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Sounds Familiar

The melody to the Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man" is based on the sound of French police sirens and if this is something everyone knew but me I am just gonna go hide in the corner somewhere and die of shame. Ugh, I've heard this thing a MILLION times and it's JUST NOW APPARENT TO ME? Next you're going to tell me there's something going on in the FedEx logo.


Old People Humored

"The upstart band and its young followers have caused quite the scene outside of previous shows — and it will be anyone’s guess what will happen at the Barclays Center after the precedent set by fans of Canadian crooner Justin Bieber, who blocked his tour bus and stopped traffic last month." This is cute.


Urinal Offends

"Women in the northern German town of Lüchow have expressed their dissatisfaction with the design of two urinals in the men's toilet of a museum dedicated to the Rolling Stones. They are shaped like red lips, similar to the legendary logo of the band, but they look more feminine, and they lack tongues. Local activist Roda Armbruster wants the urinals removed. 'That's discrimination against women,' she told regional broadcaster NDR. 'Why does it have to be a woman's mouth? If it had been based on the emblem of the Stones with the tongue, it would have been OK. But the tongue's been left out and they really looks like [...]


David Remnick On The Rolling Stones

"The Stones have not written a song of consequence in thirty years, but they have survived four decades longer than their great contemporaries the Beatles." —David Remnick reviews Keith Richards' memoir Life (subscription only, sorry). Man, why is there no love for "She's So Cold"? It's UNFAIR.


Fact That People Actually Concentrate On Performance At Concert Remarked Upon

"Hundreds of fans lined up outside the El Rey Theatre across town earlier Saturday for a chance to attend the spontaneous show. Buyers were limited to one ticket, and they were required to pay with cash, show a government-issued ID, wear a wristband with their name on it and be photographed. Their names were verified at the venue, which has a capacity of about 700. Cameras and smartphones weren’t allowed inside the Echoplex, which usually plays host to hipster bands and mash-up dance parties. The lack of personal recording devices made the [band's] performance feel even more exclusive and old school, freeing concertgoers’ hands of the gizmos that have [...]


Old Band's New Logo

I don't know a whole lot about graphic design, but if this new logo for the Rolling Stones is any indication, it seems like a pretty sweet gig.


'Exile On Main Street,' In Order

18. Turd on the Run 17. Let It Loose 16. Casino Boogie 15. Sweet Virginia 14. Stop Breaking Down 13. Shake Your Hips 12. Rip This Joint 11. Sweet Black Angel


Old Person Excited About Old Record, Using The Word "Cocksucker"

One of the best albums of all time-the New York Times once called it "rock 'n' roll's version of the Great American Novel," which makes no sense because its creators are English!-is getting reissued. Come May 18th, Exile on Main Street will be released in an expanded version (with ten new, or newish songs.) There is also a DVD, says the Times, "of a new Rolling Stones documentary, called 'Stones in Exile,' which uses footage from an earlier, unreleased Stones film whose name we cannot print here. (The second part of its title is "Blues.")" We can print it! It's "Cocksucker!" "Cocksucker Blues!" I'm deliriously happy!


The Rolling Stones, In Order

23. Dirty Work

22. Bridges to Babylon

21. Steel Wheels 20. A Bigger Bang

19. Their Satanic Majesties Request

18. Voodoo Lounge


Your Rolling Stones Kremlinology Of The Day

"Mr. Wood is the junior member of the band and his opinions carry less weight than those of Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, who have traditionally supplied the group’s material and direction, but in the context of the Stones’ complicated internal politics Mr. Wood is close to Mr. Richards and often shares his views."


No Tattoo For German Pony

"A COURT in Münster, north-west Germany, has banned a man from tattooing his pony with the logo of the Rolling Stones."