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The Creative Class Is Moving To Bloomington, Indiana This Summer

Two years ago, we told you that the creative class was bailing out of the big cities and setting up shop in Moscow, Idaho. It went pretty well! This year, Summer Commune is organizing to take place in…. Bloomington, Indiana, for the month of July: Home to Lil' Bub the cat, record labels JAGJAGUWAR and Secretly Canadian, the famed Kinsey Institute, and John Cougar Mellencamp, Bloomington, Indiana feels hidden away although it's pretty centrally located. It's far enough from the city to feel like farm country, but close enough to a major airport to make getting there super easy.

Intrigued? You can find out more [...]


Can We Interest You In An Opera Or Two?

Did everyone go to see Two Boys, Nico Muhly’s new opera, which will have its final performance tomorrow at the Metropolitan Opera? And if so, have you seen any other operas this season, or last, or ever? The reason I ask is that my internet feeds for the past month or so have been filled with an unprecedented number of updates from those who were inspired to wade into the operatic waters for the first time, which, for someone like me—who came to appreciate the form relatively late in life, and has spent my share of time trying to persuade skeptics to join me in this conversion—is exciting. [...]


Come Celebrate the East Village's Bodegas Tomorrow

From the inbox: BODEGA WALK SATURDAY, Saturday February 2nd @ Noon 11th Street and Avenue A. Join us!!!!

As part of our resistance against the incursion of 7-11s into the East Village we are inviting you to come with us on the first walking tour of our neighborhood bodegas. We love these corner stores and need them to stay open and intact. When a 7-11 opens the bodegas nearby always take a hit, often a lethal one. During Sandy bodegas remained open and gave their perishable food away. Whole Foods didn’t. Will 7-11? The existence of each of these unique bodegas supports the reality that our neighborhood is a [...]


A Timeline Of Future Events

As told by Arthur C. Clarke's 1990 novel The Ghost from the Grand Banks, 2012 is the year that would see the Titanic resurrected from the ocean floor. But the year is now 2012, and the Titanic continues to sit 12,000 feet below the ocean surface, rusting more with every passing year (indeed, it's predicted here that by 2045, only the hull will remain). The likelihood that any of us will live to see a resurrected Titanic outside a James Cameron movie now seems very slim.

While some predictions of science fiction have come [...]


Tonight: An Opening, a Reading, a Panel, a Book Set to Music


The Musical About Grizzly Adams And His Bears

In 2008, Ars Nova, a small theater and development space on the far west side of Manhattan, staged a pirate/puppet rock musical called Jollyship the Whiz-Bang. The play was given a limited run, but was extended several times, revived in 2010's Under The Radar festival, and shot its co-creator, Nick Jones, into the peculiarly theater notoriety of someone who's been praised in The Times for "demented brilliance." First disclaimer: I was friendly with some Ars Nova people, and have a deep, weird love for puppets, so volunteered to spend a day helping paint puppets for Jollyship. Second disclaimer: I eventually saw Jollyship, I think, five times. Third disclaimer: I [...]


How You Can Fund Legal Representation for Women in Crisis

Do you like stairs and hate domestic violence? Great news! On the evening of October 6th, you have the opportunity in New York City to climb 42 flights of stairs as a fundraiser for inMotion, which provides free legal services for women, particularly women who are in the process of extricating themselves from abusive relationships. There will be rest areas on these stairs! But don't be too alarmed: you can sign up for 14 floors or even zero floors. Why not register now, as a team member or an individual? WHY NOT, I SAID? Do you want women to be in legal battles with abusers [...]


Four Fresh Lifehacks

Lifehacks, I know, I know. Our wonderful Gooptopian society just loves ‘em now that they come in free, easy-to-digest, pixel lists instead of being cathode-beamed into your sad soul at three in the morning in their previous form (infomercials). Wasn’t that such a hollow, deadening crush? But the thing is, most of them are so pointless or unneeded that you have to go twenty minutes out of your way just to save five seconds! You’re probably saying, “Man, I feel you” into your computer screen and here I am smugly nodding like, “right?” Then we go back and forth for a while talking about how mason jars are “fine, like [...]


How To Vote

Yes it is election day at last, when your voice can be heard! Sort of. Kind of muddily. But this is what we have for now.

This is time for our basically annual reminder that New York has a wacky way of voting! And you can make your voice be heard a little more because candidates appear on different party lines on our weirdo ballots. For instance, Democrats will often appear on the Democrat line but also on the Working Parties line, and if you want to tell them that their voter base is to the left of Democrat, you vote on that line. Crazy right? So if you want [...]


A Short Email Chat With The Amazing Performer Christeene

Christeene is an Austin-based singer and performer. There is an impulse to say that she is a drag character, but Paul Soileau, the actual Social Security number-having man "behind" Christeene doesn't really like the word 'drag' that much in this case, and neither do I, except as a way of understanding on a basic level that yes, this is a man dressed up as a person in high heels and makeup with a woman's name. Anyway. Christeene is the best. She and her backup dancers T-Gravel and C-Baby perform tonight at Glasslands in Williamsburg. Below is an email chat with Christeene.

I saw you play at [...]


All Around Town This Weekend!



The Creative Class is Moving to Moscow, Idaho This Summer

Beginning June 1, a number (unspecified) of people are moving to Moscow, Idaho for the summer. Why? Because it's "a small college town with the luxuries of home (espresso + broadband)." Would you like to join them? They have a Facebook page. And a Tumblr. At least 30 people have committed to going so far. Sign up here!


Seize a Vacant House Today

Isn't "Occupy Our Homes," taking place today, the very heart of all the current messay political movements, where left and right can come together? After all, it kicks that sweet spot composed of libertarian anti-tax legal technicalities and loopholes, a conservative "get off my land" American ethos, and the liberal and leftist anti-corporate, anti-big-bank-bullies vision of freedom. Plus, it's got an actual "real America" vibe—not just for "coastal elites"! (Coastal elites are renters, and no one cares about them when they get evicted due to someone else's foreclosure. Though New Yorkers can take the 3 train to Brownsville at 1 p.m. today! "Bring housewarming gifts and [...]


It's Wednesday, Are You Coming Skating Tonight?

The leader of the social skating group Wednesday Night Skate goes by the alter ego Mocha Superman. "Since this is technically an illegal street event," he said, "I try to keep my real name out of it." Last Wednesday evening he arrived in Union Square and ditched his collared shirt in favor of a red WNS tee and added wrist guards and a black bandanna. "It's part of the double life thing," he said. "Call me Clark Kent."

WNS started in May of 1996 as Blade Night Manhattan, and switched to its current name in 2001. Mocha got involved the next year and, "because I'm a control freak" [...]


For Just Pennies A Day, You Can Harass People On Twitter With Bizarre Promoted Tweets

They must be having a fire sale at Twitter Ads, I have been thinking recently, given the totally random whatnots showing up in my feed. I know, right? What? It gets weirder.


17 Things To Do This Weekend That Are Not In Your House

Got anything else? Let us know. Enjoy the great outdoors. (Bostonians, we hope they let you outside soon.)


So Now You're Locked Inside Together

School cancelled tomorrow *commits suicide*

— Rumaan Alam (@Rumaan) October 30, 2012

If you're a lucky New York City resident and you live in Brooklyn or north of Penn Station, you have power and TV. If you're unlucky, you don't have power, and everyone is getting petulant. If you're way less lucky, there's a tree through your living room and your basement is full of water, and I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope your cats are okay. Let me know if I can help!

So now we know it'll be "days and days" until there is a subway again. Because it is filled with water [...]


A Reading, an Art Opening, a Coughing Fit

Unprintable at Le Poisson Rouge; Sites of Execution at 1:1. (iTunes)


Here Are Five Random People I Follow On Twitter

When people ask me what I do for a living, I am going to just start saying "I look at Twitter" because honestly that is what I spend 90% of my "writing" workdays doing.  Here are some of the strangers who make this lifestyle so rewarding.

These little peeks into cookbook author and Food 52 editor Amanda Hesser's life are always delightful, and occasionally also instructive.


Tonight in New York: "Faces of Occupy Wall Street"

Tonight: the photographer Andrew Piccone's "Faces of Occupy Wall Street" show, Frontrunner Gallery, 59 Franklin Street, 6- 8 p.m. That's a fifteen-minute walk from Zuccotti Park, so you can compare and contrast faces!