Post Office Just Kidding About That "No Mail On Saturday" Thing

What happened to the old white people protesting the use of the zip code?

Now that we’ve all adjusted to the “no mail delivery on Saturday” deal and realized we don’t really care because what comes in the mail besides the Pennysaver and scary notices from the IRS, the U.S. Postal Service announced today that mail delivery will continue on Saturdays.

To save money, America’s unpopular alternative to UPS and FedEx had planned to kill Saturday delivery this summer. But now, everything is fixed and the nation’s old people can still look forward to that one friendly visit on Saturdays — unless they live in one of the horrid suburbs where “delivery” means some giant outdoor P.O. box/rack thing a half-mile drive from the house.

The board said Wednesday it decided to stay the course because of a Congressional mandate for Saturday delivery that had been on the books since the 1980s. Congress decided to keep that mandate last month when it passed a funding measure to keep the government running. The Postal Service had been hoping Congress would strip that mandate out.

This is a pretty passive-aggressive way to manage your budget and operations, isn’t it? Anyway, enjoy those three pieces of junk mail and collection notices every Saturday, forever, until the entire Postal Service is shut down next year.