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A Conversation with Patricia Lockwood

I barged into the men’s, and felt stares burning hard like reading or noon, felt them looking me up and over, felt them looking me over and down, and all the while just holding their pens,     they do it different oh no they don’t, they do it standing up

It’s a bit uncanny how these lines in “The Feeling of Needing a Pen” a poem in Patricia Lockwood’s new book, Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals, echo recent criticisms by a handful of discomfited reviewers. “They make me feel like the guy who ruins all the fun,” wrote Jonathan Farmer in Slate, in his review. Adam Plunkett, writing for the [...]


A Poem By Patricia Lockwood

Rape Joke

The rape joke is that you were 19 years old.

The rape joke is that he was your boyfriend.

The rape joke it wore a goatee. A goatee.

Imagine the rape joke looking in the mirror, perfectly reflecting back itself, and grooming itself to look more like a rape joke. “Ahhhh,” it thinks. “Yes. A goatee.”

No offense.

The rape joke is that he was seven years older. The rape joke is that you had known him for years, since you were too young to be interesting to him. You liked that use of the word interesting, as if you were a piece of knowledge that someone could [...]


Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

Patricia Lockwood's new book of poetry, Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals, came out last week. There have been a handful of reviews in mainstream outlets, like in the New York Times, where Dwight Garner calls it "a satirical work that nonetheless brings your heart up under your ears." His criticism, such as it is, notes, "When her poems miss, which they frequently do, their ideas seem larval and merely cute." It concludes, "little hairs on my back rose often while reading 'Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals,' as if it were the year of the big wind. That’s biological praise, the most fundamental kind, impossible to fake."

But then are there some [...]


Two Poems By Patricia Lockwood

He Marries the Stuffed Owl Exhibit At the Indiana Welcome Center

He marries her mites and the wires in her wings, he marries her yellow glass eyes and black centers, he marries her near-total head turn, he marries          the curve of each of her claws, he marries the information plaque, he marries the extinction          of this kind of owl, he marries the owl that she loved in life and the last thought of him in the thick of her mind          just one inch away from the bullet, there,                                     he marries the moths


Responses To "Rape Joke"

When you publish a poem like "Rape Joke," you take it for granted that two things will happen. One: that people will share their own stories with you, which is wonderful; and two: that people will barf all over their keyboards at you, which is interesting. Here is a selection of the most notable barfs I encountered in the wake of the poem's appearance.

• Another FAIL for the moral butthurt brigade.

• Please stop calling this a "poem."

• Should we also ban all 'man walks into bar' jokes because of sensitivity about alcoholism?

• When I backpack through northern Washington or [...]