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New York Times Executive Editors Ranked, After Much Deliberation

8. Abraham Rosenthal (1977-1986)

7. Howell Raines (2001-2003)

6. Jill Abramson (2011-20141)

5. Bill Keller (2003-2011)

4. James Reston (1968-19692)

3. Turner Catledge (1964-1968)

2. Max Frankel (1986-1994)

1. Joseph Lelyveld (1994-2001)


You Won't Believe The Internet's Thirteen Most Popular Stories Of The Year


Nicknames For French Kings, In Order

37. "From Overseas" (Louis IV) 36. "The Posthumous" (John I) 35. "The Lazy" (Louis V) 34. "The Young" (Louis VII) 33. "The Stammerer" (Louis II) 32. "The Fat" (Louis VI) 31. "The Bald" (Charles II) 30. "The Short" (Pepin) 29. "The Tall" (Philip V) 28. "The Simple" (Charles III) 27. "The Handsome" (Philip IV, Charles IV) x 26. "The Pious" (Louis I, Robert II) 25. "The Father of the People" (Louis XII) 24. "The Great" (Charlemagne, Louis XIV, Napoleon I) 23. "The Good" (John II)


Herman Cain Slogans from the Internet, In Order


The 13 Worst Things I Found on Craigslist While Looking for a NYC Sublet

• "We are a house of makers, doers, and artists. One of us is an installation artist, another is a writer and hot rock singer, one is a printmaker, one is a southern fashion designer, one does special effects makeup."

• "There is a cat you will be caring for."

• "The room is shared with a lovely young woman and as such, only females need apply."

• "Couples/420/cigarettes/drinking totally ok, but NO PETS."

• "Room DOUBLES AS A MUSIC TEACHING STUDIO from 9:30 AM – 9:00PM ON WED, THUR & FRIDAY so you would need to be out during these hours on these days."


Advertisements in the New 'Wall Street Journal' Greater New York Section, Page by Page

Page A21, band across bottom: Gagosian Gallery (Monet Late Work exhibit) Page A22, third of page at left: Saks Fifth Avenue Page A23, half page bottom: First Republic Bank Page A24, quarter page, bottom left: Cathay Pacific


The 22 Greatest Songs Written For Commercials


43 Crucial Facebook Button Additions

Nothing will replace the “like” button on our Facebook pages. But does it say enough? Even with the fine suggestion from Facebook engineers of a “sympathize” button, we’re still handcuffed to a simple abstraction—“like”—when what we really mean is so much more specific.

• This post has my name on it.

• Historically I’ve “liked” stuff like this.

• Don’t dislike.

• Great photo of you! (Shitty photo of me!)

• Ha ha ha!—I think I understand.

• A lot of my friends have “liked” this.

• Inside joke?

• Missing word?

• LOL’d… didn’t quiiite ROTFL.

• Think you’re attractive.


Listicles, Like The Poor, Will Be With You Always

"Content is changing from something people consume to yet another badge they use to identify themselves. Many BuzzFeed lists are as much about psychology as editorial. '27 Signs You Were Raised by Asian Immigrant Parents' is a way for people to say something clever (and possibly meaningful) about who they are. The best part: They don’t have to think about it or be clever themselves." —The listicle is here to stay, apparently, and we can blame it on young people and their inability to focus on anything that requires more than 30 seconds of sustained [...]


"Top Five Wild Bird Web Cams"

San Diego Zoo Condor Cam over Osprey Cam? You've got to be kidding me!


Nine Members of Congress Who Clearly Favor Sharia Law

Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)

Gary Ackerman (D-NY)

Robert Scott (D-VA)

Pete Stark (D-CA)

Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO)

Mike Honda (D-CA)

Hank Johnson (D-GA)

Justin Amash (R-Mich)

Judy Chu (D-CA)



Best Picture Nominee Titles Pornographized, In Descending Order of Translational Felicitousness and Ensuing Prurience

Winter's Boner

Boy Story 3

True Tit

127 Whores

Interracial Swan


The 17 Absolute Worst, Least Worthwhile, Utterly Embarrassing Posts Published On The Awl In Its First Year

17. Janet Malcolm's Abandoned Autobiography 16. Bless Your Heart, Bhairavi Desai 15. Lone German Helping NYC the Only Way He Knows How 14. Even Actors Find Out that the New Currency is Attention


Names of Television Shows and Movies that Resonated With Me, While Channel Surfing on Sunday Between the Hours of 12-8 PM in an Empty House on the East End of Long Island, Drinking Bourbon and Contemplating the Dissolution of a Two-Year Relationship (Mostly My Fault)

"Doubt," Starz "On Edge," ABC "The Heartbreak Kid," TBS "The Soloist," HBO


How To Write The Perfect Listicle

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, Daily Dot assigning editor Cooper Fleishman tells us more about his childhood secret agent persona and affinity for creating listicles even at a young age.

Here are my secret-agent credentials, along with my very first listicle.

— Cooper Fleishman (@_Cooper) March 23, 2014

Cooper! So what happened here?

Glad you asked. You’re looking at the credentials of Agent 3.3 Cubed, a.k.a. Tykk (pronounced “Tyke”), who by day was a rat-tailed third-grader named Cooper Fleishman, age 8.

My parents are currently packing up [...]


The 15 ZZ Top Albums Ranked in Order of the Band's Total Facial Hair

15) Z.Z. Top's First Album, 1971


Some Recent Defining Presidential Campaign Moments, In Order

16. George H.W. Bush's gallon of milk

15. Michael Dukakis' ride in an M1 Abrams tank

14. Ross Perot's claim that Republicans were going to ruin his daughter's wedding

13. George W. Bush's name-that-Pakistani-prime-minister

12. Joe Biden's plagiarism

11. Mondale's promise to raise taxes


Fictional Ducks, In Order From Worst To Best

36. Howard the Duck

35. Mallard Fillmore

34. The Aflac Duck

33. Mrs. Beakley

32. Webbigail Vanderquack

31. Quackula

30. Negaduck

29. Flintheart Glomgold


Lesser Known Members of Black Sabbath

Dave Walker (replaced Ozzy briefly in 1977 for one TV performance)

Ian Gillan (ex-Deep Purple, vocals on 1983's Born Again)

Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple, vocals on 1986's Seventh Star)

Don Airey (ex-Rainbow and Hammer keyboardist, played on Never Say Die)

Vinny Appice (Tony Iommi look-alike, drums on Mob Rules, Live Evil, Dehumanizer, and several '90s reunion tours)


Living Women Whose Names Appear on Gravestones in Oakwood Cemetery, Dodge County, Wisconsin