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Fashion Blogging Used To Be About The Fashion, Man

“The thing that was different for the first generation was [most of us] rarely put ourselves on our blogs. The newer generation is all about themselves. What can we get out of this? It’s much, much more about self-promotion. It’s me, me, me. Look at me. Aren’t I cool? Look at this [...]


The Way We Figure Out How Drunk We Were Last Night Now

"While it’s hard to quantify how many people experience blackouts, social media has definitely made the problem more visible. Adolescents and young adults now increasingly use Facebook and Instagram to figure out where they were the night before and what they were doing."


Family Felidae, In Order

42. Flat-headed cat 41. Wild cat 40. Jungle cat 39. Domestic cat 38. Pallas's cat 37. Chinese mountain cat 36. Rusty-spotted cat 35. Bay cat 34. Bobcat 33. Jaguarundi 32. African golden cat 31. Asian golden cat 30. Leopard cat 29. Serval


They Razed Clubland And Put Up A Food Court

Limelight Marketplace, the mall that has taken over the old Limelight space in the even-older Church Of The Holy Communion, is now open for business — complete with club-kid mannequins, flip-flop kiosk, and the obligatory "oh look we're in New York we're so fun and kooky, ack chocolate!" cupcake outpost. [Via]


How Did You Waste Your Best Years?

Do you feel as if the future looks bright and the greatest times of your life are still ahead of you? Then you must be 24, because a "survey of retired people found the life changing highlights etched on their brains happened before they reached age of 25." It's all downhill from there, and if you're worried that you wasted your teenage years and the first half of your 20s, too bad: You may as well pick out the least terrible moment from that period now and settle in on it as the good old days, because soon enough your that's [...]


Memories Sad

"The Mocking Cure

I admire the depth of Christine Smallwood’s impressive research into bed-wetting therapies ['Are You Sleeping?,' Forum, August]. One treatment she neglected to mention, however, was the method my mother used: she brought me in from playing outdoors, stood me before my bed, forced my head down, and rubbed my face in the soiled sheet. I’ll bet her 'cure' was not an uncommon practice back in the 1940s. And while I did later have occasional incontinence issues on the playground, I never again wet the bed. Success — except for the sad memories.

Noreen Ayres Henryville, Pa."

The [...]


The Angry Notes To Mom And Dad Of Yesteryear

"Dear Parents, I disown you. I've tried for ten years, but you've Wrecked it. I'll never Speak to you again. Your x child, Jessica." Awl pal Jess Grose, forced to examine her personal archives before her parents move house, discovers this gem of 10-year-old indignation. God, remember when everything seemed that important?


"Nine" And The Persistence Of Memory

For my tenth birthday my mom took me out of school and we drove into the city, where we ate lunch at Sardi's and caught a matinee of Nine, a musical she had seen earlier in the year with my father and the soundtrack to which they had played in the house or the car with a fair degree of regularity thereafter. I loved it. I somehow did not grow up to be a homosexual, even though my parents also took us to the opera a lot. Anyway, I saw the trailer for the forthcoming movie adaptation on Jezebel today, and, well, whatever.


How To Get Rid Of Bad Memories

"Men in their 40s who drink just two pints of beer a day risk accelerating mental decline by up to six years by the time they reach retirement age…. Moderate drinking, defined as less than 2.5 units a day – roughly a pint of beer or a large glass of wine – was found to have no effect on memory, reasoning or problem solving. But men who drank more than 4.5 units a day – less than two pints or two large glasses of wine – suffered a deterioration in their ability to recall information, the equivalent to an extra six years of ageing."


Photos Make Up For Your Sucky Brain

"'When I think about Instagram, I think about moments,' said [CEO Kevin] Systrom. He's explaining how life is short and taking pictures is the only way to preserve memories destroyed by naturally declining brain functions, but in less words."


Woman Can't Make New Memories

The story of Michelle Philpots, whose short term memory was destroyed following an accident in 1994, leaving her incapable of remembering much of anything past that year, is strange enough, but news being what it is, it does allow for a variety of cinematic comparisons. Groundhog Day gets a mention, as does 50 First Dates, but there are a couple of other obvious ones that are left off the roster for whatever reason. Anyway, this is an odd one. Poor Matt Lauer; this woman will never remember his name.