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British Corpses Extra Bloaty

"A British parish council is the first in the UK set to dedicate part of a proposed new cemetery to obese corpses as crematoriums, morgues and ambulance chiefs gear up for bigger bodies."


Internet Hurting The Feelings, Waistbands Of The Chinese People

"An online survey has projected that almost 39.8% of male internet users in China and 38.7% of female users are obese. Almost half of the remaining internet users surveyed have persistently gained weight over the past five years, reports the Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily…. The weight Chinese put on over the past decade is almost equivalent to the weight westerners gained over the past 30 years, said experts."


Yelling At People Weaker Than You Makes You A Fighter: Poll

"A new Rutgers-Eagleton poll out today says 72 percent of respondents agree with [New Jersey governor] Christie — that the description of him as a 'fighter' is more apt than 'bully.'"


Is Man Too Fat For New Jersey Voters?

"Democrat Cory Booker, 44, is starting to resemble rotund Republican Gov. Chris Christie as he packs on the pounds while campaigning for the Senate seat vacated by the late Frank Lautenberg. The formerly fit Newark mayor, who is leading his opponent in the race by 28 percentage points, has been chowing down on far too many funnel cakes at the Jersey Shore, where he waddled down the boardwalk last week with his shirt untucked and clinging to his chest. 'I’m eating my way through New Jersey,' Booker laughed when asked by The Post yesterday about his weight gain at a street fair in East Rutherford." —Read on for the [...]


Staying Up Late And Eating Probably Isn't Making You Any Thinner, At Least

"Staying up late and getting less sleep may be one of the reasons why 69 percent of Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are overweight or obese. A new study suggests that healthy adults with late bedtimes and chronic sleep restriction may be more susceptible to weight gain due to the increased consumption of calories during late-night hours."


Keep Your Child Fashionably Thin By Putting Meals On Teeny Tiny Plates

Researchers have come up with a hilarious new way to keep Junior from getting larger: Just put your child's meals on very little plates, so the child cannot figure out she is getting a few spoonfuls of blanched kale for dinner, again.

The medical journal Pediatrics just released an exciting new study that proves kids can't tell the difference between plate sizes. Give them gigantic plates, like prop plates from movies about giants, and the youngster will eat enough for a week without noticing. Giving children small plates, like those used in popular Brooklyn restaurants, is an easy way to fake out the minds of our littlest ones.

"Researchers [...]


Mississippi Ass Expansion Law Advances

"In the most obese state in the most obese country on the face of the earth in the history of the human race…" would be a good opening for a children's book. As a real-life story, however, it is a little less whimsical.


Bears: Is There Anything They Can't Do?

Should we look to bears for the answer to our growing obesity crisis? Normally I would say yes, but given what I know about how we work the odds are we will be looking to the bears on our giant flatscreen TVs nestled in the comfy repose of our couches as we graze on the Dominos Artisan™ Chicken & Bacon Carbonara Pizza we have had delivered to our door, so it probably won't make much of a difference.


People Pretend To Debate Whether Or Not Chris Christie Can Be Considered A "Victim"

If you are anything like me you are enjoying the current Chris Christie imbroglio way too much, so you should probably read this so your joy can at least be better-informed than what you get from the front of the tabloids.


Skip Breakfast Or Not, Your Ass Expands Either Way

"[N]ew research shows that despite the conventional weight-loss wisdom, the idea that eating breakfast helps you lose weight stems largely from misconstrued studies." Look, here's the deal: You're not going to lose weight. You're not a kid any more, and your body can barely get by doing what it's supposed to do now, particularly given the crap you put into it, let alone metabolize things the way it did when you were in your teens. You are just going to get fatter. Maybe if you go to the gym and eat right and [...]


Food Fiends Seek Their Fix: Food

"How cravings for food can be as bad as drugs: Food addicts get high after their 'hit' and feel judged like junkies"


What Thin People Think About The Causes Of Obesity

"Thin People Believe Obesity is Caused by Diet, Lack of Exercise"


Does Your Breath Reek Of Gross Fat-Person Obesityness?

"Obesity has its obvious manifestations; it's a disease that is difficult to conceal. And now, doctors say they can even smell it on your breath."


No Point In Having Sex

"In fact, having sex burns calories at about the same rate as walking at a pace of 2.5 mph. 'Given that the average bout of sexual activity lasts about 6 minutes,' the authors write, a man in his early to mid-30s might burn 21 calories. But wait, it gets worse: Considering that this man could burn 7 calories just watching TV, the true benefit of having sex is only 14 additional calories burned." —Many common beliefs about dieting and exercise, such as the one about how sexual intercourse burns 300 calories, are not at all true. So go ahead and take the night off.


Is Sitting Around Giving Everyone Diabetes?

"The increasing number of people in developing nations who own televisions, computers and cars might explain rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes in those countries, a new study suggests."


Is This Why Chris Christie's Face Was All Over The Place?

It is hard to believe that a guy who made his name bellowing at teachers and other low-level municipal employees and who cannot give a speech on any topic without relating it to his own experience, background or emotional state might not be a selfless paragon of virtue whose goal is to improve the lives of all of those he supposedly serves, but it's a crazy world where nothing makes sense, I guess.


Sorry If I Gave You Fat

Unfortunately, you can't catch skinny.


Is It Better To Be Fat Or Cool?

"If Weight Gain Follows Smoking Cessation, Is it Worth it?" —This is one of those "you will have to decide on your own" things, I guess.


Over 260 Pounds? Start Walking

"Can obese cyclists sign up for the city’s new bike-share program? Fat chance! It is 'prohibited' for any rider who weighs more than 260 pounds to sign up for the soon-to-launch initiative — prompting backlash from riders who say the fat-shaming rule is enough to make them fly off the handle. Everyone who signs up for the program has to agree to a contract, which states users 'must not exceed maximum weight limit (260 pounds)' because the bikes can’t hold that much heft."


Sex And Lies! The Iffy Science Of Measuring Calories

As you may have heard, sex doesn't burn nearly as many calories as you might have been led to believe. But this is far from the only finding in obesity research that wilts under intense scrutiny, as the rest of this paper in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed. Each piece of received wisdom about weight-loss and dieting the study took on (eat fruits and vegetables! eat breakfast! etc.)—was found wanting. Conclusions: "False and scientifically unsupported beliefs about obesity are pervasive in both scientific literature and the popular press." What we think of as hard science can, it turns out, be pretty soft.

One example as [...]