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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

US unemployment rate

— cigolo (@cigolo) May 2, 2014

Unemploy rates by education: No high school degree (8.9%), HS degree (6.3%), 2 yr deg or some college (5.7%), college+ (3.3%)

— Zachary Goldfarb (@Goldfarb) May 2, 2014

Labor force participation collapsed back to 62.8%…where it was in the late '70s.

— Matt Phillips (@MatthewPhillips) May 2, 2014

@MatthewPhillips Get ready for further collapse:

— kevin kane (@kevinjosephkane) May 2, 2014

Almost there! After April, we're just 120K jobs away from recovering all the jobs lost in the Great Recession!

— Matt Phillips (@MatthewPhillips) [...]


What Happened To The Jobs?

Why is the unemployment rate staying relatively level (actually, a little bit "down") at 6.7%? That's because there is a shrinking pool of people who consider themselves workers. Almost 100 million Americans aren't in the workforce.

People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To 1978 Levels

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) January 10, 2014

And who's in the labor force but not working? Well, one way to slice that is by education level. (You can also slice it by race, which provides equally disturbing numbers.)

Unemployment by education: No HS diploma (9.8%), high school graduates (7.1%), some college (6.1%), college or more [...]


NFL Attendance, Explained

Left: Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, age 17. Right: Irish Sweeper in Fall River Iron Works, age 17, circa 1900.

Dallas Cowboys Arlington, TX Attendance: 87047 Emigrants from Ireland in one year after the most recent recession

Washington Redskins Landover, MD Attendance: 83172 Number of people employed by the coal mining industry in the United States

New York Giants East Rutherford, NJ Attendance: 79019 Number of Americans the government was unable to recover and identify immediately after WWII

New York Jets East Rutherford, NJ Attendance: 78596 Number of people who applied for a one-way trip to Mars [...]


States and Towns Destroyed Half a Million Jobs in Three Years

"Since employment peaked in September 2008, local government has lost 550,000 jobs."

—Hooray, America got its smaller government! Of those jobs, 345,000 disappeared in a year. But let's not even get into these August employment numbers, just released. Why bother? It's a long-term trend, the not-working, and that's the way they ("they"!) want it.

It should perhaps however be noted that the August report does some serious correction on the June and July reports: "The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for June was revised from +46,000 to +20,000, and the change for July was revised from +117,000 to +85,000." So yeah, strike those 58,000 jobs [...]


Horrible 'Times' Spam Farm Gets What It Deserves, the content farm owned by the Times and one of the worst things on the Internet, looks like it's finally in trouble, due in large part to Google taking action against the Garbagenet. (These outfits depend on search results.) And also: advertisers realizing there are better ways to spend money than advertising against an empty void. In the second quarter of this year, shed staff and now their real operating costs are $13.1 million; their operating profit is down 24% from last year, to $11.6 million. (That's less than $4 million a month.) To be fair, this is still a "real business": The About Group had [...]


Far Fewer Workers Means a Much Better Unemployment Rate

The "real" unemployment number fell from 16.7% to 16.1% in January. The "actual" unemployment number went down to just 9%—even though there weren't a lot of jobs created in the month. The current number of unemployed people is now 13.9 million people. (Just FYI, Canada created 69,000 jobs in January!) People are still making sense of these job numbers. One thing that helps make sense of them is that the actual number of people in the labor force is now smaller, by half a million people. So yes! Unemployment is down! Fewer people consider themselves workers.


Educated, Over 45 and Job-Seeking? Lotsa Luck

One person who went through some recent jobs data says that: "the average length of unemployment is always higher for the older cohort (45+) regardless of the level of education; generally the more education an individual has, the higher the average length of unemployment." But, but, but what about all those factories who were telling the Times they just can't find anyone to hire?


The Capacity Of Baseball Stadiums In Real Numbers

Left: Dodger Stadium. Right: Michael Jordan's house.

Dodger Stadium 56000 Los Angeles Dodgers Square footage of Michael Jordan's house

Coors Field 50480 Colorado Rockies Prison inmates in the state of Ohio

Yankee Stadium 50291 New York Yankees Population of Welland, Ontario, according to this sign


You're Popular

The median Twitter account has exactly one follower.

— Jon Bruner (@JonBruner) December 18, 2013

"In comparative terms, almost nobody on Twitter is somebody: the median Twitter account has a single follower. Among the much smaller subset of accounts that have posted in the last 30 days, the median account has just 61 followers. If you’ve got a thousand followers, you’re at the 96th percentile of active Twitter users."

Look at you! You're so pretty and everyone likes you!


The NYT Company's Digital Advertising Income Actually Declined in 2012

"For the full year of 2012, digital advertising revenues increased 0.2 percent to $214.8 million from $214.5 million in 2011. Excluding the additional week [in 2012], estimated digital advertising revenues decreased 1.7 percent in the fourth quarter and 1.9 percent for the full year of 2012." —The New York Times Company released its 2012 results this morning, if you like that kind of thing. Lots of fun stuff, like the $4.5 million cost for a "retirement and consulting agreement" for departed CEO Janet Robinson. How do you like your buyouts now, staffers?


England Now Has More Prisoners Per Capita Than Australia

"The prison population of England and Wales has hit a new record high of 86,608 people," thanks to several hundred young rioters being held in the system. Yup: 86,000 people are in prison out of a population of 53,390,300. Yeah… so that's .0016% of England and Wales. (The U.S. has about 2,300,000 people in prison, out of 307,006,550 people—almost five times as many, by population.)

Guess what? This means England has surpassed its tragic colony, old Prisoncrime Island, in rates of imprisonment—with all of 22 million people, Australia has only like 30,000 people in prison. (Though they're trying desperately to up their rates!)


The American Non-Recovery: Jobless Nation Still Lacks Jobs

The June unemployment numbers came out this morning and everyone is like, woof, this is horrible. The Department of Labor can't even make it look all that good in the press release: "The number of persons unemployed for less than 5 weeks increased by 412,000 in June. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) was essentially unchanged over the month, at 6.3 million, and accounted for 44.4 percent of the unemployed." Right. The "underemployment" rate is now 16.2 percent, essentially as high as it was a year ago. 14.1 million are officially unemployed, a rate of 9.2%. And the average unemployment period is [...]


"It's Not About Scale": Defending the iPad's Magazine Sales Numbers

As things are currently set up, people with iPads who want to buy a magazine on their shiny device have to go searching for it. There's no magazine rack, or what have you. Still, I'm not sure you can put that sunny a face on the figures for sales of magazines on the iPad, as reported by Ad Age. Wired at least started extremely strong, at 100,000. Now they do about 30,000 an issue. Still pretty good! People is doing 10,000 an issue (and that includes free digital issues to print subscribers). Vanity Fair does about 9000 an issue. Other magazines are doing even fewer sales; many are [...]


'New Yorker' Fiction By The Numbers

And also in further data-crunching, this analysis of the New Yorker's fiction section. "Just 10 writers account for 82 (or 23%) of the 358 stories to appear over the last seven years. Just 18 writers account for 124 (or 35%) of the stories." That is almost okay, since there were 12 Alice Munro stories published in the last six years. (Which serves to assist in getting their lady-boy ratio up to 36.6%.)


Pinot Noir Twirler Won't Walk Away For Less Than One Billion

"A few weeks ago, over dinner with half a dozen entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, the question came up again. The table, which included a few people already worth more than $100 million, went quiet. One man in his late 30s twirled the stem of his wine glass as he thought. Then he tipped back his head, downed his pinot noir and said, 'one billion,' his glass landing back on the table with a thud. 'That’s it. That’s my number. One billion dollars.' The others nodded." —How much money would you take to [...]


How Much Money Does 'New York' Magazine Make?

If I worked at New York magazine, I'd spend the day cross-referencing people hair-rending on Twitter about the magazine going biweekly with the subscriber list. Just saying.

Looking at the MPA data for New York magazine gives one small side of the story. Sampling Q1 and Q3 data since 2006, actual reported print revenue doesn't change that radically, at least since the Great Downturn or whatever we're calling it.

But total ad pages per quarter does change.

What's interesting is that the magazine, like, you know, lots of magazines, makes lots of money. According to the Times, going biweekly "will yield about $3.5 million in savings." [...]


"Polls" Describe Candidates as "Deadlocked"

It's the post-primary, pre-convention part of the election cycle, where a poll "can find" that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are in a DEAD HEAT for the presidency of the United States! Flap your hands in a panic, Mittens could be the president! Everyone panic! Just kidding, Romney will lose quite handily, let's just flash-forward 119 days.


Top Three Fun Facts About America Tossing People Overboard from '07 to '09

The IRS did an analysis of the 2009 tax year, and some interesting and not surprising things happened!

• More than 3% of households that had job income in 2007 had none in 2009.

• America's average household income fell 13.7% from 2007 to 2009.

• Two million fewer people filed tax returns from 2007 to 2009.

Goodbye! America doesn't need you.


The Jobs Never Came Back

Hey, remember the recovery from the recession? When businesses were going to make money and then the jobs would come back? Paul Krugman looks at the non-recovery of employment today. Above is the graph since 1948. There were 422,000 new claims for unemployment benefits last week.


Magazines: Are There More or Fewer Now?

"Magazine Shutdowns Slow Drastically" go the headlines today-or also "Magazines Are Starting To Come Back To Life." That's from a new survey that says only 87 magazines shut down in the first half of 2010, while there were a whopping 279 magazine shutdowns in the first half of 2009. (No reporter revealed this survey's sample size.) For some more history: 525 magazines closed down in all of 2008; 591 in 2007. Now, the Magazine Publishers of America, in their own just-released comparison of the first half of 2010 to 2009, only tracks 226 magazines-the big ones. And one of them is Cookie and one is [...]