Paul Ryan WineGate Shows He Has a Hard Time with Basic Math

Big night out last week for Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan!

The three men were spotted ordering the $700 worth of wine at Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill by an associate professor of business at Rutgers University named Susan Feinberg. After dining in the same restaurant with her husband, Feinberg confronted Ryan and his pals about the high-end wine. The exchange became contentious. Ryan professed not to know the price of the wine, and one of his buddies responded to Feinberg’s chastisement by loudly saying, “Fuck her.”

He has fun friends! The mouthy one is Cliff Asness, who runs a hedge fun and used to work at Goldman Sachs and has terrible ideas about economics. The threesome were approached by a Rutgers business prof, who wanted to ask how they could spend more on an evening’s worth of beverages than a family makes on minimum wage in a week, which: fine point! I would however like to say that I agree 100% with his theories on tipping. (Which goes like: “Hmm, okay, well ten percent of the bill is $39, so double that and round up, oh rats, I forgot to carry the one, let me scratch out ‘$372’ and write in ‘$472.’”)