Keith Olbermann: "I am Not a Rape Apologist"

@cmranapia I am not a rape apologist. Please retract that ridiculous statement.

— Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) December 16, 2010

So yes, Keith Olbermann had a chit chit with Michael Moore the other night and Moore described Julian Assange’s sexual assault charges in a very incredible, not at all good way! Now it’s war, reasonably — spearheaded by Awl pal Sady Doyle on behalf of, you know, women who press rape charges and are met with scorn, suspicion and undermining — with Olbermann totally unwilling to understand why people are upset.

.@KeithOlbermann You have 166,512 followers. You exposed the names of rape accusers & lied about those women to all of them. Rape apologism.Thu Dec 16 05:08:53 via web

Sady Doyle

@KeithOlbermann if your position is “none of us knows” why did you allow @mmflint, unchallenged, to call the accusations “a bunch of hooey”?Thu Dec 16 06:37:14 via web

jay smooth

This will go on today.

In any event, Julian Assange’s bail was granted and then denied by a higher court:

In dismissing the appeal by prosecutors, the judge said he also accepted arguments by the prosecution that many of those who were posting bail for Mr. Assange were doing so because they supported WikiLeaks and might regard “absconding as a right and justified act” to keep the beleaguered Web site running.