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The Subway Train I Would Not Ride

If I had to choose one subway train to not ride, I’d not ride the 2 train. After researching more than twenty subway lines and testing six measures of performance, the Straphangers Campaign found that that the 2 was the one train that its panel could agree on was the worst. It's not perfectly awful—although it scored below average on "regularity of service," "delays caused by mechanical breakdowns," and "seat availability during rush hour." It fortunately tied for best in the system on subway car announcements. However, it is pretty bad, and of all the trains, it is the one that I would not ride.


Dead Shark Still Better Than 90% Of Things You Find On The Subway

About three summers ago I was on a Manhattan-bound L train, itchy and irritated in the way that all New Yorkers are when they're ready to get back to the city, when we pulled up at the Bedford Avenue stop and, among the throngs of other people desperate to escape Brooklyn, an extremely white woman stepped into my car. I don't mean "extremely white" in the sense of "loves 'Girls' and artisanal lavender bitter chocolate with hot peppers in it," although, this being Williamsburg, I cannot rule that out either, but that not only was her entire outfit, down to the boots, completely white, her face and body were sprayed [...]


So How Do I Get From Newark Airport To Manhattan Tomorrow?

PATH remains suspended due to damage to signal, control and substation equipment in multiple stations.

— PATH Rail System (@PATHTweet) November 5, 2012

Hello, welcome to another edition of The Awl's Business Travel Answer Bag, where we bring you business travel weather on the fives. Today's question is from a gentleman arriving in New York tomorrow via Newark Airport. He asks, "Uhh, where exactly am I supposed to stand, at 6 p.m. tomorrow, and what am I supposed to have, as far as exact change or school vouchers or tickets, in order to board some kind of public transportation or emergency shuttle or maybe one of those [...]


Subway Is Ready To Get Fresh With Unauthorized "Footlongs"

Overly aromatic sub chain Subway is getting a little possessive of the word "Footlong," thanks to the success of its "foot-long sandwiches for a Lincoln" campaign and the attendant jingle: Not only is the company is currently petitioning the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the exclusive rights to the term, it's getting its legal department to hassle outlets that dare use it — even hot-dog stands that have been throwing around the word "footlong" for some 47 years. Apparently the frank-related harassment was the result of an overzealous worker bee: Hot dogs are safe, according to a rep for the chain. But plain old sandwich shops [...]


Cards Refilled

In 2012, the MTA sold ninety-one million MetroCards; after instituting a one-dollar fee on each new card in 2013, it sold just twenty-six million. By shifting eighty-nine percent of sales to refills, the MTA has saved "$3 million in cardstock and eight cashier positions with the initiative." This is presumably because these cashiers have been replaced by the hulking machines that refuse to take questions from tourists about which kind of MetroCard to buy, and whether the N train will take them directly from Times Square to part of Brooklyn where they film Girls, you know the real Brooklyn, but the machine, the silent machine with the credit card [...]


Enjoy Your Extra Perfluorocarbon, Straphangers

"Now the study is being done in public, using what the researchers say is a harmless chemical, already present in the city’s bouquet of gases." —Spoiler: the gas they're pushing out in the subway as a "terror test" is in the "perfluorocarbon family" but apparently that's all they'll tell us? Don't worry, your sterilization by "bouquet" will be painless. (By which I mean, your government-enforced sterility. Bloomberg's final revenge against the poors!)


Will You Quit Riding the Subway When It Costs $18? (No.)

Logic tells us that at some point such hikes become unsustainable; excessively high prices deter customers and end up hurting the bottom line, as everyone knows. Except not when it comes to transit…. "It’s sort of like talking about the far reaches of the solar system," said Charles Komanoff, a transport economist. "We are not remotely close to that. You could just as easily say, 'If people had to swim to get down the staircases to the stations, then they’re not going to ride the trains.' OK, that’s true, but so what?"

You will always ride the subway. Even when it costs two packs of cigarettes.


Subway Capitalizes On People Forgetting About The "And Exercise" Clause

Sandwich chain Subway is pleased with the success of its pilot delivery program in the Washington, D.C., metro area, which ensures that you don't even have to get up off your ever-expanding ass in order to enjoy the "healthy" "alternatives" to fast food provided by their menu. You can even order in a multi-foot-long sandwich, if you're feeling really hungry! (Don't worry — since it's Subway, you can eat it all!)


How Did We Advertise Our Stupidity Before Social Media? I Can't Remember.

"A Subway worker who used a bread oven to dry her wet socks and gloves has become the centre of an internal investigation after she posted a picture of her carrying out the unhygienic act on her Instagram page."


How Much More Does Taking The Subway Cost Today?

It runs 24 hours a day—a rarity, anywhere in the world—and it moves 1.6 billion riders a year across the five boroughs of New York City. And on Friday (update: the new fare will be going into effect Sunday, March 3), it will become more expensive. After a fare hike five years ago, the base fare of taking the subway (that is with no discounts) will rise a quarter to $2.50 a pop. And although some of the service cuts enacted in 2010 have since been restored, this hike is not attached to any improvements in service—alas. As with other mandated fare hikes, this one was met with [...]


Your Lunchmeat Vs. The Machines

I don't judge what people want to put in their mouth as food, I mean, I eat at Arby's sometimes, you know? Have you ever looked at what they make into food at Arby's? That stuff has bubbles in it, seriously; I guess it's supposed to be beef-meat, but it's mostly just salty and fat-tasting, by which of course I mean delicious, in the bad-for-you way, but now they (as in Arby's) are doing this commercial where they hire this guy who is a "New York detective," and he goes and finds out that Subway* has their sandwich meats sliced ahead of time in a factory. Pre-sliced!

Seriously, can [...]