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August: Assange County

If you have not read the enormous and amazing Andrew O'Hagan thing on his long ordeal ghostwriting Julian Assange's book, REALLY you must file it away to read on a long train journey or perhaps flight or period of incarceration. Poor stupid Julian Assange.

Julian would often refer to the places where he lived as ‘safe houses’ and say things like, ‘When you go to Queensland there’s a contact there you should speak to.’

‘You mean a friend?’ I’d say. One day, we were due to meet some of the WikiLeaks staff at a farmhouse out towards Lowestoft. We went in my car. Julian was especially edgy that [...]


Julian Assange's 'Autobiography' is Just 50 Hours of Interviews

Despite acres of publicity and buckets of scandal, Julian Assange's unauthorised autobiography sold just 644 copies last week.

Created with Assange's cooperation (according to its publisher Canongate the Wikileaks founder spent more than 50 hours being interviewed for it) but published against his wishes, the book went on sale last Thursday amid widespread coverage and serialisation in the Independent.

Wait. Did we "know" that Assange's "autobiography" was based on "more than" 50 WHOLE HOURS of interviews? I mean, gosh, that's 2.12 whole days! We probably did know that, but I guess maybe it was glossed a bit in the promotion? Fully ridiculous! Alice B. Toklas spent more [...]


James O'Keefe: "I'm Just Getting Started, OK?"

When Andrew Breitbart commandeered Anthony Weiner’s admission-of-digital-lecherousness press conference earlier this month, just seven minutes elapsed before he began to recount the tale of how America was first introduced to his strange media empire. In 2009, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles approached Breitbart with footage of low-level ACORN employees apparently offering to abet the proprietors of an illegal immigrant child prostitution ring. “To those who say your journalism here is suspect,” a reporter asked, “what do you tell those folks?” Breitbart snickered.

“'You're going to be held to a different standard,'" Breitbart said he told O’Keefe and Giles at the time. “But I said, what we're going [...]


Julian Assange on '60 Minutes'

Julian Assange appeared last night on 60 Minutes to defend himself and his organization, WikiLeaks. He was interviewed by Steve Kroft, who made some amazingly dopey remarks for a press honcho.

Kroft: Do you want me to give you my characterization of what I think people think?

[No! we yelled at the television.]

Assange: Sure.

Kroft: Mysterious. Little weird. A cult-like figure. Little paranoid.

Kroft's heavy-handed, old-white-guy shtick created something of an unsympathetic or "hard-hitting" impression, but it's clear from the resulting program that the show's producers were very sympathetic to Assange and his cause.


U.S. to Charge Assange as a "Spy" Apparently

Spying indictment "imminent" for Julian Assange, says his lawyer. Let's all go read up on the Espionage Act, eh?


The Real Truth About Adrian Lamo

The riveting Bradley Manning affair has been flawlessly covered by Glenn Greenwald-but Greenwald appears to have missed the most glaring point regarding the man known as Adrian Lamo. Namely, his real identity. (To play along, here's the background in three easy sentences: Bradley Manning, an Army analyst, was charged this month with distributing classified data to Wikileaks, including video that showed the killing of civilians in Baghdad and, allegedly, a bombing that killed "scores of children" in Afghanistan. Manning allegedly told this to journalist Adrian Lamo, who promptly handed over his IM chat logs with Manning to the feds, believing that "lives were in danger." Meanwhile, [...]


What "Real Life" Means On Wikipedia

The title of the Wikipedia entry for "Real life" differs from its disambiguation page "Real Life" through the absence of one capital letter. But while the "Real Life" (upper case) page will lead you to many films and books and songs of that name, the "Real life" entry affirms, alas, that there is only one real life. "Real life." The topic is abstract, speculative, and possibly even redundant. (Since when, after all, was life ever un-real?) Still, as the extensive entry for "In Real Life" shows us, we have more sure things to say about reality television than we do about "real life." Turn [...]


Knee-Deep in Julian Assange's Hilarious Memoir

When I started hacking you were just one layer above the bare metal. You were typing into this wonderful emptiness, waiting to be populated with minds. A few of us were interested in projecting our thoughts into the computer to make it do something new. We began writing codes and we began cracking them, too…. It was certainly addictive. You'd dive down into a computer system – typically, for me at the time, the Pentagon's 8th Command Group computers. You'd take it over, projecting your mind all the way from your untidy bedroom to the entire system along the halls, and all the while you're learning to understand [...]


Daniel Domscheit-Berg And WikiLeaks' Insecure Future

With all the hoopla that seems eternally to surround WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, one might easily have formed the impression that WikiLeaks is a thriving concern, and that Assange himself is still the world's most powerful and effective champion of press freedom. While it's true that WikiLeaks has accomplished great things, initiating a powerful worldwide movement toward transparency and free speech, a closer look reveals that recent defections have badly crippled the WikiLeaks organization and that the increasingly erratic, mercurial Assange may have shot his bolt. The defectors have moved on and are developing a successor site, OpenLeaks, which seems likely to take up where WikiLeaks left off.


Bill Keller Tells All About Julian Assange

Times executive editor Bill Keller weighs in, in full, on the paper's relationship with Julian Assange—such as it is, as he describes Assange as "arrogant, thin-skinned, conspiratorial and oddly credulous." The relationship, well! Assange was pissed that the Times wouldn't throw a link to the Wikileaks website, and then he got too big for his britches. Oh, and then he started wearing "skinny suits." Unfortunately, Keller reads the Swedish sex charges against Assange rather glossily to my taste: "Two Swedish women filed police complaints claiming that Assange insisted on having sex without a condom; Sweden’s strict laws on nonconsensual sex categorize such behavior as rape." That is not [...]


Internet Destroying Itself Over Julian Assange

The Internet is in full froth over the Julian Assange arrest. You pretty much don't want to hear it from either side! For instance, a man weighs in! To him, the charges against Julian Assange "have always seemed, if not false, lame." False or lame, either way! But then do you want to hear about how women should be judged by the company they keep—from the left? Or watch Naomi Wolf trying on sarcasm? Probably none of that either! Also Tumblr is back online, so there's a lot of serious lady-fighting. :( It's a nightmare out there, maybe read a book until this all blows over.


Here Comes OpenLeaks: How It Won't Be WikiLeaks

Almost exactly a year ago I spoke via email with ex-WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg. He and the four or five others who'd defected from WikiLeaks in September of 2010 were already at work on OpenLeaks, a successor organization with the same basic goal: to maintain a secure platform where sensitive documents of interest to the public can be uploaded by whistleblowers and anonymously distributed to the press.

Now OpenLeaks is just about ready to launch. Domscheit-Berg gave a presentation on the project some days ago at the Share 2 conference in Belgrade, and I just had to get over there to hear it. (I don't know! All [...]


Enough About These Hackers And Whistleblowers! How Is Herr Schmitt, The Cat?

"I can confidently say that, while visiting Mr. Domscheit-Berg in Wiesbaden, I was able to meet and observe his cat."

No, this isn't dialogue from a newly discovered Firbank novel. Rather, it's a salvo in the escalating battle between Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and his erstwhile colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg, whose new site OpenLeaks is on the verge of launching. In fact, the imminent arrival of OpenLeaks may well explain why the Assange camp suddenly seems to be turning on the heat—the last week has seen an escalation in attacks against Domscheit-Berg on hacker blogs, Twitter and elsewhere, and a corresponding uptick in pro-Assange messaging, including appeals for the exoneration [...]


The Latest, Terrible Reasons Being Given For Humiliating Bradley Manning

The shameful tale of Pfc. Bradley Manning recently took a new and horrible turn. Owing to the caprices of Quantico Chief Warrant Officer Denise Barnes, Manning is now being made to sleep naked and, in the morning, to stand naked for morning roll call. This, according to Marine Corps spokesperson Brian Villiard, is for Manning's own protection.

Why are the Marine Corps authorities at Quantico prison, not content with keeping Manning in conditions of near-solitary confinement and POI ("prevention of injury"), now suddenly demanding the naked thing, as well? You are not going to believe why.

According to the blog of Manning's defense attorney, David E. Coombs, Manning [...]


Keith Olbermann: "I am Not a Rape Apologist"

@cmranapia I am not a rape apologist. Please retract that ridiculous statement.

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) December 16, 2010

So yes, Keith Olbermann had a chit chit with Michael Moore the other night and Moore described Julian Assange's sexual assault charges in a very incredible, not at all good way! Now it's war, reasonably—spearheaded by Awl pal Sady Doyle on behalf of, you know, women who press rape charges and are met with scorn, suspicion and undermining—with Olbermann totally unwilling to understand why people are upset.


Assange Voluntarily Enters the Legal System–But When Does He Come Out?

Right now, people are demonstrating outside a British court, where Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange will most likely receive bail and a court date, according to the American papers, or, according to the English papers, he will enter the European fast-tracked extradition system. Assange turned himself in early this morning local time on Swedish charges, described by the (British) police as "one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape, all alleged to have been committed in August 2010." One interesting thing to note, according to the Guardian: "If extradited to Sweden under the European Arrest Warrant—a process which could [...]