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Meet America's Most Fortunate Dumpster Occupants

"Today is their lucky day. They should probably not buy a lottery ticket today, they've used it all up," says a spokesman for the Spokane fire department of a man and woman who were emptied into the back of a trash truck from the dumpster they were in at the time and fortuitously avoided being crushed by the truck's compactor until they were serendipitously discovered by the truck's driver, who heard a strange noise and went to investigate. The couple also has a dog, whose lucky day I suppose it is as well.


Arguments For Expropriation

"There’s a lot of interest in America in things like early childhood education and how we can intervene early in a child’s life. It would be wrong to conclude that we should give up on all of this, but the amount of change that’s feasible from intervention is tiny—you’re going to be operating on the margins of a much deeper process of social mobility. Modern Sweden, which has very high levels of these types of interventions, has not managed to increase rates of social mobility above that of medieval England, which had none of these government interventions. Or look at post-revolutionary China. Despite the fact that Mao tried to radically [...]


Life Actually As Stupid As You Suspected: Study

"Researchers have discovered that people's elevated concerns after tempting fate can be eliminated if they engage in a ritual that involves exerting force away from themselves. They found that engaging in the physical action can help eradicate a vivid mental image of the negative event, by literally pushing it away, making it less likely to happen." —Your takeaway? "Bad luck really can be reversed by rituals such as touching wood and throwing salt."