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2014: The Year Of The Unicorns?

Eeeeeee the great Montreal band The Unicorns, which recorded one perfect, perfectly weird album (2003's Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?), are mulling a reunion.

Penner told the Kreative Kontrol podcast that the band recently acquired back the master rights to their 2003 full-length Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? and might reissue it. Penner said the band discussed the idea of remastering the album and "including some other recordings that never made it out."

But, Penner added, "the important thing right now is that we might play some shows and maybe even record some new material while we’re at it. These are all maybes, [...]


"Yeezus" vs. "Born Sinner": Can J. Cole Compete?

Kanye West and J. Cole have a new found similarity: June 18th. After confirming Mr. West will release his sixth studio album "Yeezus" on June 18th, Cole decided to push up the release of "Born Sinner," his sophomore album. And the young artist may be building a bit of competition for Mr. West. Yesterday Cole released the third single from his album, "N***az Know," and the lyrical demeanor of the single is flawless.

Cole is right. Mr. West is one of the greatest. The man cannot be ignored. He has 21 Grammys and five platinum albums and Cole is displaying immense confidence to even go up against that. [...]


Four Benefits for Japan: A Conversation with John Zorn

Here is a much more effective and fun way to donate to the Japan earthquake relief cause than sending a bunch of text messages: a series of upcoming benefits organized by John Zorn. The first has sold out, it looks like (on Sunday March 27 at Columbia's Miller Theater), where Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Cibo Matto, Marc Ribot and a bunch more are performing. At that benefit and at least three more to follow, 100% of the money will be going to the Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund. For-real charity + free radical music = good deal all around, right? Last night, The Awl emailed back and forth [...]


Oh My God, I Heard the New Britney Song on the Radio

Oh my God, I heard the new Britney song on the radio. For those of you who do not have radios or did not know there was a new song by Britney Spears that "leaked" yesterday on the Internet (AKA how we release music now), you are living in a world where you have not come face-to-face with the monstrousness of contemporary emptiness. I say this as a person who owns Britney Spears albums! As a person who is resolutely unafraid of "oh baby, look at my butt in da club" music! But if you have previously experienced the work of Ke$ha, you may have guessed what was [...]


Four Great North Carolina Musical Artists

Far from the big labels and high-priced venues of New York and L.A., bands and solo artists are forming their own business and audience opportunities. It's not really unlike the old days—but now you don't need the critical mass of an Athens or a Seattle scene. In addition to club shows and local tours, there's a chance to grow up or even break out on the Internet. Here's a guide to four strong and hungry acts working and playing in North Carolina.


"Swing the gas mask like an elephant trunk/then dunk/ the whole beat/ in a O-Z /of somethin’ skunk/Then I said what's up/They say my ish was [...]


Beach House, "Myth"

I have slowly been falling for Beach House this winter, moving from that stage of "huh what is this, let's fastforward on my iTunes" to "oh hmm?" to "singing along," and so am gratified to hear a new song today from their forthcoming fourth record.


Hercules & Love Affair's Hour-Long Gay Dance Party Download

And you can download the mix here. The new album is out today in the UK; the whole thing can be heard here.


Difficult Listening Hour: Beck's Harry Partch Tribute

Of course NME and Pitchfork are trying to make it all about a beef with Radiohead (who, by the by, do tend to get overpraised even though, no, they don't blow) but the point is: Beck has a new song up for streaming on his website. Be patient if it takes some time to load (as it did for me). The new track isn't actually "10 and a half minutes of insanity," though "Harry Partch" is indeed a very engaging and lovely tribute to the American oddball composer of the same name.


Woman Best

Isn't it great that there's a musician that almost literally everyone can agree on? From the punks to the hippies to the yuppies to the militants, from the people that buy one album a year at Starbucks to the people who buy zero albums a year through FilesTube, errybody reasonably loves Ms. Neko Case.


Three New Morrissey Tracks

Morrissey's last album, 2009's "Years of Refusal," was so much better than it had to be—with at least three tracks that were actually terrific, A+ Morrissey material, and at least three more that were solidly really good. So the advance from his new album (which does not yet have a label??) is disappointing—he played three songs live on BBC Radio 2 last night and they were not so enjoyable! (Despite each of them having pretty terrific Morrissey titles.) Above is "The Kid's a Looker," the one I like best. Perhaps these songs will be formulated, in their final versions, into wonderfulness?


All of Destroyer's "Kaputt" Streaming

Surely we will be discussing this at great length come its release later this month, but for now, all of Destroyer's new album Kaputt is streaming online. You can put it in your ears via your computer while you "work" today.