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On Being An "Irritant To The Institution" At The Whitney Biennial

My thoughts on the Whitney Biennial are still… congealing (???), which is good! Usually I hit the Biennial and have a snap and often dismissive opinion. This one I actually… want to return again maybe? Meanwhile here is a thoughtful interview with one of the three curators, Michelle Grabner, who is also the first artist to serve in that capacity.

One thing I did note is that the queers 'n' homos showed really well, like Keith Mayerson (above) and Zoe Leonard and Gary Indiana—and so did the painters, which is always heartwarming.


There Oughta Be A German Word For Everything—Oh Wait, There Is

IndieboundMcNally JacksonAmazonPowell'sPenguin

We've all thought: hey, there oughta be a German word for that. (Have we ever.) Now here comes Schottenfreude, from our Internet pal Ben Schott—it's coming down the pike in a month. You can get it from your book vendor of choice.

And mark your calendars for what will surely be a very serious lecture at Cooper Union on November 1.


Alexander McQueen Show: Closing Soon, Extended Hours

Ooh, the Alexander McQueen show at the Met is now opening earlier for members and staying open later for the general public in the first week in August. Warning: the show allegedly closes August 7! That's soon! (Pro tip: go EARLY. The lines are bonkers.)


Lady Bear Chases Off Man Bear: Photos

There are some pretty amazing pictures of a mama grizzly fighting a male grizzly in an attempt to protect her cubs here. Do click through and look, but let's nobody tell Sarah Palin about this, okay? I mean, she'll just get all riled up again.


Willi Dorner's Wall Street Dance Project

This is pretty awesome. (via)


The Coolest Thing From the Edo Period You'll Ever See

Remember how we so kindly informed you that you must go see the 'Art of the Samurai' exhibition at the Met, because it is the best show on earth, and because we are so helpful? Now I have proof!


Can We Interest You In An Opera Or Two?

Did everyone go to see Two Boys, Nico Muhly’s new opera, which will have its final performance tomorrow at the Metropolitan Opera? And if so, have you seen any other operas this season, or last, or ever? The reason I ask is that my internet feeds for the past month or so have been filled with an unprecedented number of updates from those who were inspired to wade into the operatic waters for the first time, which, for someone like me—who came to appreciate the form relatively late in life, and has spent my share of time trying to persuade skeptics to join me in this conversion—is exciting. [...]


Congressional Blog Review: Mark Takano's Tumblr

The 113th Congress: do they blog? They do, a little! And here we review their blogs. First up, gay former schoolteacher Mark Takano, of California's 41st district—that's Riverside County and San Bernardino County—who entered the House of Representatives in January of this year.

Who: Mark Takano (Rep-D, California) — There Will Be Charts

What: A mix of shout-outs, Vines from the Hill, and realpolitik disguised as the occasional flight of fey.

Design: 7.5/10. The buttons are big, the tags are big, and the header is kind of terrifying. Why are the letters in 3D? It’s like the page is shouting at me in a low, throaty whisper. I [...]


Ryan Trecartin: "Temp Stop" from Re'Search Wait'S

Ryan Trecartin's exhibition "Any Ever” opens this Sunday at PS1 (that's June 19). And if you go over on Sunday, from noon to 6 p.m., it is going to be kind of a party! I may see you there! If you don't know Trecartin, he was born—don't panic—in 1981 and he's having a banner year, with solo museum exhibitions from Istanbul to Miami to Paris. This video is one of four related movies to be shown at PS1; two of the others are "The Re'Search," here at Dis Magazine (which is particularly wonderful) and "Ready," here at Rhizome. Without loading you up on artspeak or other [...]


Boob and Penis Drawings, Doll Houses, Bright Fire and the "Unspeakable Home"

Mary HK Choi: Hi Seth! How are you feeling today?

Seth Colter Walls: both within and without the state of being connected / the Internet makes me feel online

Mary: Of course this is where you begin. I'd have started with the Saint Joseph Domaine Laurent Betton with the peppery finish that we murdered last night at Bar Boulud.

Seth: Oh sorry, HK, my mind is still a touch scrambled from the last of the three short "operas" we saw last night. As you know, the libretto for the last one was written by Samuel Beckett. The rhythms are still a bit in my head. But let's start at [...]


Difficult Listening Hour: Penderecki to Conduct Penderecki in NYC, with Yalies in Tow

Doesn't Yale just burn you up? Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns is told he'll have to buy Yale an international airport if he wants them to admit his Dangerfield-esque son? I laughed at that pretty hard, when I was in public school. But now, the Philharmonia of Yale is coming to New York to perform a concert of works by Krzysztof Penderecki at Carnegie Hall on April 30. And they're bringing along Krzysztof Penderecki to conduct–which I have to admit is a rather impressive way to roll. So I guess I can forgive, especially because you can still buy tickets to the Carnegie [...]


"Art of the Samurai" at The Met: The Best Show on Earth

It does not sound like anything I would have been interested in, and you may easily feel the same way. And yet, "The Art of the Samurai," just put up on view at The Met, is an exquisite, do-not-miss, unbelievable exhibition-even for those of us who know absolutely nothing about Japan, ancient or recent history, ferrous metallurgy and/or war. At heart, this exhibition is actually about super fabulous outfits! I mean, mind-blowing, 400-year-old, space-age, unbelievable, gorgeously-made rock star outfits, constructed from hay-smoked deer leather and steel and silk and gold.


Let's Look At This Brooklyn Place Everyone Is Talking About

Those of you who believe that the best view of Brooklyn is from anywhere else will appreciate this video and its preview of 'All Day,' a digital art thing that "lets viewers virtually fly over Brooklyn thanks to photographs that were shot from rooftops around the borough. The work will play on the giant outdoor oculus at the Barclays Center," which I guess is where those of you who are okay with the view of Brooklyn from within that borough can go to see it, starting today.


"1980 to Now" at MoMA

After you go visit the really terrific Alighiero Boetti show at MoMA, which I love, and after you see his ("his") tapestries and thingies on the second floor, don't forget to sneak through the surprisingly expansive second-floor galleries, which are showing a kind of semi-show, a kind of rotating collection-display they're calling "1980 to Now." Apparently at some point they'll like, reinstall it and update it or whatever. This is sort of better than being like "here are some recent things that people gave us!" But it's also kind of a curatorial nightmare, because you're making a declaration about, well, 1980 to now.


You Can Roadtrip to Indiana for Saarinen, But Here's First-Rate Modernism Closer

I cannot believe I have to go to Indiana, but yet, here we are: Saarinen’s Miller House is now open to the public. GAZE UPON IT! But good news, for those who aren't Indiana-adjacent: There is a new website devoted to the work of Horace Gifford, who can basically tell Saarinen to go suck it. Oh yes! I said it! Go visit and see what I mean. I have been in most of these Gifford houses, because that's just the kind of gay I am—including the ones destroyed by new owners, may they die painfully—and they are each better than the last.


The Strange Case of Shad, the Positive Political Canadian Rapper

If rapping is for bad boys, Shad has little business being in the field. The Kenyan-born, Canada-raised hip-hop artist with a positive attitude has been nominated for multiple prestigious awards, and was even deemed the #1 rapper in Canada by the still rather-conservative National Post—and that wasn't in, like, 2008 or anything, but just last week. On Shad's third album, "TSOL," released this spring, his lyrics address everything from how the same thing that floats your boat can also capsize it, to the time his sister taught him how to parallel park, to why rapping about rapping isn't that interesting. Shad is performing tonight at the Highline [...]


Showed Up: 'Elektra' at the Metropolitan Opera

Seth Colter Walls: Matthew, why is Elektra, currently at the Met, important? Like, The Awl basically never covers operas. Why are we doing this one?

Choire Sicha: Yeah, seriously, what the hell?

Seth: And why have you gone 3 times in the last week, weirdo?

Matthew Gallaway: Elektra is an opera written in 1909 by Richard Strauss, who is one of the most important composers of the 20th Century. In the manner of say, Picasso, he paved the way for the atonal dissonance and 12-tone scales that would come to define progressive music for the next 100 years or more. (Read Alex Ross for more [...]