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Obama Might Allow People To Smoke Marijuana In States Where It's Now Legal

Good news from the current "former marijuana smoker" in the White House: Barack Obama has finally (and vaguely) said that his administration will not make it a "priority" to prosecute people who legally use marijuana in the western states of Colorado and Washington. Voters there approved recreational weed in the November election, and since then the U.S. Justice Department has continued its weird, threatening rumblings. (States with legal medicinal pot have seen increased prosecution of legal growers and dispensaries during Obama's first term.)

"It does not make sense from a prioritization point of view for us to focus on recreational drug users in a state that has already said [...]


Joshua Allen Reinvents the Website Trailer Video

We are all so worn out and beat down by the videos that tease us about upcoming websites. (No?) Given that, it's time someone reinvented the website trailer. (Yes?) In any event: presenting… CHOKEVILLE. (A Josh Allen Production)


Sean McDonald To FSG

Sean McDonald, best known as "James Frey's editor" from his time with Nan Talese, has left Riverhead Books for the hallowed, chummy halls of FSG.


A Documentary about the "New York Times" Media Desk!

This "coming attraction" video for Page One, a documentary about the media desk at the New York Times, makes it sound pretty boring. Seeing Sundance pitch it as "if you love newspapers, then you'll love this!" is a terrible idea. I really don't think that'll be the case at all though—I think it'll kind of be amazing. I will watch the holy heck out of this. (Subplots I am looking forward to: Watch Brian Stelter magically shrink before your eyes! Watch Richard Perez-Pena become ever more bored and depressed by his beat, until he runs off to the Jersey desk! Watch David Carr go to town on people with hilarious [...]


Live-Tweeting from Isolated AA Jet

Here's live Tweeting from a passenger on the isolated American Airlines plane (SFO to JFK) that received a threat. (via)


Jury Says Fat Man In Good Enough Shape

Edward Ates, the fat man who tried to convince a New Jersey jury that he was too obese to commit the crime of murder, was found guilty of killing his son-in-law.


Gawker Honcho: "Writers are Successful to the Extent That They Can Sublimate Their Egotism"

Here's Nick Dentons's memo on today's top Gawker story, an anonymous first-person account of a date with politician Christine O'Donnell, celebrating its "brilliant packaging" and other fine qualities. His advice for journalists: "it's better to get out of the way of the pictures."


How the Internet Art Department Works (Search, Cut, Paste!)

Now you know how the art department works: take a local trivia host who's fond of a tacky jacket-Noah Tarnow of the Big Quiz Thing-and paste Steven Slater's head onto his body and ta da, TMZ graphic. Let's hear it for transformative use… I guess!