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Citi Bike Victims

"Another pal of Bloomberg's griped in a May 1 email about a Citi Bike station placed directly outside his daughter’s tony Greenwich Village co-op. The dad, whose name was redacted in the email, told the mayor that his daughter was aghast at the 39-bike station situated directly outside her apartment at 175 13th St… 'She’s not going to be happy as she loved her apt and street and might choose to sell it now at a much lower value,' the dad wrote. The email also included his daughter’s written grievances, which noted the station limited the movement of traffic and [...]


Local Press Gets In One Last "Where's The Mayor?" Story

"Rather than acknowledging that he sometimes leaves town, the mayor insists that his private time is his private time and the public doesn't have the right to know where he is when he's off the clock. But the challenge of being mayor of New York City is that you're never really off the clock; it's the most public job north of the White House. And it's simply jarring and a little weird not to see the mayor on TV when disaster strikes and then there's no explanation forthcoming about his absence. The mayor insists that he's not a first responder, that his job isn't to fix the railroad or [...]


"The Bloomberg Twinkle Turns To Ice"

Ian Frazier's fascinating piece about the out-of-control homeless epidemic in New York City—spoiler: things got particularly bad when Bloomberg replaced Section 8 housing subsidies with a new program called Advantage in 2007, which was then defunded in 2011—has a terrific explanation of Bloomberg, our Mayor Smaug, in action: Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs, the Bloomberg administration official most significantly involved in its policies for the homeless, is a trim, gray-haired woman in her mid-fifties whose father was the mayor of Menands, a village north of Albany…. Her blue eyes often have an expression that can only be described as a twinkle. I’ve seen this look in other Bloomberg staffers’ [...]


22 Things I Still Remember About The Bloomberg Era

"Many of the jobs that disappeared in the recent recession have indeed vanished forever," wrote Virginia Postrel in the New York Times. That was February 22, 2004, the same day that "Sex and the City" ended.

Two days earlier, Martha Stewart's best pal, Mariana Pasternak, sold her out in court. Stewart was sentenced to a little prison time. And then, six long years later, Pasternak wrote a tell-all about their two decades of friendship. There was a glut of delighted press upon publication and then we haven't heard from her since.

It was just like that with the Goldman Sachs guy's memoir! I wonder [...]


Meet The Brave Entrepreneurs Who Will Save Us From Mayor Mike's Polystyrene Ban

Captains of industry, restaurateurs, and members of the New York City Council gathered on the steps of City Hall yesterday in protest. Councilmember Lewis Fidler has a bill, introduced yesterday and supported by Mayor Bloomberg, that would ban the use of polystyrene foam food service products—takeout containers, cups and plates, mostly.

This brave team of polystyrene advocates has strong support. Put A Lid On It NYC, who are sharing facts about the environmental benefits of polystyrene, is funded by the American Chemistry Council, whose mission is "to deliver business value through exceptional advocacy." There, you can learn that the proposed ban would cost the city $100 million a [...]


Mike Bloomberg and "the chilling prospect of public disclosure"

Why did the Bloomberg administration expend hours and hours of City time keeping the Cathie Black emails private? There weren't that many of them. They weren't that interesting, overall. Their defense showed that the Mayor's office—or "Mb" himself, as Bloomberg's permanent #2, Patricia Harris, refers to him in emails—believes this: "the principles permitting government employees to exchange opinions, advice and criticism freely and frankly, without the chilling prospect of public disclosure, should extend to individuals who have been elected or selected to public office but have not yet assumed office." That's right. Because the machinations of installing an entirely unqualified local famous person to run (ruin?) New York City's [...]


The NYC Public High School with Nine Black Students

How much can one man get done in twelve years? Well, quite a bit. "At this rate of decline"—in the admission of black and Latino students to the eight academic specialized schools in New York City—"six years from now there will be no black and Hispanic students admitted at all." Okay, while that, thanks to math, is actually unlikely to occur, still that is absolutely the trending on admissions to gifted and talented schools in the city. We're actually pretty close! For example, that's nine black students admitted to Stuyvesant in 2013. How's everyone else doing? "Hispanic students are 40.3 percent of the system. Currently, they [...]


Who's Living In Your House?

Bill de Blasio, who is very tall, opened his new home at 88th Street and East End Avenue to the public this Sunday, shaking hands and taking pictures with the citizens of the city of which he is the newly-inaugurated mayor.

Four thousand tickets were released for the open house; scalpers immediately took to Craigslist to hawk their holdings. Despite the cold, rain, and ice, New Yorkers were lined up to see their new mayor as early as ten a.m. (The doors wouldn't open until noon.) Volunteers passed out handwarmers called "Little Hotties."

Susan Krakenberg, formerly of Brooklyn Heights and currently of Midtown East, is happy to have de [...]


Classic Bloomberg Move: The Mid-Sentence Walk-Off

For those who like to collect stories of Mayor Mike being a dick, here's a pretty good one from Chirlane McCray: She remembers going to a reception [at Gracie Mansion] in 2006 for council members and spouses. Chiara de Blasio—now 18 and a sophomore at a college in Northern California—had just begun middle school, and Bloomberg’s Department of Education had instituted a ban on student cell phones. McCray approached the mayor. “I said, ‘Mayor Bloomberg, you are my hero! Because you instituted the smoking ban, which is so important and has done so much for people who have respiratory problems in this city and for our children. I want [...]


Bloomberg Cronies Desperately Trolling To Recast The Bloomberg Era As "Progressive"

Oh, the Bloomberg army is on the defensive now, after the election, and after everyone declaring themselves fed up with Bloombergianism—and also with Bloomberg running around just being a straight up dick to everyone. So Kevin Sheekey is "putting some things out there" now. Kevin Sheekey, you may not know, is a Bloomberg lifer who was a Washington lobbyist for Bloomberg LP, worked on the election, oversaw the Republican convention here (that went fairly poorly—for residents, not for Republicans), did some time as a deputy mayor and then eventually went back to Bloomberg LP. Of course. Here's what he's on about—and it's incredibly frustrating, because when you start distorting [...]


Mayor Mike's Legacy: What *Really* Happened To Affordable Housing In New York City

Largely today's New Yorker profile of Mike Bloomberg makes me remember there are lots of things we're going to miss about the lil' Bostonian billionaire that could! In particular, the attitude, and also the humongous amount of money he's dumped into various institutions and projects in the city. We're also going to miss him when we forget in a couple years that he's largely to blame for the forthcoming budget crisis. But.

“No one has done more to help the poor than we have.” The city, he insisted, “created three hundred and fifty thousand jobs in tourism. These are entry-level jobs.” In his twelve years as mayor, it built [...]


Transit Plans Of The Once And Future Mayors

"When I become mayor, you know what I’m going to spend my first year doing? I’m going to have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out your [expletive] bike lanes." Anthony Weiner to Mike Bloomberg, June 2, 2010

"Come January 1st, when I am out of office, I am going to destroy your f–king industry." Mike Bloomberg to Taxi Club Management CEO Gene Freidman, May 16, 2013

"Go fuck yourself." —Christine Quinn, lots of times probably


The NRA Is On A Man-Hunt For Mike Bloomberg's "Fake Gun Owner"

The NRA has responded to the Mike Bloomberg-backed Mayors Against Illegal Guns by casting doubts on whether or not the "curious" man in the group's latest pro-background checks ad is who he says he is—or AN ACTOR. Despite MAIG's insistence that he's a real West Virginia gun owner, one blog has offered $500 for anyone who can prove he is (or isn't).

One of the NRA's key questions is how a real gun owner would have such terrible "trigger discipline," meaning, placing a finger on the trigger at any time before the exact second a shot is to be taken. "The NRA recommends Mayor Bloomberg use some [...]


This Week's Winners and Losers of New York City's 2013 Mayoral Election

Let's look at the winners and losers of this week in the reality show that is New York City Mayoral Election 2013!

It was a quiet week in the mayoral campaign. Why is that? Because it's all already basically a done deal, pretty much. The Republicans are fighting it out towards a primary, instead of settling on a candidate, which is fine. We're all basically pretending that there's an active race and that anything could happen! Well, it could… maybe. There's the people with the money and there's the people without the money. Once again. Polls describe everyone as substantially lagging behind Quinn.

Mike Bloomberg Mayor Mike [...]


Mayor Smaug Sad :(

Only 27 shopping days remain until the De Blasio Era begins, in which each subway car is its own Thunderdome of homeless people and left-wing crazies. And last night Bloomberg gave the first of his farewell speeches, and did that DARN THING THAT HE DOES where he suddenly starts saying awesome things:

[H]e recalled his unwavering support for a proposed mosque near the World Trade Center site, which much of the country angrily opposed.

“When a faith community wants to build a house of worship in a particular neighborhood,” he said, “we don’t tell them to look someplace else.”

“We are one city,” he added, “open to all, [...]


Secret Leaser! Mayor Smaug Cackles In Sky Above Met Museum As Tourists Shriek!

With 67 days left in office, Mayor Smaug is working his way down his hit list. He's like Bill Clinton granting pardons but the opposite!

The latest victims: maybe… you? Yesterday the city issued an amendment to the Metropolitan Museum's "lease" that allows it to charge a full admission, instead of a suggested donation. (The city did this with the Natural History museum as well.) We put "lease" in scarequotes because the actual document dates from 1878; no lease should be that long. In any event, since the 1890s, agreements required the museum to be open "free of charge" five days and two nights a week, meaning the museum [...]


Maybe Partying Will Help

The next mayor won't be as much of a departure from the current one as everyone is pretending he will be, but will he go to [...]


Unfiltered Bloomberg Just Slightly Grumpier Version Of 'Playing Nice' Bloomberg

"Bloomberg is not seeking re-election, has virtually unlimited money and feels strongly about his opposition to the police oversight bills that recently passed the City Council. But with the final city budget passed, Bloomberg seems to be acting out an adult form of senioritis, no longer calibrating his actions, or showing much interest in the patient work of giving cover to potential allies or finding pet causes with which to entice lawmakers to his side…. If his comments this weekend or his unnecessarily provocative remarks about race last week are any indication, the mayor seems to have removed that [...]


You Know What Era Can't End A Moment Too Soon? The Bloomberg Era

.@mikebloomberg says, because it can't be automated, becoming a plumber is a better deal economically than going to Harvard.

— Kate Taylor (@katetaylornyt) May 17, 2013

Bloomberg: "We would love to get billionaires from around the world to move here; they're the ones who go to the stores, spend a lot of $."

— Kate Taylor (@katetaylornyt) May 17, 2013

Good grief! I mean "at least he doesn't smoke crack" I guess?


Tiny Man Has Giant Balls

"I think the basic answer to your question is you have to have a revolution among the voters. You cannot expect, at a state, federal or city level, the elected officials to go and to do something that will keep them from being able to feed their families. And this is a job for them. It's just not gonna happen. There's no chance whatsoever. So where you can have a referendum, that's where you have a chance of changing things." —The mayor's "fuck you"s are getting more and more meta.