Where Farce Turns Into Something Else


When we endorsed Donald Trump in this space last month it was just before all the exact same experts who had sworn up and down that he was never going to run in the first place — and if he did run it would only be for a few minutes — started screaming as loudly as they could in their expert way that we were now right on the very edge of American fascism. So who knows? Maybe this time they’re calling it correctly. Or maybe if you’re finally concerned enough to panic about a Republican message that has only been conveyed in slightly more subtle tones until now the problem might be more with the way in which you choose to articulate your own expertise? And also perhaps the same Constitution that keeps anything from getting done at present would continue to prevent anything from getting done no matter what kind of blustery bullshit the next president tried to sling about? It’s a big mystery, I guess. Anyway, Awl pal Patricia Lockwood spent some time on tour with the Trump experience, and you should read about it here. As we’ve said before, in this precise context, what an amazing age in which we live, for however much longer that continues to be the case.