Is BP Using Fake Oil Rig Workers as a PR Scheme?


I will happily back away from this bit of weirdness when it is disproved! But the other day, someone named “James” called in to The Mark Levin Show and recounted his story as a survivor of the BP/Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig. “James” sounds like he spent a lot of time referring to the disaster as an act of God, essentially-which, how legally intriguing! And, you know, assuring everyone there was no gross negligence. Um, so who’s “James”? A lawyer representing the family of a Deepwater Horizon worker is not buying this. “After 8 days of ‘silence,’ all of a sudden, an unnamed ‘caller’ calling himself James, who says that he was actually on the Deepwater Horizon [DWH], calls into a radio show in Dallas, Texas and wants to ‘clear the air.’ This, I am sure will be proven to be a planned effort on the part of the lawyers at Transocean and BP.” Is there anything lawyers love more than scare quotes?