Sugar Bad

What’s sweet and poison?

Photo: Hrag Vartanian

You know what’s bad?

Is sugar the world’s most popular drug? | Gary Taubes

Sugar is bad.

The Sugar Wars

Seriously, it’s bad.

Sugar: A Matter of Life and Death

There’s practically no avoiding it. You can try, but it’s really hard, plus you become one of those people who constantly talks about how there’s sugar in everything and it’s so bad for you and why did you stop eating sugar?

A Month Without Sugar

You know what, though? Sugar is poison. It’s impossible to deny. Yes, we live in a world where LSD is good now if you are an urban professional, so things always change, but we can all pretty much safely say that sugar is poison. People have been saying it for years.

The sugar conspiracy | Ian Leslie

If you can only do one of these pieces take the Taubes thing at the top, but it’s not terrible to read them all, because you will at the very least reinforce the fear and aversion to sugar that we should all have. There is a counterpoint to be made that we are all going to die, and probably soon, anyway, so why not have fun, but if that is the attitude that is going to inform your choices you might as well smoke, because it is much more enjoyable than sugar and takes weight off rather than putting on. (Cigarettes, as at least one and possibly all of these articles note, contain sugar, so you are still doing your part for the sucrose-industrial complex.) For more information about cutting sugar from your diet just find the really annoying people on Twitter, they will tell you more, without you even having to ask.