'90s Scandals, In Order

A Listicle Without Commentary

Image: Daniele Civello

21. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles Flirt About Tampons (1992)

20. Martin Amis Rips Off Entertainment Weekly In a New Yorker profile of John Travolta (1995)

19. Mrs. Gingrich Tells Connie Chung Newt Called Hillary Clinton A Bitch (1995)

18. Bob Livingston Admits To Extramarital Sexual Affairs (1998)

17. Dan Quayle Gives Murphy Brown Speech (1992)

16. Milli Vanilli Admits To Lip Syncing And Has Their Grammy Taken Away (1990)

15. Pee Wee Herman Arrested for Masturbating At A Movie Theater (1991)

15. Robert Downey, Jr. Arrested For Speeding Down The PCH With Heroin, Coke, And A Pistol (1996)

13. Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss Busted For High-Class Prostitution Ring (1993)

12. Kathie Lee Gifford’s Clothing Line Revealed To Be Manufactured In Sweat Shops (1996)

11. Ted Danson Wears Blackface (1993)

10. Marv Albert Tried For Forcible Sodomy And Assault (1997)

9. Jerry Seinfeld, 39, Dates A 17-year-old (1993)

8. Tonya Harding vs. Nancy Kerrigan (1994)

7. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Sex Tape Stolen (1995)

6. Hugh Grant Arrested For Getting A Blow Job In Public From Prostitute In Hollywood (1995)

5. Woody Allen Takes Naked Pictures of Soon-Yi Previn (1992)

4. Woody Allen Marries Soon-Yi Previn (1997)

3. Michael Jackson Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse (1993)

2. Kevin Costner Beats Martin Scorcese for Best Director in the Dances With Wolves/Goodfellas Competition (1991)

1. Bill Clinton Gets A BJ in the Oval Office (1995)