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The Twilight Of The Tortilla: What People Really Order At Chipotle

Last week, I sent a Chipotle survey to 100 people. 64 of them responded. This is what they shared.

How do you order your Chipotle?

81.3% of people don’t know ordering online is the way to go.

How long do you wait for your Chipotle?

People don’t like waiting more than 10 minutes for the perfect lunch.

What form does your Chipotle order take?


Millennial Fired For Tweet

Until last week, I worked at a food truck downtown. We sold grilled cheese and milkshakes. One of the unusual things about this particular food service job was that the owner used customer comments and pictures on social media—especially Twitter and Instagram—to monitor his workers. Grilled cheese: gamified.

And it was explicitly framed as a game for workers. Members of whichever 'crew' got the most positive feedback on social media each month would win a $25 iTunes gift card.

But compliments are hard to track online. Even if a customer thinks she is paying a compliment online, she might not be. Like if you enjoyed your sandwich enough to [...]


Taco Bell Turns Doritos Into Sorta-Mexican Sorta-Food Through The Power Of Synergy

How can Taco Bell's $2 meal deal, in which one can get a burrito or taco plus a soda and a bag of Doritos for the recession-friendly sum of two (or eight, if you have to pay with change) Washingtons, exist? "The 150 million bags of Doritos it expects to sell this year will come from former parent and current supplier PepsiCo. Beverages typically cost chains pennies on the retail dollar." And then there is the delicate matter of the stuffings that fill said cheapo gorditas and cut-rate tacos, which are low-cost (and low-other things!) enough to keep other items on the menu at sub-dollar price points.


Bears Go Fish

This is much more enjoyable if you mute it and watch the bears do their thing unaccompanied by the excitable narration from BBC guy. It is BEARS FISHING, there does not need to be anything said. Enjoy!


The Best Fried Chicken In The World, Galaxy, Universe

I have a recommendation as to where you should go for lunch: Charleston, South Carolina. Now, unless you're in Hanahan or Folly Beach or Mt. Pleasant, it could take you a long time to get there. So you might want to leave soon. But you really should go, because Charleston has some of the very best food you will ever eat anywhere. There is a place there called Jestine's Kitchen, which has become quite famous, and so often has a line of people waiting outside, and so also has lots of people who like to talk about food on the internet dismissing it as a "tourist trap" and inferior [...]


For Just $5,950, You Can Live With The Constant Aroma Of Delicious Pork

The apartments above the East Village pork purveyor Momofuku Ssam Bar are ready for renting, and yes, they are — like every other new apartment that's come to market in this city in the past too-many years — "luxury"! Which basically means that they look like every other apartment that you might see lately, with the stainless-steel fixtures and the hardwood floors and the price tags for three-bedrooms that run from $5,950 to $7,500 (!). One hopes that the landlord takes off the protective blue plastic on the kitchen fixtures before move-in is final, but one might especially hope that the exhaust-fan system in the place is [...]


Women Be Eating

You know, if you start letting women have lunch together, who knows what they'll get up to next? Reading? Voting? MENSTRUATING? Hmm, okay, I guess that last one is fine, but the rest of it sets some very disturbing precedents.


The Freelancer Game: "Are You Lunch?"

Do you work at home? Do you blog or write or code or run numbers or something? And then so do you also spend the better part of the hours between 1 and 3:30 p.m. wondering what you are going to put in your mouth next? I sure do. I call it: "Are You Lunch?" I call it that because I usually say it out loud into the refrigerator. It's sort of like "Are You My Mommy?" but it involves eating things that pretty much generally make you feel like crap by 5 p.m. It's not a proud life, but it is existence. Here are the things I have [...]


Smug Vegan Jonathan Safran Foer Has Lunch

Financial Times writer Emily Stokes recently had lunch with Jonathan Safran Foer at Gobo, a vegan restaurant on Sixth Ave. She seemed to find his personality as distasteful as their meal. His "Rejuvenate" juice, she writes, was "the color of manure." [FT]