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Scott Walker Goes Shooting For The Presidency

Wow is it cold out. The deer must think the same thing as I haven't seen a thing:

— Governor Walker (@GovWalker) November 25, 2013

"Like riding my Harley and watching the Packers, going hunting is one of my favorite Wisconsin traditions." —The office of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The attempt to sell Scott Walker as the anti-Chris Christie has begun in earnest. One angle of this is for Walker's new best friend, Washington Post columnist and Walker biography co-author Marc Thiessen to frame the governor as of an entirely different temperament then Christie.1 (Can you guess in what way?)

But an entirely [...]


Joe Biden's Laughter: Is This Even Legal?

America's vice president delivered many robust bursts of laughter last night, laughter that seemed (to us) to mean the usual "Oh come on, Paul Ryan, you are a ridiculous liar."

But there are varying opinions! Those on the right, for example, would never vote for Obama-Biden–and they are none too pleased with this Joe Biden and his laughter. Why, they have even less intention of voting for him now, if that's possible.

The important question is whether anyone is trying to "spin" this on Twitter.


What Happened? Ask A Guy Who Didn't Watch the RNC Who Follows Liberals on Twitter

What happened at the Republican National Convention?

I dunno, I heard a lot of people say that Chris Christie was really fat and is going to be our biggest President since Taft in 2016.

What about the dudes running for President?

I heard that that Paul Ryan guy doesn't buy suits that fit him and is like a big liar? I heard they were both really, really rich but for some reason refused to get their clothes tailored, and they are both definitely not off-the-rack sizes, although Mitt is closer. Also some people wanted to rock Paul Ryan's body.

What was the highlight of the convention?

Something about [...]


This Is Probably Paul Ryan's Favorite Rush Song

Okay, Paul Ryan. Ryan Lizza's recent New Yorker profile highlighted a disturbing Ayn Rand devotion (minus the atheism of course). Meanwhile, the gawky Wisconsin wonk says he has the Dead, Zeppelin, Metallica and "a lot of grunge" on his iPod. (Is he reminding anyone else of Timothy Simons on HBO's "Veep"?) It's safe to assume that "Anthem" is his jam from Rush. Anyway, here's to him costing Romney Florida.


Paul Ryan WineGate Shows He Has a Hard Time with Basic Math

Big night out last week for Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan! The three men were spotted ordering the $700 worth of wine at Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill by an associate professor of business at Rutgers University named Susan Feinberg. After dining in the same restaurant with her husband, Feinberg confronted Ryan and his pals about the high-end wine. The exchange became contentious. Ryan professed not to know the price of the wine, and one of his buddies responded to Feinberg's chastisement by loudly saying, "Fuck her."

He has fun friends! The mouthy one is Cliff Asness, who runs a hedge fun and used to work at Goldman Sachs [...]


Did You Still Not Vote Yet? Here Is One Good Reason Why: Paul Ryan

Everyone's going to say the same thing, you're going to hear it all day, sorry to be so boring. Oh, do please go vote.

Now, if you are Canadian, or a felon, or both, which is pretty likely with YOU PEOPLE, I am very sorry. How annoying, I am sure. Or perhaps you messed up your voter registration and you are cowering in shame in your hovel. That is legitimate.

As for the rest of you… do you know how to vote? It's not hard. Here's a handy step-by-step guide.

But I would very much like you to vote. I have heard the arguments about being "implicated" in [...]


Liveblogging Joe Biden And Paul Ryan Debating Without Sound

Tonight! Two men enter, one man leaves as Vice President. (That would be Joe Biden. Who is the Vice President.) But now a new man wants to be a Vice President next time!

Here they settle that grudge when, at 9 p.m., Old Amtrak Joe and Paul Iron Ryan take the stage at Centre College in delightful Danville, Kentucky, for the Debate of the Vice Presidents Who Would Be Vice President. Did you know that Centre College has the highest graduation rate of any college in Kentucky, at 81%!?

Please join us in your living rooms and cafes and offices at 9 p.m. when the festivities begin. But [...]


There Goes Lyin' Ryan

Observers: Paul Ryan's convention speech last night was possibly a tad inaccurate. Will he somehow manage to get away with it? Yeah, probably.


The Police Are Now Paul Ryan's Private Security Force

On Tuesday, September 6th, Paul Ryan spoke at the Whitnall Park Rotary Club in Greenfield, Wisconsin. For what has become the only way for even his constituents to see the Congressman during his summer town halls, tickets were $15. And in what looked like a polar negative of the healthcare town halls of 2009, Ryan was disrupted over and over again by those (paying) attendees. Three were arrested.

One difference: for this private event, taxpayers of Wisconsin footed the bill, as the Rotary Club used Greenfield detectives to provide security for what was essentially a private fundraising event. It's something the police department there said it has never [...]


A Modest Proposal for Preventing Medicare from Being a Burden on Taxpayers

From time to time, we offer free space to citizens with something to say. Today, Congressman (and former Oscar Meyer Wienermobile driver) Paul Ryan has a new crazy proposal that explains how Medicare can be saved—delivered in his own, inimitable language.

It makes the youth of the nation and the working class melancholy when they hear senior citizens importuning our elected officials on both sides to preserve Medicare in its current form. These seniors, instead of being able to make themselves useful, are forced to employ all their time writing letters-to-the-editor and calling their legislators.

Probably all Americans agree that the overflowing Medicare needs of seniors, [...]


Obama And Romney Turn To Instagram In Battle of White House Photo Worthiness

The Annotated White House Flickr Feed continues with another special Election 2012 edition (you'll find the previous installment here). Here are The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox and Huffington Post political reporter Jason Linkins to compare the campaigns. When did the Romney team learn about Instagram? How long till they also hear about "autofocus"? How many windbreakers does Paul Ryan own? And who does John Sununu hate more: Barack Obama or Lena Dunham?

ANA MARIE: So, they're INSTAGRAMMING or something now.

JASON: This image, is like at Ahmadinejad levels of obvious Photoshop fakeness.

ANA MARIE: Sort of like Romney's tan.

JASON: [...]


Oh Yes, We Are Liveblogging Biden Vs. Ryan

Do you love to watch weird men in suits argue on the teevee, and while this is going on do you also like to look at computers and smartphones and "tweets," to further the goals of American democracy? Then join your co-hosts "Choire and Layne" tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. Pacific for a very special revolutionary form of liveblogging that will be unlike anything you've ever seen or done, ever. Also we are on this Twitter!


Paul Ryan: American Taliban

"Paul Ryan, who teamed up with Akin in the House to sponsor harsh anti-abortion bills, may look young and hip and new generation, with his iPod full of heavy metal jams and his cute kids. But he’s just a fresh face on a Taliban creed—the evermore antediluvian, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay conservative core." —Hey! Maureen Dowd wrote something I like! (Or, you know, maybe one of her friends sent it to her in an email or something. But close enough!)


Who Lied on the Sunday Morning Chat Shows?

Every Sunday, while you brunch and have a life, politicians and other professional chatterers take to the TV shows. There, they reposition the events of the week—and, if you watch closely (or watch at all), you can see them straight up lying about things. This weekend, the best liars were Congressfolks Paul Ryan and John McCain. "McCain agrees that there is dysfunction in government, but he thinks that the Tea Party isn't responsible for it. He then just straight up lies: 'The fact is that the president never came forward with a plan. I was gratified to hear that he had plans, but there was never a specific [...]


An Out-Of-Work Music Critic Reviews Two Government Releases

Paul Ryan: The Path to Prosperity House of Representatives; 2011

This may be a debut proposal, but Paul Ryan sounds as if he's been talking for years. Kicking off with head-spinning timetable changes and sky-shattering reconstructions to Healthcare, The Path is positively vicious. From massive entitlement crunch to barreling tax cut lows, this plan rips like a Martian gas-guzzler determined to alter civilized society for generations to come. Ryan spits a fantastic fallacy-laden flow with bold gestures and strong hand signals throughout—it seems he means bidness. His earnestness combined with the impressive production values that back the work, make for an inescapable impact, like a child’s awe at the ravaged [...]