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A Crazy Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Follow the slope downward, to the east, toward the meadow, to where the earth levels off and there are crocuses coming up through a damp layer of wood chips. This is where the tree is. Behind the tree, the ground rises into a sort of berm between the Botanic Garden and Flatbush Avenue that breaks the siren howl and traffic rumble. A wide asphalt pathway meanders in front of it. On a typical spring day visitors usually pause here to admire the tree, and read the placard with its name and chuckle, because it’s a caucasian wingnut.

The tree’s branches are thick and deeply ridged, twisting out from a [...]


Trees Are Destroying New York City

When will New York City win its war against leaves? The B and the Q trains are still enjoying a late fall issue, according to the MTA: "Fallen leaves, when crushed by train wheels, leave a slippery residue on the rails which may affect the train's ability to start and stop." What is this mysterious "residue"? Why do we allow trees to attack our important infrastructure? Let's finish this once and for all. Kill the trees, save the subways.


Tree Old

Is this the oldest tree in the world? Sure, why the hell not.


The Search For The Oldest Living Thing In New York

Antarctic Beech Fairy Ring #1211-P1020362 (12,000 years old, Queensland, Australia)

For the past six years, Rachel Sussman, 37, has devoted her life to chronicling the oldest living things in the world before they disappear. A photographer by training and hedge scientist by necessity, her photos are a mix of Annie Liebovitz and Ansel Adams: portraits whose subjects happen not to be human. Sussman has chased down nearly three dozen different organisms, a 400,000-6000,000 year-old bacteria in Siberia, a 2,000-plus year-old olive tree in Crete, and some 3,000 year-old lichen in Greenland, to name a few. She spent February and March chasing down 5,000-year-old moss in Antarctica. [...]


Tree Looks Like Painting

Here you will find a tree that resembles Edvard Munch's The Scream.


Trees Get Into Global Warming Act

Great. Now even the trees are going to destroy the planet. A major bummer of an article in Nature explains that, due to global warming, trees are growing farther north than they have before. And how, because tree-tops are darker than barren land, they have less "albedo" (that's a cool word!) or "reflectiveness," and so the earth with absorb more heat from the sun. "When the vegetation moves in, there will be an amplification of the warming," says Inez Fung, an atmospheric physicist at the University of California, Berkeley.


It Is Still Christmas In Park Slope

"With spring just a few weeks away, Park Slope residents are wondering if discarded holiday trees littering their sidewalks will ever be picked up by city garbage collectors."


Streets Treey

"The most common tree variety in street names is oak, followed by pine and maple."


It's Arbor Day, Here Are A Bunch Of Songs


Dog Climbs Tree

I am not so much interested in the topiary-scaling skills of this Jack Russell terrier, impressive as they may be. No, what really gets me about this clip is the giggle of girlish glee emitted by broadcaster Dara Brown as the tape unspools. Brown, of course, runs the weird animal story desk for "Today"; those of us with an enthusiasm for eccentric critter tales have long appreciated the seriousness with which she approaches the beat. It's not just competent professionalism—when Dara Brown introduces a piece about a baby tiger who believes he is a baby elephant, you know that Dara Brown takes that story just as seriously as you [...]


A Tree Grows In Pumpkin

Let's all take a moment to enjoy the majesty of a pumpkin growing in a tree. Life is certainly full of delightful surprises sometimes, isn't it! Okay, back to work.


The English Elm of Washington Heights, or, 'The Trees of Manhattan Island Are Gradually Following the Fate of the Red Men'

Looking north from the intersection of St. Nicholas and Amsterdam Avenues toward 163rd Street in Washington Heights, you might notice what appears to be an exceedingly large tree. And as the August heat radiates off the surrounding pavement, you might say to yourself: WTF, is that a mirage? Because really, there's nothing about the neighborhood-replete with liquor stores, decaying apartment palaces, abandoned lots and vacant storefronts-that would seem to lend itself to hosting such a magnificent specimen.


In New Zealand They Compensate You For Automobile Damage With Bungee Jumps, Apparently

"Two German travellers have been offered free bungee jumps as compensation after their car was crushed by a tree in New Zealand, it's reported."


Tree Doggy

Here you will find a picture of a tree that resembles a dog.


Your Street Probably Smells Like Semen Right Now—But It Might Not Next Spring

On a mild April night some years ago, I walked past a college dorm in New Haven and smelled something I couldn’t place. It reminded me vaguely of swimming pools. Was it chlorine? I sniffed again, more deeply than before. Suddenly I knew exactly what it was and hurried away, internally berating an unseen teenage boy. A few evenings later, in the same spot, I smelled it again. Filled with a sense of moral outrage I looked around, I looked up, and identified the culprit: A tree.

More precisely, a Callery Pear, or Pyrus calleryana, a deciduous tree that’s common throughout North America. It blossoms in early spring and produces [...]


A Tree Grows

Through the miracle of time-lapse photography, some guy captured the transformation of an acorn into an oak tree. Or, at least, a baby oak tree. What do you call it, a sapling? I am not an dendrologist, so what do I know? Anyway, this seems remarkably reminiscent of the filmstrips they would show the children of the '70s. It's kind of trippy and chill or whatever. Enjoy. Maybe ponder the wonders of nature while you're at it. Actually, just handle it however you want. I trust you.


Tree Smells Like Come

"When it comes to the tree of heaven, Lorraine Johnson doesn't beat around the bush. 'There's no doubt,' says the author and native plant expert. 'It smells like semen.'" -This article discusses Ailanthus altissima, also known as "sperm tree, semen tree, ghetto palm, stink tree," jizz timber, spunk sapling, splooge blossom and ejaculate conifer. (I may have made a couple of those up, see if you can guess which.) Anyway, now you know.


A Michael Jackson Is Best Measured When It Is Down

A family in Stockton, CA, claims the image of Michael Jackson made itself manifest on their tree stump on the day of his death. "'Michael Jackson was an icon to us,' said one neighbor. 'To Stockton, Michael Jackson meant more to us than Jesus, to some people. I think they're both about even.'" MSNBC talking head/Awl photojournalism correspondent Ana Marie Cox, who was scheduled to appear on the tree prior to Jackson's passing, had no comment.