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I Deleted Secret

Be the change you want to something in the something, right? Last night, a friend deleted Secret, the new app for… sharing secrets and I realized: oh, I could do that as well! These apps do not own me! (Yet.)

It's a fascinating experiment, and I'm curious about where it will go. But. Opening Secret was like walking onto a trading floor where a pack of goons were desperately displaying the contents of their wallets and/or underwear. It was like carrying a portal to a heinous world of male status anxiety. So much equity terror, so many tepid sexual fantasies unfulfilled. In the future, if I need someone [...]



There is no way that I watched Jay Leno's goodbye to "The Tonight Show," because I didn't watch his hello to it and then I skipped out on the next 17 years, so why start now at the end? Fortunately, Gabe Delahaye did the duties! "Leno's mark on entertainment is a grease-strained slide. Huge damp fingers gripping tightly at something that's inevitably being taken away from him. I've heard so many times that Jay Leno used to be one of the funniest and hardest working stand up comedians in the business that I feel like using Snopes to see if that's even true. Based on what? I've never seen [...]



"As people increasingly communicate in short bursts of words, via text messaging and emails, they are finding less use for 'P.S.' The Latin abbreviation refers to something 'written after' the body of a letter. But it is also a cherished part of epistolary tradition that entered the spoken language, inspiring songs and movies."


California Is Utterly, Truly Screwed

California is spiraling down the crapper rapidly! The state will entirely run out of money next month, and will then close up shop and call it a day, leaving citizens to eat each other for sustenance and travel solely by foot and bicycle and on the back of the weak who become slaves to the strong. The governor's plan is to suspend healthcare for nearly a million children and to take all the money from the schools. (No, really, that's his plan! Yes!) Unfortunately, the Democrats' plan is just to spend the little remaining reserve money left and hope everything works out. Gah! The good choice, which is not [...]