Are We Ready For Television for Millennials?

“Next year, there will be a scripted drama called ‘WILL.’ It’s the story of Shakespeare as a Millennial, which is either the best idea on earth or the worst; either way, the concept has a brassy, shoot-the-moon quality and, presumably, a refreshing lack of criminal anti-heroes…. Pivot will air documentaries on youth-oriented topics, along with a nightly live interactive news show called ‘TakePart Live’…. Meghan McCain has already been picked on by the right and the left alike, so it’s tempting to write some sort of contrarian defense of her new show, ‘Raising McCain.’ But, honestly, there’s only so much upspeak one critic can take. ‘This is not your mama’s talk show!’ the intro brags, but it clearly intends to be your aunt’s talk show, if that aunt is Tabitha Soren, of the old MTV series ‘Choose or Lose.’”
— The olds at the New Yorker warn us about the coming of Pivot TV