Please Welcome Emma Carmichael, Editor of The Hairpin

Emma Carmichael — recession-era graduate, hip hop enthusiast, most recently managing editor of Deadspin, and previously managing editor of Gawker — will become the editor of The Hairpin beginning next Wednesday. She plans to turn the site into a field hockey fan forum. Lots of gifs of amazing goals. Kidding! No, it’s mostly just NASCAR coverage from here on out. And what of trusty Hairpin founder Edith Zimmerman? She will take a little break and then return to continue making The Hairpin the Special People’s Club that it is. Questions? Ask them in the comments over there. Just not here. We’re trying to keep this a safe space. (Yes, we’re being very cavalier about this, but we’re super excited and we love Emma like maybe literally to death.)

Anyway, here is a long conversation between Edith and Emma. Or “New Edith” and “Old Emma” as we have been calling them.