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The Ten-Year Anniversary of the Time My Wedding Announcement Was Not Accepted by the Paper of Record

Margery Miller and Dan Shanoff

Margery Ilana Miller and Daniel Shanoff are to be married this evening1 at The Plantation at Amelia Island, Florida. Rabbi David Kaiman is to officiate.2

1. Ten years ago today. You see: This notice was submitted to the New York Times for inclusion in its Sunday Styles “Weddings” sub-section for October 3, 2004. After not hearing anything for weeks/months leading up to the scheduled day, I opened the paper that morning earnestly hoping for the best, but instead receiving a wedding present of inexplicable rejection, which is clearly an off-registry gift.

2. So nice!

Mrs. Shanoff, 30, is a third-year law student at Fordham, where [...]


Three Gayest Sentences About A Gay Wedding Ever

• "Their mothers walked down the aisle accompanied by French porn actor François Sagat."

• "Finally, [a groom] convinced his hero, Erasure's Andy Bell (an enthusiastic fan of, it turned out), to light up the dance floor with a trio of Erasure's greatest hits."

• The same groom: "'When I met my current boyfriend, I was getting married, invitations were getting sent, everything was done, and then I met Georgi and fell in love. I met him and a month later, I called off my wedding.'"

When something is just this damn gay, you have to say: good for you, honey. There's also a 20-image slideshow! Why [...]


20 Years After 'Achtung Baby '

I recently attended a wedding, and it was, as weddings are wont to be, an almost transcendentally beautiful occasion. It was held on the grounds of a giant sandstone Federation house (who can honestly call something with guest quarters off-site a house?) sitting on miles of pristine green acreage. Fairy lights in the shape of love-hearts hung from the trees. The air smelled of freshly cut grass. Butlers stood with umbrellas armed for the possibility of rain to escort you the few feet to the bathrooms. The food was unlike any food I’d ever tasted. The country estate on which is was held, several hours outside of Sydney, was [...]


The Eight Truths About Weddings (That No One Ever Tells You)

Once you decide to have a wedding, there are many, many things to read: etiquette guides, Dos and Don'ts, planning checklists, vendor guides, “inspiration boards,” disaster stories, angry bridesmaid rants ("bitch made me wear PURPLE SHOES!"), even socio-political screeds about the cultural irrelevance of the whole thing. All of these are nice, and all of them are utterly useless.

If you're the one getting married—which I am, in three months, while also attending eight other weddings in as many months due to a hyper-marital zeitgeist (that, as of July 24th, includes New York gays!! Welcome to the madness!!)—a mysterious stupor befalls you. The tales of "bridal nervous breakdowns” [...]


Wedding Reception Crowd Says "Yahoo!" And Means It

Sometimes people groan when the DJ at a wedding reception plays Kool and the Gang's "Celebrate!" Sometimes people dance silly on purpose or sing along ironically. There was a wedding in New Jersey on Saturday at which it's probably safe to assume that the reaction was more fully heartfelt. It's a nice story.


Managed Expectations: Part Two (A Serial Novel By Marisa Meltzer)

Part Two: A Tale Of Two Weddings (Part One: Bummed Out In Brooklyn)

Another Trip to the Montauk Club – "The Gift of Privacy with the Excitement of Participation" – The Velvet Underground Repurposed – The Goddess Community Welcomes You! – The Nature of Love – "Woman, Take It Slow" – A Dog Intrudes!

As she applied a generous amount of Touche Éclat to the dark circles under her eyes, Nicole pondered her inability to enjoy weddings. She hated it all: the indignity of having to purchase penis-shaped cookie cutters for bachelorette parties; finding that out your friends, many of whom had minored in Women's Studies, were changing their [...]


Ask Polly: I Thought My Mother-in-Law Was Going to Kill Me at My Wedding

Dear Polly,

How can I put away the fact that when I got married ~1.5 years ago, my now-estranged mother-in-law's unchecked borderline personality disorder detracted from the whole event?  

I'm not a wedding person. I never was. My partner, The Boy, and I got married for health insurance after I successfully defended my thesis in 2011. Sounds cold, but we'd been living together for several years at that point and were completely happy continuing our relationship that way. We were both fried from my grad school experience, during which everything up to but not including actual physical assault occurred. I had to play an absolutely horrifying game of being the bait, [...]


What Was Your Favorite Sentence in the Barney Frank 'Vows'?

I think mine was this one: "The bridegrooms planned to wear tuxedos by Joseph Abboud, which Mr. Frank noted was a union shop."


Churning the 'NYT' Vows Data and the Dangers of Self-Selection

Well, it is fun to run the numbers on exactly what "sort" of person runs a wedding announcement in Vows (technically now called "Weddings/Celebrations," which is so dull). The numbers are useful and also, sure, about what you'd expect. Harvard. Credit Suisse. Gay. That sort of thing. But two things: our trusty researcher friends here are comparing education and job credentials to the "average American," which, oh no. Vows is a section that is for New Yorkers, not average Americans. And New York is a funny place. (Full of gays who went to Harvard.) But then also they're dismissing self-selection in a totally untoward way, writing: "There's also [...]


Summer Weddings, Belts, How to Pack and Tucking in Shirts

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It's been a long road: we've talked about pretty much everything that could be considered attire of any form for men, really, from bags to shoes to ties and hats. Phew! So we're ending with four great questions from readers. You guys are the best.

Tucking It In


I am happy with many of my sartorial choices but if there's one thing that terrifies me it's tucking my shirt in. My wardrobe right now mostly works around this: in pleasant weather (when I'm dressing nicely) I generally wear either vaguely hip polo shirts or short-sleeve button shirts that look decent (if slightly [...]


This Is A Picture of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's Wedding Cake


Social A's: When Two Men Fall In Love….

Dear Lady of Answers,

Last summer, I met the love of my life. He is entrancing, gorgeous, hilarious, unusual, and has many other good qualities. All of my friends, to a wo/man, are thoroughly, 100% approving. Lest anyone be bitterly judging me, please know that I had been dating extensively (and apparently wrongly) for TWENTY-THREE FUCKING YEARS.


Pie Divisive

"Arguments at weddings can be caused by a variety of reasons: From drunken uncles making a scene and distant cousins unhappy at being on a table by the door, to best man speeches that reveal a little bit too much about the stag do and almost anything to do with the bride’s sister. But now a new source of conflict can be added to the list – a pork pie. Police tweeted that they were on their way to a couple’s wedding celebrations to break up a brawl thought to have been started after an argument about the humble meat pie. Officers from the dog section at West Yorkshire Police [...]


How Much More Do Bridesmaid Dresses Cost Today?

So what happens to bridesmaid dresses after the wedding is done, the cake is served and the shots of Gentleman Jack from the open bar metabolized? We asked a group of women the ultimate fate of the bridesmaid dresses they've worn; one respondent, teacher Becca Simone, who's had bridesmaid twice on her résumé, wrote of one dress, “I wore it twice recently: bridal shower and when I chaperoned a prom.” Another, filmmaker Sara Lamm, of Los Angeles, said, "I will say that bridesmaid dresses make good costumes for comedic variety shows. You can always use a bridesmaid dress in a play or horror movie, no?" Sure you can.


The Occupy Oakland Wedding

These two just got married on the Occupy Oakland livestream. Near as I could tell, the lady spouse's name was Amanda Hug-A-Chicken or something??? Anyway looks like Occupy Oakland is getting dismantled right now by the cops, behind the young lovers. Fortunately the bride and groom wore helmets. Aww!


My Former Best Friend's Wedding

I came late to Facebook, after going through all the predictable phases: the disdain, the excuses, the stalking via “borrowed” log-in, the particular form of procrastination known as “what-would-I-put-in-my-hypothetical-profile?,” followed eventually by an ambivalent, job-search related realization that I had to bite the bullet. But before I did—before I opened the floodgates of reconnection—I knew I had to pick up the phone and call my childhood best friend. We hadn’t talked in years, but I couldn’t stand the thought of putting our past on the same level as everyone else’s, basically ensuring that our long history would be reduced to smiley, yearbook-style platitudes.


Brides More Involved In Weddings Than Grooms, Reports Shocking Expose

Thank God the future of print journalism lies in local newspapers. Otherwise we might miss this kind of gripping reportage: "And like Sandra Lee, June brides are more determined than ever to make their weddings unforgettable, an experience. This turns out to involve the groom mostly as an interested bystander, because weddings – the subject of this sixth installment in the Mercury News' 12-part series "Life in a Year" – really are all about the bride." This article was actually on the front page.


Social A's: Can I Drop Out Of This Crazy Lady's Wedding?

Dear Answer Lady,

My roommate from freshman year at college is getting married and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. We're not that close anymore, but we do have a certain history-she was just a few feet away when I lost my virginity, after all-so I had to say yes. But I'm one of those unemployed magazine people and the cost of the wedding is turning out to be too much for me. First, there was the PowerPoint presentation about dress options (Wang, Lhuillier). Then there was an invite to the THREE bachelorette parties in LA (her hometown), New York (her current residence), and Vegas (to be festive?). I [...]