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Nostalgia Creeps Closer Each Year

"Setting up a new iOS device earlier this week, I skimmed through the list of apps I’ve installed over the years and I got nostalgic about the early days of the smartphone revolution."


Why BuzzFeed Gets You Hot

"New research has found that feeling nostalgic can make us feel physically warmer."


Look Back in Eyeliner: Three Girls at a Duran Duran Sleepover in 1984

Today is Nick Rhodes' 50th birthday. He's the youngest member of Duran Duran, so they, the pretty mascara-ed wild-boy new romantics, are all safely embarked on their 50s now. They remain pretty (and I'm not just being polite, they do), and Nick hasn't stopped wearing mascara and I hope he's pleased every day with all the new de-clumping formulas available, but still, it gives you vertigo. Do the jumpsuits still fit? Does John Taylor ever avoid invitations to go out so he can stay home and watch Veronica Mars? Does Simon LeBon say to friends at dinner, "Lately if I drink more than two glasses of red wine, I [...]


This Is Indeed Summertime

Man, can you believe it's been 20 years since Will Smith wondered how the smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia? Me neither. And how about those crazy clothes people are wearing in that video?! They're actually pretty close to coming back in and not looking so strange anymore. This song won the Grammy award for "best rap single" in 1991. And despite everything that has happened since, it does actually still sound pretty great.


A Brief Christmas Memory

As mentioned previously, the Christmases of my youth were spent sleeping over at my grandparents' house. This memory comes from what Wikiepedia assures me was 1987—which simultaneously seems like moments ago and an eternity back. I had just turned 15, and was suffering from that terrible curse of teenagerdom where you are worried that it is kind of lame to be spending time with the people who love you best and wishing you were somewhere else. One of the tragedies of our lives is how much we miss out on because we think there's something more interesting happening wherever were aren't; it is a lesson always learned too [...]


My Former Best Friend's Wedding

I came late to Facebook, after going through all the predictable phases: the disdain, the excuses, the stalking via “borrowed” log-in, the particular form of procrastination known as “what-would-I-put-in-my-hypothetical-profile?,” followed eventually by an ambivalent, job-search related realization that I had to bite the bullet. But before I did—before I opened the floodgates of reconnection—I knew I had to pick up the phone and call my childhood best friend. We hadn’t talked in years, but I couldn’t stand the thought of putting our past on the same level as everyone else’s, basically ensuring that our long history would be reduced to smiley, yearbook-style platitudes.


The Golden Age Of Hipper-Than-Thou CD Fetishization Begins Now

Yeah, no, I bet whatever album you're trying to tell me about is great. It's not even out yet? Ooh, a leak! So you've got, what, a 160 kbps transcode ripped from NPR's live stream or something? Then we're definitely not listening to that. Also, my iPod speakers stopped working.

Nah. Doesn't bother me. Honestly? Best thing that could've happened. See, I've still got my old stereo, and I've been hoarding all the CDs I bought or burned between the ages of 13 and 24. Sure, they take up a lot of space. Was a pain to move them out of the old apartment, too, but it's worth it. [...]


What Are You Nostalgic For This Valentine's Day?

• "Don’t you miss the time of love letters, mostly at school? The face of love was so tangible and inseparable from pen and paper. The poor chap whose heart was bleeding in love, often took his time and chose his words carefully on what was always attractive on paper." • "People want to go back to the day where you're sitting at a coffee shop, make eye contact and there is this mysterious moment where you don't know each other." • "I miss the days before everyone was offering their [...]


Halloween Is Christmas For Garish, Garbagey Gruel Gourmets

"General Mills says it introduced Count Chocula and the fuchsia-colored Franken Berry in 1971, followed by Boo Berry in 1972. The three cereals feature fingernail-size corn ghouls and multicolored "spooky-fun" marshmallow bats. Count Chocula is 'chocolatey,' by its box's description, while Franken Berry boasts an artificial strawberry flavor. Boo Berry touts 'berry flavor.' Processed-food lovers who appreciate artificial colors and flavors and lots of sugar couldn't be happier."


The Oddball 80s Magic Of "Battle Of The Video Games"

Back in the early 80s, the boom in arcades and entertainment made icons of the likes of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Q*Bert. The popularity and novelty of video games was great enough to produce a fair amount of peculiar cultural runoff. If you grew up then, you may or may not remember watching cartoon series based on the likes of Kangaroo and Space Ace, or raunchy arcade-set comedies like Hollywood Zap and Joysticks ("More Fun Than Games!"). Some dubious efforts to translate the excitement of playing video games into different mediums also happened, as seen with the ill-conceived board game above.

There was even a game show [...]


Each Reader is an Author, A Maker of Meaning

The pace of change in our world is pretty rough on the nostalgicists among us. On the other hand, you might also say that the nostalgicists are living in boom times, because there is more and more to regret the passing of. This paradox came to mind as I read Sven Birkerts's essay today in the Los Angeles Review of Books. He wrote it in response to "Wikipedia and the Death of the Expert," which I published here in mid-May.

It's really an honor to be read so closely by so distinguished a critic, I must say. Gives one a rather Eliza Doolittle-like feeling, like being invited [...]


Pluto Possibly More Delicious And Refreshing Than Previously Thought

"Freezing, distant Pluto seems an odd place to look for oceanfront real estate, but if a new computer model is correct, the dwarf planet harbors a sizeable pool of liquids beneath its thick icy shell. Scientists suspect Pluto holds a rocky core spiked with radioactive materials that are slowly breaking down, releasing enough heat in the process to melt ice and keep it liquid. The temperature on Pluto's surface is about -375 degrees Fahrenheit." —Whoa! Sorry, Pluto. We never would have demoted you to non-official planet status if we knew you were loaded with radioactive-potassium flavor boosters.


A Milestone That Forever Changed The Landscape Of Rite-Aid's Musical Offerings

Clear your calendars now: Next year, we can all gather at a monument in South Carolina ("about 20 feet long, 10 feet wide and at least 12 feet tall") to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hootie & The Blowfish.


A Look Back At The Bloody History Of Slayer T-Shirts

How many of these T-shirts merchandised by the legendary metal band Slayer make cameo appearances in your high school yearbooks? (I count four. At least!) [Via]


'Not Fade Away': 5 Years After 'Sopranos,' Does David Chase Still Hate People?

Amy Monaghan: Talk to me about how, as a "Sopranos" fan, you felt about the news of a David Chase movie at long last, the coming-of-age-in-Jersey film Not Fade Away, which we are here to dismantle today.

Sean Burns: Mostly I wondered what took him five years. I knew Chase had taken off to France for a while, presumably hiding from the folks with torches and pitchforks after that "Sopranos" finale. But he has such a distinctive cinematic sensibility, I thought he'd be making movies a lot sooner.

Amy: His distinctive cinematic sensibility? Remember, I'm the only person on the planet to never watch "The Sopranos." No, wait, I [...]


In Search Of The Last Cavity Creep

"With regard to precipitous heights, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up." —The Art of War, Sun Tzu (1772)

One morning in 1978 three men, painted entirely in black and crouched atop a crudely fashioned raft, floated down the pale-blue river that spills down from the Fluoristan mountain range. The current carried the men swiftly, bringing them ever closer to the gleaming white walls of the floating city. Once there the men set to work with sledgehammers and pickaxes. Discovering them, a sentry called out to the city's protectors, who, with the aid [...]


Nostalgia Is Not New

"Are 18- to 34-year-olds too young to be nostalgic? Evidently not. Starting next Monday, TeenNick, part of the Nickelodeon family of cable channels for children, will start rebroadcasting old series from the 1990s that are considered classics by young adults. That’s right: classics from the 1990s."

I am surprised that the New York Times finds this surprising. My sophomore year of college, 1991, this guy I knew threw an '80s Party. Where people dressed up in '80s fashions and danced to '80s music. The early '80s held sway, apparently: pastel leg-warmers and off-the-shoulder Flashdance sweatshirts, Flock of Seagulls and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I didn't go to [...]


41 Movie Remakes That Would Destroy What Remains Of My Youth, In Order Of Heartbreak

41. North Shore (1987) 40. Children of the Corn (1984) 39. Broadcast News (1987) 38. Once Bitten (1985) 37. The Dark Crystal (1982) 36. The Gods Must Be Crazy (1981) 35. Night Shift (1982) 34. One Crazy Summer (1986) 33. Youngblood (1986) 32. Near Dark (1987)* 31. Some Kind of Wonderful (1987) 30. Spies Like Us (1985) 29. Pretty in Pink (1986)


Have You Seen The Video Of All The Old TV Stars Lip-Syncing "Let It Be?"

You have? Then how about this one, made by the same Norwegian pop-culture nostalgia show, Gylne Tider ("Golden Times") a couple years ago, focussing more on one-hit-wonderish musical stars, and using "We Are The World?"


Recalling The Days Of The New-Music Steeplechase

"I was thinking about how before the internet, or more specifically when I was really young, if you heard a song that you really liked on the radio or MTV, owning that song involved a really complicated series of hurdles like 1) hoping your mom would bring you to Caldor or Zayre's, and 2) hoping you somehow had $10, and 3) hoping against all odds that the record department wouldn't suck and they'd actually have the one LP you wanted in stock, for once, just for god damned once."