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Scott Walker Goes Shooting For The Presidency

Wow is it cold out. The deer must think the same thing as I haven't seen a thing:

— Governor Walker (@GovWalker) November 25, 2013

"Like riding my Harley and watching the Packers, going hunting is one of my favorite Wisconsin traditions." —The office of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The attempt to sell Scott Walker as the anti-Chris Christie has begun in earnest. One angle of this is for Walker's new best friend, Washington Post columnist and Walker biography co-author Marc Thiessen to frame the governor as of an entirely different temperament then Christie.1 (Can you guess in what way?)

But an entirely [...]


It's Working: Wisconsin's Recall to End all Recalls

Recall is the new Occupy. Today, seven states will see at least 26 separate recalls in 11 jurisdictions. And starting November 15th, a massive Wisconsin-wide petition drive will attempt to fulfill a promise from February to recall Governor Scott Walker. It's a massive undertaking, and there is reason to believe it will succeed, but also reasons it will fail. Once filed, the recall effort will have 60 days to—

Suckers! On the afternoon of Friday, October 4th, a former Walker donor submitted a petition to recall the governor under the committee name "Close Friends to Recall Walker." The filing, which noted it was done "to fulfill my friend's [...]


Is the Wisconsin Budget Like Obama's Health Care Reform? Well, Kinda!

"Now maybe the Liberals know how the Conservatives felt last year when the Democrat Congress rammed Obamacare through (without even reading it)."

That comment, by "JamVee" on a Reuters story about last Saturday's near-100,000-strong protest crowd in Madison, perfectly sums up what has become the predominant arguing position of pro-Walker conservatives. This "shoe on the other foot" defense of Governor Scott Walker's budget bill stinks of revenge, not reason. But while there are many more solid reasons that the two bills are different, there really are ways in which the two pieces of legislation are the same—and, in one sense, they're exactly the same.


A Blueprint for a Takeover: Wisconsin Republicans Lied While the Kochs Schemed

The simple rhetoric of the Wisconsin budget battle is that the Democrats are just "thug" unions—and that Republicans are carrying water for wealthy corporate sleaze. It's more complicated than that. For one, several teachers' unions endorsed Wisconsin Republicans last year—unions are hardly the unthinking automatons of the left they're now depicted to be. Why would they do that? Quite simply, those Republicans looked into the face of their constituents… and lied.

As the marquee battle over unions and Walker's bill is happening in Madison, the true fight over changes to the state is happening elsewhere. The ransacking of Wisconsin cannot be done from Madison alone. Governor Scott [...]


Two Nights in Madison's Capitol: The Great Class War Sleepover

Hundreds of protesters moved down the sidewalk and turned onto Doty Street, but I already knew where they were headed. I'd already been thrown out of 10 East Doty three hours earlier, for absolutely nothing more than asking how to get to the seventh floor. That's where you find suite 703, home of Koch Companies Public Sector LLC.

Yesterday's demonstration outside the Koch offices represents an evolution in the thinking behind the protests in Madison: a leap from the political to the private. Until now, Governor Scott Walker and other Republican representatives have been the sole target of the demonstrations. Sure, calls have come for a boycott of [...]


Wisconsin Demonstrates Against Scott Walker's War on Unions

Yesterday we noted the details of a bill introduced by Wisconsin's new Tea Party Republican Governor Scott Walker that would increase payments from public sector employees while eliminating collective bargaining powers for unions (including teachers)—while also introducing unprecedented executive powers to terminate state employees with little due process. In passing, Walker mentioned plans to call in the National Guard, if necessary. It's an announcement that rankled many (maybe intentionally), including the 100,000-member "voice of America's 21st century patriots" organization VoteVets: "Veterans are strongly objecting to Governor Scott Walker's inappropriate threat…."

Today, response to Walker's bill has been… unfavorable. About ten thousand currently surround Walker's capitol office and [...]


Wisconsin GOP's Scott Walker Endorsed by "Morgan Freeman"

Wisconsin's Republican candidate for governor, Scott Walker, has locked up the endorsement of an A-list star. In commercials now running throughout Wisconsin, "Friends of Scott Walker" attack Democratic candidate Tom Barrett on his record on sewage control while he was mayor of Milwaukee. Narrating the ad is none other than… Morgan Freeman? Let's listen.


The Wisconsin Teacher State Guard: A New Tomorrow For Teachers!

From time to time, The Awl offers its space to everyday citizens with something to say.

Now that Governor Walker has proven he's still the right man for the job in Wisconsin, perhaps it is time to offer some concessions to the one-million-plus people who voted for that other fellow yesterday. We know it sounds crazy, but it wouldn’t take much to get Wisconsin working again, in a harmonious way that makes sense to us all. The time is right for an olive branch from the Governor, and that should come in the form of an initiative known as the “Wisconsin Teacher State Guard.”

Teachers have the summer off, [...]


The "Wisconsin Freedom Phones" Call Center in the Minneapolis Hilton

"The Wisconsin phone center is open," said Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips in his opening remarks on Saturday, just before conservative speakers Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann addressed the attendees of the RightOnline conference. Before turning it over to the headliners, Phillips further encouraged the crowd of 1500 to "take a break during some point in the day" and "go over and look at the script, try a couple."

Philips closed by asking everyone if they were "willing to stand with Scott Walker."

Next to the testimony room, on the third floor of the the Minneapolis Hilton, the "Wisconsin Freedom Phones" call center operated for [...]


One Voter Explains: Why I Support Scott Walker

We've published a lot over the last couple weeks about the battle in Wisconsin over labor, and nearly always been critical of Scott Walker and the Republicans. So I found a reasonable 20-something Wisconsinite named Sarah Helms, who was willing to explain her support for Scott Walker and his bill. Her answers have not been edited at all.

The Awl: Where do you live, work?

Sarah: I'm currently unemployed since returning from my tour in Afghanistan. I'm planning on starting school next semester. I live in Madison, WI.

The Awl: How would you sum up your reasons for supporting the bill? 

Sarah: From what I've read [...]


In Madison: Scott Walker Packed His Budget Address With Ringers

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's budget address was delivered beneath a dead and stuffed eagle. His address made commitments to a better educated Wisconsin, even while offering almost guaranteed decreased funding of the state's schools. He criticized the state's wasteful use of "our tobacco settlement," and then minutes later praised, for his "bold new ideas and strong leadership," former Republican Tommy Thompson—the state's key architect of that tobacco settlement spending.

He twice passed into reverence for "our state's constitution," even while it was being broken two floors below him: the Capitol's doors were still locked.

One possible reason for why the doors remained locked to Wisconsin citizens [...]


Burning Down Wisconsin: The Hidden Budget Bill Item Even Worse Than Union Busting

Read all of our Wisconsin coverage here.

It's already been a long weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Protesters slept on the capitol floor and some Republican state legislators, after attempting to hold an illegal vote on Friday, made excuses for why they would not be seen in the communities they represent.

Republican Senator Alberta Darling canceled her weekend plans to attend an event in Menomonee Falls, a city she represents. She tweeted, "I will not be attending ChillyFest in MF tomorrow. I have to be ready at a moment's notice to go back to Madison to do the people's work." Maybe because she was born in [...]


How's That "Throw the Crooked Bastards Out" Taste Now, Tea Party?

Ah, this just in from the new "Take Back Our Country From the Fat Cat Special Interests" election of 2012, in the great state of Wisconsin.

• "Republican Gov.-elect Scott Walker plans to give any excess money raised for his inauguration to his campaign fund and the state Republican Party—instead of to charity—in a move that drew ridicule Wednesday."

• "Sen.-elect Ron Johnson has just hired his chief of staff, Don Kent. While the official release describes Kent as a former Dept. of Homeland Security worker, that’s not Kent’s only job experience. After leaving DHS, where Kent worked for Michael Chertoff, Kent became a lobbyist at Navigators Global, [...]


As Goes Wisconsin, So Goes Hell

"Peterson said he believed it was human excrement."

A padded envelope filled with human feces is a Rorschach test, representing either: a state in democratic revolt against the overreaches of a berserker Republican legislature and governor; a Petri dish for the pushback against corporate ownership of government; or the last doomed charge of organized labor bashing its soft skull against the stone walls of a new era of "it's working" conservative austerity.

Wisconsin has become a place where arguments begin with John Adams' "Facts are stubborn things" and then follow with "The Bible tells us…" It's also a place where a leader who disbands collective bargaining is [...]


Scott Walker Gravely Concerned About Workers' Health Care Costs

Here is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's testimony today at the House's hearing on state's debt—while a judge was ruling that Dane County doesn't have standing to sue the state over Walker's bill that limits collective bargaining. Walker, or as Wonkette calls him, "the Koch Brothers’ dumb little whore from Wisconsin," was not there to talk about how the Wisconsin state assembly voided an ordinance this week that ensured five whole sick days a year to employees of companies that had 10 or more staff. No, he went forth to rail about the high cost of health insurance born by private workers! Yes. He did. He [...]


Feral Leftist Mob Attacks Madison (in Right Wing's Imagination)

What happened last night in Madison, Wisconsin? According to Fox Nation, "Rabid Leftists Storm Wisconsin Capitol After Vote"! If only. Perhaps better characterized as a large community of shocked and betrayed workers? (Who are not unlikely to have a victory in court, some months and years from now.) Above is a picture of the "rabid leftists" currently "storming" the Capitol in Madison this morning. (Actually: patiently waiting for the building to open.) Here they are knocking on the locked doors, just now. Don't they look like wingnuts? Or maybe more like middle-aged working people. Last night, says the local paper, "Thousands of protesters rushed to [...]


Madison Capitol Already on Semi-Lockdown for Tomorrow's Budget Address

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RT @ddayen: Crowds outside capitol begin massive chant of "let them in" as Capitol Police block access to the building #wiunionMon Feb 28 15:52:29 via HootSuiteWEACWEAC

Confusing situation happening at the Madison Capitol this morning. Protestors who slept in the building last night are still inside; people wanting to come in are being prevented from doing so. Tomorrow is Governor Scott Walker's budget address, you see! As we know first-hand, the protests in Madison have been peaceful, clean, well-organized and friendly, despite whatever lies [...]


Radio Host Vicki McKenna Claims Liberals Want to Assassinate Governor Scott Walker

Vicki McKenna is a conservative radio talk show host for Madison's WISN and WIBA. You can see her here on her personal website, tastefully and patriotically wrapped in an American flag.

Every day, McKenna's program calls her "a voice of reason in a city of chaos." Madison. Madison, Wisconsin! "A city of chaos." She's one of the star conservative voices in the region. Michelle Malkin endorses her as "The only voice we have in Madison."

The recent protests against Governor Scott Walker's proposal to bust up the pubic service unions has McKenna in a frenzy. Just before tweeting "FIRE THEM ALL" as a [...]


Morgan Freeman Now Interested In Wisconsin Politics

Two weeks ago, we joked about a campaign ad using a voice talent that sounded surprisingly alike a certain celebrated actor. Soon after, Jill Bader, communications director for Scott Walker's campaign, emailed asking us to "please update your post, I would appreciate it." We agreed.

Now, having spoken with the agency that created the ad and the campaign that commissioned it, it's beginning to look a lot more likely that GOP candidate for governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is knowingly misleading voters by pretending to have the endorsement of one Oscar-winning Morgan Porterfield Freeman Jr.

We finally have attained the ad in question in higher quality than the [...]