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Guess Who's Back?

Stand Up to Legalized Corruption – protest the #McCutcheon Supreme Court ruling! @RuleByUs

— Occupy Wall Street (@OccupyWallStNYC) April 3, 2014

Guess who's back? Like normcore and coconut water, Occupy Wall Street won't go away, picking up speed with a series of events tomorrow.

Feeling ambitious? March on the airports in the morning with organizing airport workers! (Now that we can get behind.)

Feeling rambunctious? 7 p.m. is a people's assembly at, yes, Zuccotti Park, AKA Liberty Plaza. (That'll end with an 11 p.m. "wildcat march" up to Union Square, which, pass.)

And there's much much more, [...]


Here's Another Thing Jobless Blacks Should Be Over The Moon About

"Jobless Blacks Should Cheer Background Checks"


'Newsweek' Takes Bold Stance Against Tumblr's Struggle for Profit

The Tumblr of Newsweek, which still exists, unlike Newsweek, and which is run by the DailyBeast "senior editor for social media," announced a new policy yesterday. "You pin, we unfollow" was the communiqué—by "pinning" they mean the Tumblr commerce initiative wherein, for a small fee, one can make a Tumblr post "adhere" to the top of each follower's dashboard until each follower "clicks" upon the post to make it disappear. (By "unfollow," they meant that they would no longer choose to receive said pinners' posts in their dashboard.) "The pins are like dashboard cockroaches. Turn on the lights every morning and unpin, unpin, unpin, unpin, unpin, unpin, unpin," the [...]


Right-Wing Loons Outraged at Sellout Bill O'Reilly

This is a fine how-do-you-do for longtime wingnut champion Bill O'Reilly: the anti-Obama right is convinced he's a sell-out because he's "too busy" to report on how Barack HUSSEIN Obama is not a citizen. But some are still on O'Reilly's side: they're convinced that he was just threatened by the government and coerced into silence by the far left lunatic fringe currently inhabiting the White House/NPR/etc. ("Obama's goons have gotten to Fox News channel," as one commenter put it.) Poor Bill! Live by the something, die by the something.


The New Museum's Carsten Höller Show May Result in Pile-Ups

You really, really, really want to go see the Carsten Höller exhibition that is opening at the New Museum this Wednesday. We got a sneak peak of the installation and it's bonkers-cakes! Obviously you will want to start on the fourth floor so you can take the chute down through the concrete floor. Also there are like some lights and a bunch of birds (looks like a mobile of bird cages with birds in them) and stuff. (Stuff = "a sensory deprivation pool." Just what the senseless Lower East Side needed.) It's max ridic, as the kids say. HOW MANY HIPSTERS DOES IT TAKE TO JAM UP A [...]


Would-Be Presidential Candidate With Terrible Hair Burying Himself Right Now

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"i have always had a great relationship with the blacks" says #Trump.Thu Apr 14 14:23:23 via webAzi Paybarahazipaybarah

New York Observer reporter Azi Paybarah is live-Tweeting Donald Trump's interview with Fred Dicker. It's… going well?


Kanye's Rant, Last Night

Well! People are saying that last night's tiny Kanye West show was amazing, but when you listen to the clips of his ten-minute monologue, those are not really the sounds an audience makes when the preacher is on fire, or when something amazing is happening. (Although everyone does crack up when he thanks "the energy from the models." Because that is hilarious. And there's applause and enjoyment of it—just less and less as it goes on.) But mostly I think this is the sound an audience makes when someone has gone off the rails. (There's whole parts that don't make sense, after all! And anyone who spends ten [...]


"Gravity" Sucks: Two Perspectives

The Truth Is Out There Defying "Gravity" @ 5:00 pm

I was tardy for Adria’s 24th birthday celebration at The Golden Unicorn, an endearingly tacky dim-sum restaurant in Chinatown. To celebrate her somewhat belated transition towards a no-training-wheels adulthood (successful acquisition of an affordable apartment and a job away from coffee machines and people who want their bagels scooped out), she had decided to throw a large party.

My public excuse for my tardiness was “getting lost,” but privately the truth was linked to my inability to leave [...]


Why Won't You Racists Let Us Talk During Movies?

They—and "they" is two people—are calling it "Social Theater." It all apparently started with some guy at The Wrap, who called for designating "screenings as either ‘texting’ or ‘non-texting.’" Fine, sure! Let's have some texting-friendly screenings in our multiplexes, why not. But really it got rolling with former Googler turned V.C. Hunter Walk asking, fairly reasonably if hilariously, for a new kind of movie theater altogether: One where you could talk, text, Google, Skype and online bank as much as you like. Cool! You're a venture capitalist, make it happen. See you there, sometimes. (He's clearly thought this out: "Maybe even improve attendance during the day since [...]


Fine, Kids, Call Your Mom Five Times a Day!

"I'm a 23-year old undergraduate at a small liberal arts college. In my view, there's nothing inherently wrong with having a very close relationship with your parents. Calling your parents five or six times a day–why not, especially if you consider them your friends? Just because the Boomers (and the Gen X-ers, to a certain extent) had bad relationships with their parents doesn't mean we need to repeat that experience." —This comment, in response to Terry Castle's essay on what it's like to teach the current crop of parent-attached young people, is pretty amazing! It's gonna be a long couple decades.


Rich Man Attracted to Politics

"Russian businessman Mikhail D. Prokhorov… this winter became the first of the post-Soviet set of ultrawealthy financiers to run for president…. Being a billionaire in itself — Mr. Prokhorov owns 20 Jet Skis, a 200-foot yacht and a mansion outside Moscow — might seem a fatal handicap in an era of anger at the rich that is as prevalent in Russia as anywhere." —"Might." Each something gets the something it deserves.


The Commodification of Occupy Wall Street is On!

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MTV at Zuccotti Park: the channel will premiere "True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street" on Nov. 5 (a Saturday).Mon Oct 24 15:41:09 via Twitter for iPhoneBrian Stelterbrianstelter

The revolution will not be… something something.


Yup: The Stakes in Iowa Are So High, Everyone's Already Going Door to Door

As the election cycle really gets started, politicians are really taking Iowa seriously: "His arm was in my back door, trying to get in and I screamed and went upstairs to my parents room and I continued screaming." (via everyone, everywhere)


Lady Who Wants More Chain Stores in Williamsburg to Have Eyes Rolled at Her

Pity Shari Lind, who just made herself (and her son, Sawyer!) the target of anti-big box wrath in Williamsburg.


Are We Ready For Television for Millennials?

"Next year, there will be a scripted drama called 'WILL.' It’s the story of Shakespeare as a Millennial, which is either the best idea on earth or the worst; either way, the concept has a brassy, shoot-the-moon quality and, presumably, a refreshing lack of criminal anti-heroes…. Pivot will air documentaries on youth-oriented topics, along with a nightly live interactive news show called 'TakePart Live'…. Meghan McCain has already been picked on by the right and the left alike, so it’s tempting to write some sort of contrarian defense of her new show, 'Raising McCain.' But, honestly, there’s only so much upspeak one critic can take. 'This is not your mama’s [...]


You Know Who Else Hated Tipping?

Rich people, mostly, actually. Heh.

Here is the latest series of arguments—yeah, here we go again!—against tipping. It's discriminatory (when white and black servers are compared, diners tip blacks far less well) (PDF), it's unfair to restaurant staff, it's unfair to diners, and apparently it's unfair to Ayn Rand. Oh sure, everyone loves Kickstarter and "tip your blogger" payments, but someone brings you food and to hell with them.


The Magazine Brand Rollout Extension Digital Platform Incubator Buzzword Lifestyle!

“We’re not just running creative teams,” said Hearst’s men’s group editorial director and Popular Mechanics editor Jim Meigs. “We’re running new business incubators. We’re constantly thinking about where can we take our content and roll it into new platforms and in ways that are going to make money.”

A MUST READ on the bigwig magazine editor as brand manager.


Herman Cain Slogans from the Internet, In Order


In Praise of SlutWalk

Ladies, do we have a problem? We kind of… do. Rebecca Traister weighs in on SlutWalk. I wanted to love SlutWalks, the viral protest movement that began this spring after a Toronto police officer told a group of college women that if they hoped to escape sexual assault, they should avoid dressing like “sluts.” In angry response, young women (and men) have marched in more than 70 cities around the world, often dressed in bras, halter tops and garter belts.

But at a moment when questions of sex and power, blame and credibility, and gender and justice are so ubiquitous and so urgent, I have mostly felt irritation [...]


"RoboEarth": An Internet for Robots :(

"Robots to get their own internet." —Enough said, right? Yes, I know, you're saying out loud: "How could this go wrong? The best part is that the RoboEarth website has a section called "collaborators," which, they certainly are. RoboVichy!