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Here Is Why It Might Not Be Cold For The Rest Of Our Lives

"On March 20th, this year's equinox, the northern hemisphere—our part of the Earth—starts tilting close to the sun. That fact alone means it has to warm up." —It is horrifying on every level that we need to have a "news" story like this, but perhaps the most horrifying part of all is just how comforting I'm finding it.


Macy's Has A Good Idea! Forreal.

Let me preface this by saying I don't have any emotional attachments to Macy's stores. I have never seen the parade and neither of my parents have ever taken me there for magical memory making, et cetera. All I know is that the department store is in a neighborhood of Manhattan that feels like punishment and their clothes aren't worth the tourist viruses you have to wade through to get at them because Macy's is also near that one SUPERWalMart Victoria's Secret where there are many people who like to wear things from the Pink collection. In real life. Without dying laughing. You'll identify them by their see-through bra [...]


Is BP Using Fake Oil Rig Workers as a PR Scheme?

I will happily back away from this bit of weirdness when it is disproved! But the other day, someone named "James" called in to The Mark Levin Show and recounted his story as a survivor of the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig. "James" sounds like he spent a lot of time referring to the disaster as an act of God, essentially-which, how legally intriguing! And, you know, assuring everyone there was no gross negligence. Um, so who's "James"? A lawyer representing the family of a Deepwater Horizon worker is not buying this. "After 8 days of 'silence,' all of a sudden, an unnamed 'caller' calling himself James, [...]


Someone's Still Trying to Hang the Adam Walsh Murder on Jeffrey Dahmer

"Investigating one of the nation's most prominent unsolved murders, a Hollywood detective pitched softball questions and homemade muffins to a serial killer. He asked: Did you kidnap freckled 6-year-old Adam Walsh from a Sears in 1981? 'Nothing to do with it,' Jeffrey Dahmer answered, taking another muffin." - WTF.