speak). Couldn't really get there-at least without being hideously offensive. It's hard going back to work after vacation, right?


2013, In Order

12. November

11. February

10. July

9. August

8. June

7. January

6. December

5. April

4. May

3. March

2. October

1. September


Which Kanye Interview Quote Is Going In Your Twitter Profile?

I went with "Respect my trendsetting" but I'm also considering "I believe luxury is to be able to go into a store and be able to afford something." Really you can't go wrong. #LAMPS


"Google Has Forgotten Why We Love It"

Search is just about retrieving information. Actually answering subjective questions requires a deep knowledge of the person doing the asking: Where you are, who your are friends, what your interests are, what you like and don't like…. Google has forgotten why we loved it. It has degraded its premier product in service of promoting others. It has done devious things to ferret out information from its users that they do not willingly provide. It is too much focused on the future, and conversely too scared of current competition.

This is a fantastic and understandable explanation and argument about what Google is, what it wants to be and what [...]


Robot Wants Kitty = Two Hours of Brain Candy

It's rare when we bring you news from the casual game world, so you know it's important when we do: Robot Wants Kitty is now an iPhone game. And really quite well done! It's a little short overall, but, you know, it's 99 cents! I would pay that much to help a robot find a kitten. (The original flash game series begins here.)


Letters! "One time I fell down an empty elevator shaft, but I had my InStyle with me…"

Letters to the Editors of Women’s Magazines.


Awesome Furry Applies For Legal Name Change to "Boomer the Dog"

Who is Timothy McNulty? He is the greatest writer of our time, and he works at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. LISTEN TO THIS STORY SING, PEOPLE. "Preparing for his day in court, Gary Guy Mathews took off his red dog collar and left his squeaky toy at home. It is now up to a judge whether he will wake up one day as Boomer the Dog and find his furry dreams come true." Is that not enough for you? Well, read on. "Early this year he began the process of legally changing his name to Boomer The Dog, noting many of his friends already called him that: one of his [...]