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SALES, "Getting It On"

The first EP from SALES comes out this week, but most of its songs—save for the one above—have been filtering through the internet for months ("Toto" for about a year; the most popular, "Chinese New Year," since January). You wouldn't know the band hadn't released an album if this one didn't exist to remind you. They're very… what is a band supposed to be now? Present? Anyway: You can stream the EP here, and buy it here. It is excellent.


Is Black Friday A Sham?

"When shoppers head out in search of Black Friday bargains this week, they won't just be going to the mall, they'll be witnessing retail theater. Stores will be pulling out the stops on deep discounts aimed at drawing customers into stores. But retail-industry veterans acknowledge that, in many cases, those bargains will be a carefully engineered illusion. The common assumption is that retailers stock up on goods and then mark down the ones that don't sell, taking a hit to their profits. But that isn't typically how it plays out. Instead, big retailers work backward with their suppliers to set starting prices that, after all the markdowns, will yield [...]


Pizza Chain's Marketing Ploy Works Like A Charm

The great self-loathing-filled reinvention of the Domino's Pizza recipe was big business for the Michigan-based purveyor of cheese and dough, with sales up 18.4% (to $381.1 million) and same-store sales up 14.3% in the first quarter of 2010. Domino's head pizza-tosser Thomas Doyle said that "all of it" was pretty much the result of the revamp and its attendant advertising blitz. Three months from now, expect to see similar smiley-faced proclamations from the Yum! Brands camp.


Girl Scout Cookie Sales Is Really About Storytelling

"People want to buy from a top salesgirl, she says, because they assume a successful person knows what she's doing: 'And if you explain your goal, people want to help you reach your goal.' She preempts objections from the dieting crowd by offering to donate their orders to troops overseas, and she ends with what her father taught her is a classic presumptive close: 'This year, five boxes only cost $20. Can I help you pick out your five?' 'People smirk because it's cute,' she says." One of New York City's leading Girl Scout cookies salespersons reveals her secrets.


"It's Not About Scale": Defending the iPad's Magazine Sales Numbers

As things are currently set up, people with iPads who want to buy a magazine on their shiny device have to go searching for it. There's no magazine rack, or what have you. Still, I'm not sure you can put that sunny a face on the figures for sales of magazines on the iPad, as reported by Ad Age. Wired at least started extremely strong, at 100,000. Now they do about 30,000 an issue. Still pretty good! People is doing 10,000 an issue (and that includes free digital issues to print subscribers). Vanity Fair does about 9000 an issue. Other magazines are doing even fewer sales; many are [...]


Is the Recession Over? Oh Please.

By the metrics of things that don't include the staggering rate of unemployment, the recession might be over, said chief Federal Reserve dipstick Ben Bernanke. I laughed! Did you? You should have! Go on, laugh a little. You'll feel better. Then go and try to get a mortgage. Or shop at one of those fine American small business that closed down recently. Or, you know, go shopping in the New York Times cafeteria this week during Employee Appreciation Week! Where everything is "7 -90% off."


Buy All Of Exene Cervenka's Stuff!

The amazing Exene Cervenka is selling all her crap? YES, starting Thursday, in Santa Ana, California, a four-day estate sale will begin at which you can grab the legend's vintage dolls, Victorian childrens' clothing, Old Carnival Chalk Prizes and "much much more." (I sense a theme.) But not the guitars!

yes i'm having a cool sale… but the guitars pictured in the onion are not from my sale!!! i don't know where that pic came from!!

— Exene Cervenka (@exenecervenka) February 11, 2014

She is downsizing, something we should probably all be doing. Unless we're homeless. (via)


TechCrunch Commenters Lose Minds Over Site's AOL Sale

No it's not an April Fool's-apparently AOL really did buy TechCrunch. The comments on their post are something to see.


Mercedes-Benz Throws A Manhattan Fire Sale

Signs of the Recession:

The Mercedes-Benz showroom sent out a letter this week to customers advertising a "private, 3-day only offering of in-stock automobiles" on April 23 through 25th. Why the sudden fire sale? "To be perfectly frank, we are out of space," claims the letter. They are offering a $10,000 dollar discount on the S, CL and SL-classes of the 600 cars currently crowding both of their Manhattan showrooms. And 1.9% financing. And a free two-year maintenance plan. Also, just for coming in, they'll give you a $25 "gift card," usable for service or accessories. Rough times!