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Taylor McFerrin Featuring Emily King, "Decisions"

Is it still raining, or are those just residual droplets, laced with gray city grime, falling from window ledges and trees? That is this morning's question, and this is that question's song.


Oh, Right, There's Also The Thing About The Chicken

Can you BELIEVE THIS? It's going to RAIN AGAIN next week.


Extremely Wet New Yorkers To Become Even More Annoying Online For Next 48 Hours

It begins this afternoon around 2 p.m.

It ends Thursday at noon.

So set your "New York is the weather-complaining center of the world" social media presences at their loudest settings, for you will be wet and miserable and cold, and how can the rest of the world compete with that?


A Futile Blow-By-Blow of the U.S. Open

Useless? Or wonderful? The executive editor of Golf Digest is live-Twittering the U.S. Open. It's sort of like poetry. Meaningless, meaningless poetry, from a time before there was no, say, television to deliver "moving images." Remember TV? It was so functional.


Austin Has Changed A Lot Since My Last High-Profile Appearance Here In 2012

It's awesome to be back in Austin, again. And while this certainly isn't my first appearance on a popular #SxSW panel, things do feel different this time.

When I was first invited to Austin to speak at South+Southwest, I didn't even have an iPhone. And that's not to question my role as an Early Adopter, it is just to point out that the iPhone had yet to go on the market. It was quite a long time ago! (But not so long ago that I've noticeably aged in either my interests or appearance.) Why, we didn't even have Yelp! back then. As a common joke among SxSW insiders goes, "I've [...]