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Two Stories About Uteri

The Catapult highlights emerging fiction, nonfiction and poetry writers, with your host Jaime Green. This episode has Meghan Flaherty and Matthew Rossi telling stories about the vagaries of human incubation. Sort of! You can subscribe on iTunes or follow on Tumblr.


Destroyer, “Leave Me Alone”

It has been a predictably slow Internet today, what with everyone getting back to work and aiming for inbox zero and blah blah blah Iowa, but the day is almost done, so we're going to set you up with this pretty sweet cover of New Order's "Leave Me Alone" from Awl favorites Destroyer, which we're a little late to but whatever. We should also talk at some point about how cold it is outside but I suppose that can wait until tomorrow. [Via]


Difficult Listening Hour: The BBC at the Stone, Newspeak, and Things To Hear This Weekend–Plus Bonus MIA Cover

By avant-music metrics, last night was pretty star-studded over at The Stone on Avenue C. Someone said Mike Watt of Minutemen and fIREHOSE fame was all up in the joint. And I spied Ches Smith from Xiu Xiu, in addition to club doyen John Zorn. Jenny Scheinman, a talent in way too many musical genres, was on the guest list. There were about a hundred or so other lesser-known folks crowding the tiny venue-which employs only a single, stationary electric fan for AC purposes. That fan at The Stone, it's almost like a really genius art installation that calls into question and then subverts the very construct of cooling [...]


An Hour Of Relaxing Music

Some days are long. Some Mondays are terrible. Some Mondays are long and terrible. Here, I made a playlist for you to listen to from a bathtub. Maybe bring a nice book! Some wine, if you're into that kind of thing. I personally prefer a decaf coffee with two aspirin. I like my blood extra-thin. Goodnight.


Difficult Listening Hour: William Brittelle's "Sheena Easton" Is Alt-Classical That Really Works

Crossover is a hard row to hoe sometimes-so hard, in fact, you wonder why people even try. The ground that's tilled rarely, if ever, gives up a good crop in return. So if soprano Renee Fleming wants to drop her voice a couple octaves and cover Arcade Fire, Band of Horses-and, naturally, "Hallelujah"-no one can stop her, but it's not like folks on either side of the indie-classical chasm are gonna hold their hyper-critical, specialist fire. (I'd say Fleming's take on "Intervention" is strong. Ditto the Band of Horses number. The rest: stay away.) And, as the Times has noted, there's not much combining of disciplines on [...]


"Let's Destroy Everything": A Solstice Party Playlist

Don't you ever just want to burn down your house and run out into the street screaming, like because of capitalism and people and stuff, and what a terrible week it was? Here, we made a Spotify playlist for you for that'll help (thanks, "ironically," to capitalism and people and stuff).


Drink Only When Drunken To: The Indie Totems, Mission of Burma

I have this problem with not wearing earplugs at shows. I can't get a bead on exactly what it is; some long-held childishness about needing to "authentically experience the music," which is probably just a cover for not wanting to look like "that guy" ("that guy who wears earplugs"?), or maybe just a willful and teenage-defiant attitude about the glories or total bodily desecration?