Video Premiere: Eleanor Friedberger's "Heaven"

Eleanor Friedberger’s delicious album “Last Summer” now has a video for the song “Heaven,” directed by Scott Jacobson. Hooray! Please to enjoy. (It’s very gorgeous: put on your headphones and go full-screen with me!)

In other Eleanor news: she is guest-starring on the Portlandia Live tour, beginning February 19th in Philly. But before that, she’s doing her very own West Coast tour, starting February 2nd, wending her way north from San Diego to Seattle. (More info here, and yes, that includes SF and Portland.)

Hey, while we are here: would you like to download her live EP, for free, simply in exchange for going on her mailing list? I certainly would and indeed just have done so. Merge Records would love to make that happen for you, right here.