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Summer Trend Consecrated

Phrosties, the potent alco-slushies that New Yorkers in certain neighborhoods can order from an anonymous Instagram account, had nearly run their course. They had been covered by every outlet that might possibly have an interest in sweet icy rotgut. With thousands of followers, the drink had reached what seemed like a supply and attention plateau: Popular enough to earn a place in urban drunk legend, but small enough to remain proprietary. And then: A company hawking a boozy Slushie over social media should have to prove it’s not selling to kids if it wants to stay in business, Sen. Charles Schumer said Monday. “A 12-year-old can probably buy [...]


Soda Will Grab Your Heart By The Neck And Choke On It Until You Are Dead

"DRINKING just one sugary soft drink a day may raise your risk of a heart attack by 20 per cent."


Bring On The Sugar Cube Computers

"We currently have built this Aquasar system that's one rack full of processors. We plan that 10 to 15 years from now, we can collapse such a system in to one sugar cube—we're going to have a supercomputer in a sugar cube." —IBM scientist Dr. Bruno Michel, talking about the much smaller and far more energy efficient machines he plans to build with his method of cooling processors with water (very tiny tubes of water) rather than with fans like most computers use today. "Aquasar" is an awesome name for something. Now here are five music videos.


The Shocking Truth About Sugar If You're A Moron

Is your cup of tea making you FAT? If you are loading it up with sugar, then yes. Also, soda and alcohol? Full of calories. And bad for your teeth. Of course, I am probably wasting my time telling you this, because if you were unaware already I'm sure basic literacy is beyond your skill set. Anyway, SODA BAD. SUGAR MAKE TUMMY BIG. NOW KNOW.


"Dear Sugar" Has a Coming-Out Party in San Francisco

In 2010, an anonymous writer took over the advice column "Dear Sugar" at the literary website The Rumpus. Last night, Valentine's Day, she went public with her identity at a “coming-out” party in San Francisco. Like many others, I’ve become obsessed with her advice, but I wasn’t sure I wanted her to come out, and told her so when I interviewed her last year. Still, she did it anyway, which shows how valuable my advice is, I guess.

Sugar, Cheryl Strayed, published a grief-focused novel called Torch in 2006, and there’s a 4,500-word excerpt of her upcoming memoir Wild in Vogue. (In an amazing bit of timing, [...]


Sex And Lies! The Iffy Science Of Measuring Calories

As you may have heard, sex doesn't burn nearly as many calories as you might have been led to believe. But this is far from the only finding in obesity research that wilts under intense scrutiny, as the rest of this paper in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed. Each piece of received wisdom about weight-loss and dieting the study took on (eat fruits and vegetables! eat breakfast! etc.)—was found wanting. Conclusions: "False and scientifically unsupported beliefs about obesity are pervasive in both scientific literature and the popular press." What we think of as hard science can, it turns out, be pretty soft.

One example as [...]


A Q&A with the Advice Columnist Called 'Sugar'

Last year, an anonymous writer took over the advice column Dear Sugar at The Rumpus. Soon, she'll go public with her identity. Like many others, I've become obsessed with her advice. Her column isn't about etiquette. Sugar writes about being jealous of other writers. She advises people to leave secure relationships because they just know they're not happy. She tells about how she made it through the "thicket of shit" in her twenties. She writes about the absolute horror of grief. And it's not about sex, either. Sugar is soooo over the idea that sex is the only way to connect emotionally or be [...]