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Enterprise-Grade Media Encoding Using the Yo Smartphone App: A White Paper

A Guide To Converting Empty Transients Into Stateful Bits TABLE OF CONTENTS
  1. Abstract
  2. Precedents and Prior Art 2.1) Pulse Code Modulation 2.2) The Nyquist Theorem 2.3) Sony® Direct Stream Digital™
  3. Format Design
  4. Obstacles
  5. 4.1) Available Word Clocks 4.2) Access To Device Notifications 4.3) Service Rate Limits
  6. Credits

Yo is a single-purpose mobile app which has become very popular despite its limited ability to send only empty notifications which do not include any content (see Figure 1). Much of its use has taken the form of a new lightweight social network of sorts in [...]


The Boeing 787 At Last Debuts

"The windows are absolutely amazing. You're not confined. You've got the outside inside." —*THROWS UP* No thanks! But hey, it's the first flight of the Boeing 787, for which Boeing made the windows 30% bigger. :( Also the bathroom has a window and a bidet. I think having a TV on the back of every seat in economy is really gross and weird! (Doesn't everyone have her own device anyway?) Anyway, here's the hour-long documentary on the mechanics, if you're an obsessed weirdo. (1.2 tons of air per second at full thrust!)


The Seven Most Exciting Books of the Rest of 2011

Here's an extensive preview of the rest of the year in books! Here's what we're most excited about:

• The Jeffrey Eugenides book, The Marriage Plot, is, according to people who have read it, ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE. Out in October.

• Donald Ray Pollock's first novel is out next week, yay. He is a very nice dude from Ohio who worked in a paper mill and published his first book of stories in 2009, after he went to the Ohio State writing program at the age of 50.

• The Lev Grossman sequel to The Magicians is out next month, as is Awl pal Tom Scocca's Beijing Welcomes You. [...]


A Non-Porn Website for Men

"Working at Goldman Sachs isn't inherently unethical; but-" -And that's when I clicked CLOSE TAB on the first article I randomly selected to read in the new non-profit magazine Good Men Project. However! Other parts of it look somewhat promising, so check it out if you are interested in man issues.


Introducing… Shirterate

People often ask us what's next for our company. We've spent a lot of time surveying the Internet landscape, and, while the land rush into the content arena has been gratifying to watch for those of us who've worked in the "space" since long before there was a venture capital invasion, we really feel that the future of the Internet is in serving individuals. One by one. Artisanally. Particularly high net worth individuals. So we'd like to invite you to visit our new project, Shirterate.


Is Sinead O'Connor Going to Be a Popular Musician Again?

That's the first release of the album version of "Take Off Your Shoes." And here's a recent demo version of "Reason With Me." Interesting things are (at last) happening! (The full album is now allegedly being released in 2012.) (Also if you're not reading her website you're missing out on all sorts of acting out and lewd talk, plus her two good-looking man-nannies.)


It's… Matchmakering!

Now the Internet has everything: please welcome Matchmakering! It's the website that lets you pair off your Facebook friends! It's like, hmm, Chatroulette meets eHarmony meets total laziness.


Nine Photos Of The High Line

The High Line park, ten years in the making, officially opened yesterday. What's striking on the High Line, apart from its delightfully uneven poured walkways (the arguments and code-wrangling there must have been!) and benches on wheels, is what you can see not on but from the narrow strip of railway. It presents an idealized, bizarre version of New York City, a west side skyline you haven't seen before. Disorienting! Where are we?


Foursquare, Again

I don't ever, ever want to have random people "sharing tips" with me or giving me advice about where to go (either inadvertently or directly), because most people have terrible taste, but that being said, Foursquare 5.0 is absolutely beautiful, feeling somehow even more pared down while it's got lots of new stuff. It even handles the thorny issue of recommendations quite well, mixing local, trending and personalized.


Indicators That the Book Party Scene on HBO’s Forthcoming Lena Dunham Show "Girls" is an Unconvincing Approximation of the Real Thing, as Conveyed to Me by a Former Book Editor Working On-Set as an Extra (“Publishing Executive”)

11. The pervasiveness of eye shadow.

10. A The Situation/Vanilla Ice look-alike in shiny jacket, aviator sunglasses and jauntily tilted hat.

9. General lack of pastiness.

8. None of the following were present: Colson Whitehead, Sloane Crosley, Sylvia Miles.

7. And yet: a racially proportioned crowd.


New Internet Now Allows People to Interact on Video

This thing just happened. It's called VYou. Basically it's non-live Chatroulette without any dudes masturbating. (Yet.) We are testing it out ourselves to see if it has any practical uses whatsoever. Really though, all I can think when I look at it is: oh gosh, wait till the gays get their hands on this.