Sensories Deprivated

“So you go into your pod room, lock the door if you’re a weird paranoid person, get naked, take a quick shower (in the same room as the pod — shampoo, conditioner and body wash provided), and step into the approximately foot or so of water and pull the pod down over yourself and lay down on top of the water on your back. Then you press a button and the lights slowly go off as a cheesy female sci-fi voice welcomes you to the pod… Then it gets very dark, and you become, briefly, extremely self-aware: you are naked on the second floor of a building above a bar in the middle of a weekday, in complete darkness, floating weightlessly. If you’re me, you wonder if there are protocols in place in the event of a terrorist attack (or as I tamed it down when I spoke with David and Gina later, ‘a blackout’). Like, will they leave me in the pod? Will they bang on the door?”
— New York has a new sensory deprivation tank for all your sensory deprivation needs, and it’s conveniently located in Brooklyn for the people who probably need it most. If you’d prefer to have your senses deprived in Manhattan, as God intended, that option still exists.