Fuck Runners

You know I’m right.

You’re still gonna die. Photo: Gerry Brady

You know who sucks the worst? Well, sure, everybody. Everybody sucks the worst. Everybody will let you down, everybody is always looking out for themselves first, everybody will pretend to listen to you and act like they hear what you say and agree and then go out and do whatever they were going to do in the first place, not giving a thought to anything you tried to tell them. Everybody will get incredibly upset with you for not thinking about how what you do might affect them, but they won’t ever consider how what they do affects you, and if you bring it up they will just get more offended, to the point that it isn’t worth engaging with them and then they’re upset that you’re ignoring them. Everybody tells you they’ll be there when you need them but the day you actually are in need just try and find them. Everybody wants to be thought of as a good friend and a good person but when the chips are down — or even when the chips are midway between being up and down, it doesn’t take all that much — they would just as soon do the things that make them feel better than do the things that make them a good friend. Everybody thinks they’re doing all they can for everyone else, when really they are doing all they can for themselves and to hell with everyone else, and you are just as everybody as everyone else is. Yes, everybody sucks the worst. But especially runners. Oh my God they suck so bad.