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Oscar Thingy: There Will Be Blog

AWL WEEKEND BLOGGING ALERT! During this evening's presentation of Hollywood's salute to Hollywood, a couple of frequent Awl contributors-specifically Olympics columnist Katie Baker-Bakes (who may very well be preemptively irritated by the whole thing) and frequent moviegoer (and food-eater) David "Awl Publisher David Cho" Cho-will be on hand to discuss the proceedings. Please do stop by. I may even make an appearance myself. Anyway, let's say 7:30 or so? Excellent! See you then.


How To Un-Boring the Oscars

Hero entertainer and thinker Ann Magnuson has some truly excellent suggestions on how to improve the Oscars. For one thing? "More clip montages! Tom Ford could present the Glamour Montage, Tarantino puts together A Bit of the Old Ultra-Violent Montage, Meryl Streep hosts the Accent Montage, Kristen Stewart and Christopher Lee present the Sexy Vampire Montage, and Jon Voight presents How Hollywood Liberals are Destroying the Country Montage." Oh, yes please. Also? Yearly themes!