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Skin Colorists Bad

"The things I could tell you about that business. ALL the very specific gossip, powertripping, speculation, back biting, back stabbing, treachery, smoke and mirrors bullshit, drug dealing shop owners, client fuckers fucking clients in the shop during business hours, control freak OSHA types, suppliers selling misrepresented crap, lying machine builders, lip service paid to proper sterilization techniques while obliviously cross contaminating shop from HiV+ client. And bikers. And scammers. No FDA approval for tattoo pigment. 'Tattoo Pigment' that is actually low end acrylic craft paint. And [...]


Lucinda Rosenfeld's Advice Is: Don't Ever Talk About Anything

Really, it is amazing: Lucinda Rosenfeld-even apart from her whole recent victim-blaming idiocy to-do-clearly has no business giving anyone advice! Here is her new advice column of three letters. In the first, she tells an advice-seeker to be silent and not express concern that a female friend is marrying a man who has sex with other guys but not his fiance. (Um!) In the second, she tells someone not to talk to a long-lost friend about the time her mother slept with her friend's father. She wraps up this hot mess by encouraging an advice-seeker to not confront a terrible friend. When the fuck is Lucinda Rosenfeld, 1952? [...]


Fuck Runners

You know who sucks the worst? Well, sure, everybody. Everybody sucks the worst. Everybody will let you down, everybody is always looking out for themselves first, everybody will pretend to listen to you and act like they hear what you say and agree and then go out and do whatever they were going to do in the first place, not giving a thought to anything you tried to tell them. Everybody will get incredibly upset with you for not thinking about how what you do might affect them, but they won't ever consider how what they do affects you, and if you bring it up they will just get even [...]


Writing Sucks, If You're Saïd Sayrafiezadeh

And how do you write, Saïd Sayrafiezadeh? "I straighten up the apartment while listening to Howard Stern. I need to feel as if everything is clean and in its proper place before I can even attempt to write one word. At least, that's what I tell myself. I make the bed, I put away the dishes, maybe I dust, maybe I do the laundry, maybe I go to the post office. I take pride in taking care of all the housework so that my wife, who works as a designer for Martha Stewart, won't need to sacrifice any of her leisure time when she gets home. Once I've completed [...]