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Our lives with the "stupid masses of people out there that are on that fuckin’ social media"

In a new interview over at Wag's Revue, Sandra Bernhard discusses The Terrible Stupid Horrible Way We Internet Now.

Honestly, because of the Internet, because of people’s stupidity, because of people’s either fake political correctness, or the right-wing fake concern about people using language that they would use in their bedroom (but in a derogatory destructive way), it’s not even worth saying certain things anymore because you just don’t want it taken out of context, and you don’t wanna defend it because the minute you have to start defending it, that means you’re explaining your work, and the work that I do can’t be explained, and I don’t wanna [...]


Bloomberg Magazine: "It's Global Warming, Stupid"

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a very rude message for those fun people who use "climate change" as a punchline on the campaign trail: Global warming is real, superstorms are but one devastating result, and people who continue to say otherwise are "stupid."

Just to make this science-based rude behavior clear, BusinessWeek editor Josh Tyrangiel had this to say to the world of Twitter:

Our cover story this week may generate controversy, but only among the via @bw

— Josh (@Tyrangiel) November 1, 2012



Dozens of Women Named Sarah Palin are Tired of Hearing from You

Dozens of England's citizens named Sarah Palin are really over the regular Facebook hate mail for their namesake. But there's an upside! "None of the British Sarah Palins were interested in changing their names. And neither is Glen Beck, from Fort Bragg, California, who happily told tales of women asking to meet him, and a hotel that left an extravagant fruit and cheese basket (complete with complimentary wine) in his room."


BlackBerry Loves Stupid U2 Song So Much They're Going To Play It For Us Again And Again And Again

Well of course I think U2 is overrated, their longevity having now earned them a spot in the consensus rock pantheon that the quality of their music never would have otherwise. But to give credit where it's due, they have made some great music ("One" is about a well-crafted a pop song as you get, I think.) And Bono puts his money (or, well, other rich people's money, probably… but he puts his time and effort) where his mouth is when it comes to trying to make the world a better place. He's a force for good. Fine.


Neat, Did Monsanto Just Destroy America's Wheat Economy?

America is the world's fourth-largest producer of wheat; wheat is the third-largest non-meat American farm product, almost a $9-billion industry. Half of U.S. wheat goes overseas. Now we get to find out if Monsanto destroyed the entire American wheat export industry, now that its abandoned genetically modified pesticide-resistant wheat has been found growing in Oregon. Japan has already banned U.S. imports. Wheat prices are on their way down. There will be lawsuits! And very big settlements. And then everyone will stop worrying for a while.


Teenagers Not Bright

"Police were so shocked by the stupidity of the incident, they have issued a stark warning to others who might be tempted to try a similar stunt."


Chocolate Chip: Tangled Up In Jews

Several lines from Michael Chabon's intensely critical op-ed piece "Chosen, but Not Special" in last week's Sunday Times stopped me dead in my tracks: "Jews are stupid in roughly the same proportion as all the world's people… A stupid Jew is like a hole in the pocket of your pants, there every time you put them on, always forgotten until the instant your quarters run clattering across the floor." Say what? Jews? STOOPID? I guess it kind of sucks to be Jewish right now, what with THIS and THIS-and now Chabon, too? But I remember when it was so cool to have a smart, rich Jewish [...]


Public Apology: Dear Visiting Music History Professor

Dear visiting music professor who taught History of Jazz at Connecticut College spring semester 1990:

I'm sorry for comparing Miles Davis' Kind of Blue to Bob Seger's "Turn the Page."


"Star Trek Into Darkness": What Came Next

“You were in a coma for two weeks. I had to make a serum from his super-blood.” —Dr. “Bones” McCoy to Captain James T. Kirk, after reversing Kirk’s death by radiation poisoning with Khan’s super-blood.

Ridiculous, to think it all started over a tribble. A lifeless bundle of fur. I always kept a dead tribble in my Curio of Maladies in those days, for medical reasons, and was especially glad of it when they finally hauled Khan’s body aboard for study after the battle.

Kirk was particularly dead that day; I remember because everyone was crying and the science woman kept all of her clothes on. As is [...]


Woman Claims Healing Energy Bracelets Are Ineffective!

According to this truly sketchy website, "if you feel unbalanced and generally worn down lately, it is probably because your biofield has fallen victim to the electromagnetic radiation around you." The answer is the iRenew bracelet, obviously. But one woman did not find that her electromagnetic radiation was dealt with properly by this bracelet! So she is suing the company: "Her attorney is asking that he be allowed to sue on behalf of the hundreds of people who bought the bracelets. He estimated damages at $5 million." Oh no, but I have been wearing it in my underpants!


Those "Stupid Germans," the SEC and Michael Lewis

John Carney, writing today about the players in the Goldman SEC investigation, is not at all the first to reference The Big Short, Michael Lewis' book about the financial "crisis" (AKA "series of scams"), in light of the Goldman Sachs case. You know, it has been suggested that it's almost as if the SEC read The Big Short and then went out looking for more examples of the things in the book! In fact it's almost exactly like that. Who says books aren't useful?


James Carville Can Barely Give Book Away

I got an email from James Carville the other day! "Dear Dave, Would y'all like an autographed copy of my latest book? The one that tells how Republicans will be up to their necks in electoral ugly for at least the next generation? Of course you would. It's heartwarming stuff."