Album Good

Take my word for it, or this other guy’s. Or find out yourself.

Let’s get right down to it: The new Magnetic Fields record is the best thing Stephin Merritt has done since i. It is not as good as 69 Love Songs, but what is? It’s very hit or miss —let’s not forget, so was 69 Love Songs — but the misses aren’t as wide off the mark as some of the band’s more recent efforts, and a couple of the hits (right now I am scoring those as “Ghosts of the Marathon Dancers” and “I Wish I Had Pictures”) are up there with any of the all-time classics. And I say this as the original asshole who liked the band before any of you did:

The Magnetic Fields: Live At Town Hall, New York City, March 11, 2010

Anyway. I’m not a big “let’s get all descriptive as fuck in the review” type guy, because Jesus Christ, just tell me if it’s worth checking out and I’ll figure out the rest on my own. But I know some people need more convincing. Here’s the best review I’ve read so far, if someone going on and on about things is your thing.

The Magnetic Fields’ 50 Song Memoir Is Easily Their Best Album This Century

And here’s a sampler, if you do Spotify.

There’s plenty more here, including some videos. Enjoy.

“50 Song Memoir,” A Musical Exploration of Composer Stephin Merritt’s Life Is Out Now