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The One School You Can Send Your Daughter To Make Her "Lean Into" A Rich And Famous Man

Among the girls who have attended Marlborough, the first major independent school to go co-ed, starting with its 1968 sixth form—there is a more fascinating trend. For here, the brightest and best are listed remarkably often next to the words 'wife of.' Most famous, of course, is the Duchess of Cambridge, 'wife of' our future king. But see also, Samantha Cameron, 'wife of' the Prime Minister. Frances Osborne, 'wife of' the Chancellor. Sally Bercow, 'wife of' the Speaker. Diana Fox, 'wife of' the Governor of the Bank of England…. Its reach of influence stretches across the internet, fashion, the BBC and Hollywood, through old girls Amanda Rosenberg (dating Google [...]


Ask Polly: Am I Just A Booty Call?

Dear Polly,

When is it too soon for an ultimatum? What is a good sign to leave something that's showing complications?

Although it is early, I have been seeing this guy for around 5 weeks. He lives down the road from me (1 block) but we ironically met online.

He is a 21-year-old bachelor, a major player who has never had a real relationship, not to mention he has been with more girls than my fingers and toes, doubled. He is a guy living with guys who has moved out of home less than 12 months ago. He is extremely passionate about his job, to the point it [...]


TSA Tips for Destination Weddings

"If you’re taking a special cake knife to cut the cake, please ship it or put it in your checked bag. Wired bouquets are allowed through the checkpoint, along with rice, birdseed, sand and candy coated almonds." —Enjoy your last pat-down as a single lady!


Bloomberg's Girlfriend Still Ladylike, Despite Career, Says Man

ANGRILY SHAKING MY HEAD. (From Rebecca Mead's subscriber-only Talk of the Town today on Diana Taylor, who is Mike Bloomberg's human companion.) Good grief, go back to undermining unions, Wilbur Ross, before we send in all the mannish professional women who don't care about showing you their legs.


Loser Brit Gays Allowed to Donate Blood

From the Dept. of Half Measures: "British health officials said Thursday that they would lift a ban on gay men donating blood, as long as their last sexual contact with another man was more than a year earlier." Who would want your sad blood anyway, homo that can't get any? I bet the line's out the door at the blood bank. "Oh yeah, hi everyone, no one will get gay with me, but at least I can help some hemophiliac children."


A Survey of What Real Americans Think About a Government Shutdown

The airwaves have been flooded with pundits talking about all the ramifications, fallouts and consequences of a government shutdown. Is Michele Bachmann's posturing mostly in support of her 2012 ambitions? Are the Democrats using the threat of a shutdown as a fund-raising device? Is it true that Congress will hire scabs to keep the seats filled during negotiations? Yes. Yes. Sure! And yes, Christine O'Donnell is available!

But what do real people think will happen? Below, a tapestry of Twitter pundrity that sums up, as well as anyone really, what America faces should the government shut down.


'Kentucky v. King': But Shouldn't Stupid People be a Protected Class?

Things are being kind of crazy up in the Supreme Court right now! One thing that is happening is that there is a question before the Court of whether, basically, cops can bang loudly on your door and then decide they hear you flushing drugs and then come on in and arrest you. (Which, I'm thinking: no, not really!) So we have these notable moments on the floor, such as: "I don't know if crack cocaine smells or not," says Justice Sotomayor. BREAKING: NEW JUSTICE TOO HIGH TO REMEMBER WHAT CRACK SMELLS LIKE. And then there's everyone's pal, Justice Scalia, who comes in with this doozy. His point [...]


Scott Walker Goes Shooting For The Presidency

Wow is it cold out. The deer must think the same thing as I haven't seen a thing:

— Governor Walker (@GovWalker) November 25, 2013

"Like riding my Harley and watching the Packers, going hunting is one of my favorite Wisconsin traditions." —The office of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The attempt to sell Scott Walker as the anti-Chris Christie has begun in earnest. One angle of this is for Walker's new best friend, Washington Post columnist and Walker biography co-author Marc Thiessen to frame the governor as of an entirely different temperament then Christie.1 (Can you guess in what way?)

But an entirely [...]


Why A News Portal Snapped Up A James Deen Furry Cosplay Gif Site

Yahoo buying Tumblr is digital gentrification.

— Jason Chen (@diskopo) May 19, 2013

The question of the weekend is: "Why did Yahoo! spend one-third of their cash on hand to buy a company that by all accounts is about to run out of money?"

And here are some fairly sober answers, including: "if you were given 1.1 billion dollars, would you be able to build a service used by more than ten million people for more than an hour a month? You could not. That's a bigger audience than American Idol, or for that matter anything else (except Facebook or Twitter)." That's very attractive!

(I mean [...]


Thought for the Day

Exceptalism or decline.That is the choice. Maybe too late but can we gather forces to return social cohesion?Close the divide.

— Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) February 9, 2012

Yeah, this is not a good look for anyone.


AM New York's Disastrous Sex-Pun Front Page

Oh no. This is not actually how the "tabloid pun headline" is done. I will come over and explain it to your staff for $350 an hour though if you want. (THE STAFF! GET IT?) (via)


#AskObama "Twitter Town Hall" Going… Quite Poorly

.bbpBox{background:url( #8b592b;padding:20px;}

#askobama My home printer jams all the time. It's an HP D4160. What do you recommend?Wed Jul 06 18:34:46 via TweetDeckpourmecoffeepourmecoffee

Well. It's happening right now: Barack Obama is "answering questions from Twitter," if by "from Twitter" you mean from John Boehner and Nick Kristof. As for the rest of it….


How Not to Run a Print Magazine

“The whole print model allows me to have 30 women who trawl the market who find the best espadrilles for spring." — That's Lucky editor Brandon Holley. Girlfriend? Don't do that!


Lesser Baldwin Sues Costner Over Gulf Oil Spill

"Stephen Baldwin has sued fellow actor Kevin Costner over their investments in a device that BP PLC used in trying to clean up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill." —Wake me in 2011.


Hashtags Aren't Easy But They're Necessary

#1 dong, ma! RT @GMA Good morning, @onedirection! #1DonGMA

— Slade Sohmer (@SladeHV) November 26, 2013

It truly is a great time for marketing.


The Mandarin Oriental's "Social Media Cocktails"

Oh no. "The Mandarin Oriental cocktail menu has social media cocktails." I guess they can't make a "LinkedIn Surprise" that consists of vomit and strands of hair.


"Safe Slope" Will Walk You Home This Weekend, Ladies and Gays

Safe Slope is up and running this weekend, offering accompaniment home for women, gay men and trans people. It'll probably be a lot more effective against violence in the neighborhood than police officers telling women not to wear shorts, skirts or dresses. (FOR REAL.) Or also maybe not silently following women at night? To get an escort home after 7 p.m., call 347-709-8852. (That's 347-SØY-TULB. Or 347-PØW-VULA. Hmm. Not so helpful. Maybe just program it into your phone now?)


NYPD Parade Booty-Dancing Scandal (Is Good For America)

The latest non-scandal that will not be catching on is "NYPD CAUGHT BOOTY-DANCING"—at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, over Labor Day Weekend. (Or as World Star Hip Hop put it, "Daggering on the Parkway," LOL.) The best is the Post describing the videos: "The women then back up into the officers’ crotches and rub their buttocks up against them as the cops grind in return, gleefully waving their arms in the air." (The Post confirms "an investigation," which, again, I say LOL.) I'm sorry, white people, have you ever been outside? I personally performed this move as recently as Saturday. Have you ever been to a [...]


Economists Just Can't Figure Out This Unemployment Thing

Would you like to play get the economist? Reading Chicago economics prof Casey Mulligan trying to make sense of job losses in the recession is fun for everyone.

It's this kind of fun: "Payroll spending now exceeds what it was when the recession began, yet employment remains millions lower. Apparently, payroll spending is not enough to bring those jobs back." Hmm, if only I could find a model that accounts for that! Is there any conceivable reason that there would be fewer people making, all told, more money in America today?

This is what happens when people start working with pure numbers: real-world motivations stop making [...]


Hilarious Reality TV Cop Scandal Engulfs Crazy City

Pop quiz: what's America's seventh-largest metropolitan area and also its number-one most crazy? Here's a story, though, as these sort of things generally are, it's a bit impenetrable. The distilled version: Miami's police chief agreed to let the department star in a docusoap pilot about the hot and steamy life of cops in the City. But then he saw a cut of it, and saw that it was totally crazy—and learned it was produced by the Mayor's son!—and withdrew his participation. What a good guy! Except that was all lies, as his emails later proved. He had already known that the Mayor's son had recused himself from the [...]