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Do You Have a Question for Evelyn Everlady?

There are few things I hate in this world more than unsolved mysteries. (SURE, EVEN, YES, WHERE IS THAT PLANE?) To that end, we have left you hanging regarding resolution of the tales of Evelyn Everlady, a woman in New York City who once had the worst boyfriend in the world ever, and who brought us the unfortunately now-real phrase Negroni Season. (As well as the tale of Hank the dog and the chilling story of Foxwoods.)

Next week she's going to bring us up to speed, answering all my questions—but also yours, if you like! If you have any questions for her, you can leave them [...]


When A Man Shows You His Dick Pics On The Subway

dude slides right up next to me on half-empty train, holds his phone out, & starts looking at his own d*ck-pic selfies.

— claire howorth (@clairehoworth) December 4, 2013

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask.

Claire! So what happened here? Matthew! A penis, that’s what. A thingie thing happened on the way to the office.

I was headed uptown from an appointment, on the 2/3, somewhere between Chambers and 14th Street. It was just before 11 a.m., so the morning rush was long past, and the train was mostly empty.

I was sitting [...]


Please Welcome Emma Carmichael, Editor of The Hairpin

Emma Carmichael—recession-era graduate, hip hop enthusiast, most recently managing editor of Deadspin, and previously managing editor of Gawker—will become the editor of The Hairpin beginning next Wednesday. She plans to turn the site into a field hockey fan forum. Lots of gifs of amazing goals. Kidding! No, it's mostly just NASCAR coverage from here on out. And what of trusty Hairpin founder Edith Zimmerman? She will take a little break and then return to continue making The Hairpin the Special People's Club that it is. Questions? Ask them in the comments over there. Just not here. We're trying to keep this a safe space. (Yes, [...]


Frightening Man To Use Wealth To "Target" Women On Internet!

A "serial entrepreneur" is in "stealth mode" for his "new blog" which, he reveals, is going to "target female readers," because "so much of the new media publishing focus is still on men" and "there is a massive market failure going on right now" and "so few new media properties have tried to capture the demographic ." No, I've actually cherry-picked the good sentences

I know, it's so crazy, absolutely no one has touched the market for women online, now maybe finally someone will build a web publishing company that "targets female readers" and then take it public, because what an amaaaaazingly good [...]


Ladies Finally Can Die Just Like Men From Cigarettes (And Fighting Wars)

It seems like only yesterday that America's women were finally allowed to be killed in front-line combat. But it was a hollow victory, as so many victories are, because after losing something like nine consecutive wars, America now fights its foreign battles using genderless drone airships that will never cry or come home unemployable.

But ladies can still die "like a man" without even being sent to Camp Victory:

U.S. women who smoke today have a much greater risk of dying from lung cancer than they did decades ago, partly because they are starting younger and smoking more—that is, they are lighting up like men, new research shows. [...]


Sexy Petraeus Scandal Vaguely Reminds America of 11-Year-War In Afghanistan

David Petraeus is snide gnome with a toupée hairstyle, and he is not even very good at winning wars—his military career can be accurately described as a draw in Iraq and total defeat in Afghanistan. As his personal scandal of marital infidelity involves ever more civilian women, shirtless FBI agents sexting those women, fellow commanders in Afghanistan, and the entire state of Florida, perhaps we will take a pause in our race for additional sleazy details to ask additional, important questions that are also about as sexy as a 60-year-old man with his pants off.


Ladies That Laugh at "Fat People Falling Down"

BARR: What makes you laugh?

BERNHARD: Well, it's really a myriad of things, but usually it's something that's very organic. It's something that happens on the street.

BARR: Like fat people falling down?

BERNHARD: No, no… [laughs]

BARR: That really cracks me up. It's terrible.

Roseanne Barr and Sandra Bernhard, ladies and gentlemen.


Ask Polly: I'm 33 And Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Hi Polly.

I’m not really sure why I’m writing you. Actually I am. I need to feel ok with being single at 33 while still maintaining hope that I can find a solid, real, lasting relationship. Every time I read one of your columns on this subject, I feel empowered. I apologize for being unoriginal but this stuff is hard and I am at a loss!

I embrace being single. I appreciate being on my own and dictating my own schedule, I do a ton of yoga and look great (might sound conceited but it's true), I own my own successful business, I own my condo, I save money, [...]


Also Included In The Teaches Of Peaches Is This Music Documentary

If you've ever wanted to know how a nice Jewish girl like Merrill Nisker became Peaches, the new feature film slash documentary "Peaches Does Herself" won't exactly connect the dots for you.

If you'd like to see Peaches and her Fatherfucker Dancers reenact her rise to fame—complete with a giant bed that looks like a vulva, dancers in pink zentai that are orgiastically unzipped, and a surgery gone awry, then Peaches Does Herself offers all of that and more. Besides Peaches and her dancers, "Peaches Does Herself" stars Sandy Kane, of New York City public access fame—she's a former stripper in her sixties who wields a dildo [...]


Ranking the Heritage Foundation's "Conservative Men" Pinterest Board, By Hotness

Hey ladies — check us out on Pinterest! Click follow HERE:

— Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) April 29, 2013

Ladies, finally there is an advocacy thinktank that thinks like you, believes like you, hates gay marriage and abortion like you—and pins hot guys on the Internet like you! Hubba hubba, etc.


Ask Polly: Why Is My Boyfriend Addicted To Internet Sex Chats And Why Won't He Stop Lying About It!

Appearing here Wednesdays, Turning The Screw provides existential crisis counseling for the faint of heart. "Because he's just not that into anything, really, except himself."

Hi Polly,

I met this funny, quiet, artistic, and all-around wonderful man shortly after I had escaped from an abusive relationship. We hit it off and started out a casual (albeit, exclusive) thing. I saw from the beginning that he was a bit of a flirt, in a self-deprecating, sarcastic kind of way that made women go "Oh youuuuu!" but hey, that's what drew ME to him in the first place, so what the hell.

Fast forward 2.5 years. We've moved in together, [...]


Lay Off The Sleeping Pills, Ladies!

Modern women, are you constantly feeling "drunk" even when you've had a break from drinking—perhaps during the six-hour break from alcohol known as bedtime? The latest problem you have may be more than a recycling bin full of wine bottles. The quack doctor who always writes those no-questions-asked 'scrips (recommended by the quack psychiatrist who keeps your amphetamine jar filled) may be double-dosing you with Ambien, the wildly popular sleeping pill that suffocates your nightly mental battle with the bug-eyed entities grandma called "demons" and your parents called "aliens" and your college friends called "machine elves" and your dog just barks at insanely, night after night. Why do [...]


Chick Flings Iced Coffee in Gunman's Face, Lives to Tell

Let's hear it for the 33-year-old Red Hook chick who, at noon on August 25th, "was approached by a strange man who immediately pointed a black revolver at her head. The victim threw her iced coffee in the face of the assailant, tossed her cell phone and bag on the ground, then fled, police said." WORK. (For the record, that is NOT how you are supposed to react to a "strange man" with a gun, in fact quite the opposite, but sure feels good, don't it?)


Is James Deen the Title IX of Porn?

Why at this late date are we still reinforcing the idea that women are modest and fragile and in need of gender-specific accommodations? Lowder seems to suggest that the arrival of James Deen's mild-enough flavor of porn is some sort of victory for women. As I see it, the only thing necessarily lady-friendly about soft-core scenes is that they come with less stigma than the real stuff. Watching this vanilla variety of porn might feel, for some, like less of a betrayal of one's feminist values—because the sex depicted is a little gentler, not quite as rapey as what you might expect of, say, a typical S&M scene—but [...]


How Has "Bust" Magazine Survived?

BUST magazine operates out of a loft on 27th street and Broadway, above an awning that says Reiko Wireless Accessories. On the evening I visited, a bit before Christmas, young staffers rode up with me in the elevator, sharing swigs from a plastic bottle of whiskey. In the office they broke away, laughing and chatting, settling down at computers underneath walls covered in posters and stickers. One featured a giant image of Joan Crawford from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and the text "BUST Magazine says no wire hangers ever!"

The magazine's editor in chief, Debbie Stoller, was in a state. She waved me to the conference room in [...]


Five Super-Easy Tips For Dealing with the Apocalypse! From Our Partners At 'Living Lady!' Magazine

1) Don't think of this as "The End." Technically, it's the end of the world. But every end brings a new beginning! Instead of focusing on the bombs and the toxic clouds and the eventual death of every living thing on earth, consider, instead, what might spring to life next. A vibrant and adventurous new species that thrives on the ashes and nuclear toxins we left behind? A deeply intuitive breed of mutant slugs that can suck oxygen out of the tiny bubbles found between styrofoam Hardee's cups, seeping car batteries, and decomposing copies of Snooki's autobiography? When one door closes, another one always opens. In this case, there won't [...]


Ask Polly: Only Black Men Like Me, But I Don't Like Black Men

Appearing here Wednesdays, Turning The Screw provides existential crisis counseling for the faint of heart. "Because every time a door closes, a few more close."

Dear Polly,

I have a big problem. Actually a multitude of big problems that have coalesced into a giant problem. I am 31, and I cannot figure out what to do with respect to my romantic life. All my friends from college/grad school are married or partnered and I feel really unwanted. I'm attractive and outgoing, which has given me the opportunity to make many, many, MANY mistakes with respect to men. In my early 20s, I dumped every single guy who seemed truly [...]


"Women Don't Like Themselves": Magazine Lady-Trolling in 1939

The North American Review began publication in 1815, long before The Atlantic, which was founded in 1857. It is not our oldest continuously operating publication because it ceased publication in 1940, after having fallen on some very hard times. But it almost did not fall on hard times! A savior had swooped in to save the magazine in 1938. That savior, Joseph Hilton Smyth, was in the business of snapping up a number of small struggling publications, including the Saturday Review of Literature and Living Age, and he bought a piece of Current History as well. Unfortunately he didn't have any money of his own and was apparently spending money [...]


Are Women The New Problem Drinkers, Because They Are Lady Binge-Drinkers?

Another glass ceiling has been shattered by women, as "binge drinking" is no longer just something most men do all the time. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, one-in-four college ladies and one-in-eight of all gals over 18 are dangerous binge drinkers, consuming up to … four alcoholic beverages per "binge." Four drinks is binge drinking, now?

These wild drunkards are going crazy with the four drinks up to … three times a month, according to the CDC. Well good gracious, that's almost having drinks on a single night of every weekend, as long as you don't drink at all on the fourth weekend. Further research may [...]


Sulzberger Lady-Catfight Scenario Not a Thing

Did Arthur Sulzberger's hot ladyfriend drive out the CEO of the New York Times? No, she did not. Although "It was a scenario that appealed to those relish­ing a catfight between 'Arthur’s women,'" so let's talk about it anyway. :(